Transcript Landforms

Actually made by Mrs. Doris
Archipelago: a group or chain of
Cape: a point of land jutting out into
water (smaller than a peninsula)
Oasis: a fertile or green area in the
middle of a dessert
Tributary: a stream feeding a larger
stream or lake
Canal: an artificial waterway built for
navigation, drainage or irrigation
Mountain range: a group or chain of
Swamp: a wetland partially covered by
Peninsula: land surrounded on three
sides by water; land connected to a
larger piece of land jutting out into
Delta: where a river empties into a
larger body of water
Valley: a depression in the land usually
between hills or mountains
Mountains: a landmass that juts above
all surrounding land, larger than a hill
Plateau: level land that is raised above
other close land
Isthmus: a narrow strip of land
connecting larger bodies of land (a
land bridge)
Island: land surrounded by water on all
Strait: a narrow strip of water
connecting two larger bodies of water
(a water bridge)
Plain: an extensive area of level,
treeless land
Canyon- a deep narrow valley with
steep sides usually with a stream
running through it
Volcano- a vent in the crust of the
earth that molten lava and steam
issues from
River source- the point of origin of a
stream of water
Ocean/Sea- the whole body of salt
water that covers nearly ¾’s of the
Gulf/Bay- a part of an ocean/sea
where the water extends into the land
and is surrounded by land on three
Desert- arid land with sparse
Lake- water surrounded by land on all
Glacier- a large body of ice moving
slowly down a slope or across land