North-West Russia - Baltic University Programme

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Transcript North-West Russia - Baltic University Programme

BUP in St.-Petersburg
State University, Russia
Vice-Rector Nickolay V. Kaledin
BUP Rectors Conference
Uppsala, Sweden
15-16 October 2009
St.-Petersburg State University
285- Anniversary
Was established in 1724 by Decree of Piter the Great
Today St.-Petersburg State University:
 over 30 000 students
 over 4 000 Ph.D. students
 around 400 senior doctoral students
 over 1 000 Professors
 over 2 000 Ph.D. (Associate Professors, lecturers)
 Leadership position in Russia’s integration into
Bologna process
 Higher professional education at more than
150 programs at Specialist and Bachelor levels,
300 Master level programs (including 12 international
programs with 10 countries)
International Cooperation and BUP
in St.-Petersburg State University
Faculty of Geography and Geoecology
Division of International
Baltic and Arctic projects (DIBAP)
North-West Russian Center of
The Baltic University Programme
Cooperation with Uppsala University
since 1991 year!
18 Years of BUP in
St.-Petersburg State University
BUP Teachers (1991-2009)
BUP Students (1991-2009)
(from 36 Universities and organizations)
Graduated Students with Diplomas
(more than 700 from Faculty of Geography and Geoecology)
35 Students participated in BUP students
conferences and summer activities
20 Teachers participated in BUP seminars
and conferences
BUP Diplomas 1991-2009
St.-Petersburg State University
 “The Baltic Sea Environment”/
“Environmental Science”
- 465
 “A Sustainable Baltic Region”
- 245
 “People of the Baltic”
- 50
 “The Baltic Sea Region”
- 61
 “Sustainable Water Management”
- 29
 “English for Environmental Science” - 20
- 870
Educational model
Generation of students graduated from BUP
became post-graduate students, researchers and
teachers at St.-Petersburg State University and
other universities in Novgorod, Pskov,
Petrozavodsk and Kaliningrad
BUP Students
Dep. of Oceanology
Dep. of Hydrology
Dep. of Biogeography
Dep. of Economic and Social Geography
Dep. of Regional Policy and Political
Dep. of Environmental Safety and
Sustainable Development of Regions
BUP Teachers
What BUP gave to
St. Petersburg State University?
• 1991 - First satellite TV - bridges and video-sessions
between Uppsala - St.-Petersburg for students and
• 1994 - Division of International Baltic and Arctic
projects established at St.Petersburg State University
• 1995 - Use of GIS technologies for applied research in
Environmental sciences
• 2001 - New high multi-media technologies in BUP
courses (video, audio and Internet-conferences)
• First steps in distance learning methods in education
(Phoenix Learning Center)
What BUP gave to
St.-Petersburg State University?
• International Environmental and SD courses in
English for Undergraduate and Master level students
(Diplomas with ECTS)
• Students increase the level of knowledge of English
and exchange ideas during students’ conferences,
summer schools, training camps and sailing cruises
• Teachers increase their competence and exchange
pedagogical methods during international seminars
and teachers conferences
• New Master programs at St.-Petersburg University,
specialized on the Baltic region studies and
Cooperation with international Master programs
National BUP Teachers Conference
in 2009 (Phoenix Learning Center)
 North-West
reports on
BUP courses
Discussions on
teaching methods,
materials use and
courses development
Sailing cruise on «Pogoria»
25 August - 11 September 2009
Angelina Rusak
Student of
State University
Experience of International
Cooperation in Education for SD
International Master Programme
in Applied Polar and Marine Sciences
St.-Petersburg State University,
Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
and German partners - Universities of Bremen,
Kiel, Humburg, Rostok
started in 2002
North-West Russian BUP
Center in Internet
St.-Petersburg State University
Faculty of Geography and Geoecology
Division of International Baltic and Arctic
Projects (DIBAP)