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Academic Awards
JROTC Award/Ribbon
1. Medal of Heroism
2. Superior Cadet
3. Distinguished Cadet N-1-1
4. Academic Excellence N-1-2
5. Academic Achievement N-1-3
6. Perfect attendance N-1-4
7. Student Government N-1-5
8. LET Service N-1-6
9. Optional SAI N-1-7
10. Optional SAI N-1-8
11. Optional SAI N-1-9
12. Optional SAI N-1-10
Reason/Date of Award
Cadet that Performs an act of heroism
BHS Scholastic Awards Ceremony - June
BHS High Honors for a marking period
BHS Honors for a marking period
JROTC Awards Banquet - May
JLAB Participation – Oct/Nov
JROTC Essay Competition – Jan/Feb
Cadet of the Quarter Winners/LET Level
Military Awards
JROTC Award/Ribbon
13 . DAI/SAI Instructor Leadership N-3-1
14. Personal Appearance N-3-2
15. Proficiency N-3-3
16. Drill Team N-3-4
17. Orienteering N-3-5
18 Color Guard N-3-6
19. Rifle Team N-3-7
20 Adventure Training N-3-8
21. Commendation N-3-9
22. Good Conduct N-3-10
23. JCLC N-3-11
24. Optional SAI N-3-12
25. Optional SAI N-3-13
26. Optional SAI N-3-14
27. Optional SAI N-3-15
Reason/Date of Award
JROTC Drill Competition – Feb/Mar
Raider Challenge Competition – May
Color Guard Team /Competition – May
LRC/Confidence Courses – Oct/Apr
JROTC Awards Banquet – May
JROTC Awards Banquet – May
Attendance at JCLC – June
Open House – Sep
Fall Festival – Oct
Election Day – Nov
Food/Clothing Drives – Dec/Apr
Athletic Awards
JROTC Award/Ribbon
28. Varsity Athletics N-2-1
29. JROTC Physical Fitness N-2-2
30. JROTC Athletics N-2-3
31. Optional SAI N-2-4
32. Optional SAI N-2-5
Reason/Date of Award
Raider Challenge Competition – May
Previous SY’s Community Service
Miscellaneous Awards
JROTC Award/Ribbon
33. Parade N-4-1
34. Recruiting N-4-2
35. Optional SAI N-4-3
36. Optional SAI N-4-4
37. Optional SAI N-4-5
38. Service Learning N-4-6
39. Excellent Staff Performance N-4-7
Reason/Date of Award
Memorial Day Parade – May
Previous SY’s Field Trips
USS Nautilus Field Trip – Dec
Air Nat Guard Field Trip – Apr
Mentoring Middle School visit –Feb
JROTC Awards Banquet – May