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New Member Information
Dumas Noon Lions Club
Welcome to the
Dumas Noon Lions Club
What is a Lion?
Fast facts
First club started in 1917: Chicago, Illinois
World's largest service club association
1.4 million men and women members
More than 44,600 clubs
Clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas.
Experience the Club
Everything we do starts at the club level:
About Our Club
To become a member you must be invited by a Lion
• Our club was chartered in 1930
• Membership dues are only $40 a month
• We have 221 members
• 10th largest club in the world
• Our meetings are held Every Thursday at 12 Noon
524 Porter at our Lions Club Building
Last year, our club…
Gave $60,000 plus was earned from our 2010 Annual Dogie Days Celebration.
Dumas Noon Lions Club used these funds to help over 40 organizations such as Meals
on Wheels, Eye Exams, Leader Dog Support, Coat & Shoe Shopping and more.
Our Club Officers
President: Tom Ferguson
2011 Head Wrangler: Alexa Maples
2nd Vice-President: Milton Pax
3rd Vice-President: Jerry Galloway
Secretary: Judy Watson
Treasurer: James Allen
Immediate Past President: James Mahaffey
Past District Governor: Mike Milligan
Paid Bookkeeper: Jimmy Payne
Texas Lions Camp Club Coordinator: Deana Houlette
Our Club Committee Officers
Membership Chairs:
Dr. David Bonner - Lorie Shafer
Retention Chair:
Grace Pierson – Billy Bob Brazell
Public Relations Chair:
Jackie Wiswell
One Year Directors:
Two Year Directors:
Kirk Pope - Mark Stroebel
Car Show Coordinators:
Wayne Christie – Angie West – Wanda
Bar-B-Q Chair:
Rowdy Rhoades
Wayne Edwards - Bart Templeton
Club Committee Officers Con’t.
Lion Tamers
Pam Cox and Toby Tobias
Head Tail Twisters
Ronnie DeShazo and Angie West
Tail Twisters
Rod Burrus, Jim Carnahan, Jayme Clark, Danielle Fulton,
Scott Higginbotham, Belynda Jolly, Shelley Levitt,
Vanessa Ransom, Becky Rivera, Lesa Scott, Lorie Shafer,
Steve Shafer, Steve Walthour
Our Club Committee Officers
Lion Tamers are in charge of and responsible for the club’s property.
Their job is to make sure that the flags, gong, gavel and badge boards
are properly placed, that the standard organization chart is displayed
conspicuously at every meeting; and that all materials are properly
distributed. They are to assist the past presidents as the official
greeters, always welcome all guests and see that places are provided
for all.
Tail Twisters shall maintain harmony, and encourage good feelings,
life and enthusiasm in the meetings. They shall impose and collect the
fines at the meetings (and shall use their best judgment when doing so).
Much of the success of the meetings will depend upon their
resourcefulness in promoting fellowship, fun and laughter, making the
members forget, for a time at least, their business and any worries they
may have.
Our Club’s Activities
Club Fellowship Activities
1. Family Style Meals every Thursday at Noon
2. Holiday party
3. Committee work
4. Coat and Shoe Shopping every November
5. District meetings four times a year
Club Fund-raising Activities
1. Dogie Days
2. Pancake Suppers
3. Car Show
Do you have an idea for a fund-raiser?
Membership Benefits
You change lives
You improve the community and the world
You build friendships
You enhance leadership skills
You develop business contacts
You receive Lions International magazine and club communications
You have fun, food and fellowship each week
You are needed
Expectations of Members
Attend club meetings regularly
Participate in club service activities
Support club fund-raising projects
Share the experience with others
Demonstrate pride of membership
Invite one new member every year
Wear your pin at club meetings and everyday
Organizational Structure
Our club is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of the Club Officers, four
Directors, Lion Tamers, Tail Twisters, Membership Committee, Retention Chair, PR
Chair, B-B-Q Chair Car Show Coordinators and Texas Lions Camp Club Coordinator
Our club is 1 of 52 clubs in District 2-T1
Our District Governor is Don Weeks who is a member of the Amarillo Downtown Club in
Our District holds an annual convention each April in the Panhandle area.
Our club is a member of Lions International, a worldwide organization.
Our International convention is held each July in various locations around the world.
Club Administration
Club bylaws define our club structure and operation.
Our club membership votes on:
•Election of club officers and directors
•Amendments to club bylaws
The Board of Directors
•Determines club policies
•Approves club projects
•Sets and approves the club’s budget
•Approves application for New Members
• Administrative Account
– Income from club dues.
• Service Account
– Income from public fund-raising projects or contributions and cannot be
used to pay administrative expenses of the club.
– Dogie Days which brings in $60,000 plus is a public fund-raising
project for the community.
There are many opportunities to serve
Ask, Ask, Ask!
Let us help you!