New Jersey School Counselor Evaluation Model Presentation to the

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Transcript New Jersey School Counselor Evaluation Model Presentation to the

New Jersey School Counselor Evaluation Model

Presentation to the Glen Rock Board of Education 2/10/2014 Dr. Paula Valenti, Superintendent

The Road to Highly Effective School Counselors PILOT New Jersey School Counselor Association, Inc., 2013

The Conceptual Framework

O NJDOE School Counselor endorsement authorizes the holder to perform school counseling services (6A:9-13.8) O NJSAC created: Charting the 21 st Century: A Developmental School Counseling Model for New Jersey (1991) O NJSCA released a second edition: The NJ School Counseling Initiative: A Framework for Developing Your Comprehensive School Counseling Program (2005) O ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs was developed and released in 2003.

O The NJ School Counselor Evaluation Model is approved by the NJDOE; the department supports the voluntary use of the model.


O O O O Assess School Counselor’s performance using national and state best practices My Learning Plan/OASYS will serve as the online software system for the delivery of the model In Glen Rock the Director of Student Services will lead the evaluation process The model is designed to support self reflection and professional growth

O Provides a comprehensive set of standards and expectations for school counselors O Use common language across all districts that is fair and equitable O Enhance professional development and practice; and O Implement a flexible and fair system for school counselors being evaluated.

Organization of the Pilot

O O O O O O O Performance Standard Performance Indicators Artifacts Performance Rubric Performance Level Performance Score Student Growth Objective O Weights: O O Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation 7.5% Program Delivery: Direct Services 80.0% O O Leadership/Advocacy: 7.5% Professionalism/Growth: 5.0%

Sample Weighted Ratings

.075% .075% .050% .800%

Student Growth Objectives

O O O Student Growth Objectives are not required of counselors in the pilot year Glen Rock Counselors have established 14 school year


Student Growth Objectives for the 2013 – SGOs are expected to adhere to the SMART Goal standard

Observation Process

O O O O O O O School Counselor Self-Assessment Observations Pre-Observation Observation Post-Observation Mid-Year Review Summative Evaluation

Summary of Ratings for School Counselor Standard 1. Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation 2. Program Delivery 3. Leadership & Advocacy 4.Professionalism & Growth 5. Sum of Weighted Scores Rating (1 – 4) 3 3 3 3 Weight .075





Total .225






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