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General Aviation

Connecting Our Community To The World W W W . A O P A . O R G

What is GA?

General Aviation All things aviation except military and the airlines BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT …

What is GA?

Business flying Law enforcement Firefighting Sightseeing Package delivery Air ambulance News/traffic reporting Agricultural Wildlife management Recreational flying Disaster relief Banking/Commerce

What Is GA?

For Example...

In one year, airborne Los Angeles law enforcement responded to more than 30,000 incidents

Who Are GA Pilots Ordinary People with a business need, civic duty, or just plain passion for flying Over


certificated pilots in the U.S.

A Robust Fleet The majority of GA aircraft are manufactured in the U.S.

Of that, there are 224,000 only 7,200 airliners GA aircraft compared to

A Public Utility A highway system in the sky GA IS LOCAL

Where Can I Fly To?

There are more than 5,000 but only public airports in the U.S., 500 have airline service

Your Airport: An Economic Engine ● Jobs ● Local Taxes ● Attracts New Businesses ● Multiplier Effect

Priceless Some benefits cannot be quantified

At A Glance ● ___ Employees ● ___ Businesses ● ___ Based Airplanes

It ’s Your Airport How can you help?

● Learn to fly!

● Talk to elected officials ● Stay engaged ● Become a member of AOPA ● Donate to the AOPA Foundation

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