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Growth: Industries
• Bringing innovation to
local and state
government entities
• Technology-based
research and policy
– Local economic development
– Balanced growth
– Sustainability
Community Policy & Research Services
Enterprise Innovation Institute
Cycle of Renewal
• Successful companies
– Sponsoring research
– Hiring GT graduates
– Spinning off new companies
• Successful graduates
– Charitable giving
– Angel investment
– Mentoring
• Alumni
• More nutrients for the
Klaus Advanced Computing Bldg.
Enterprise Innovation Institute
Overview of Georgia Tech
Overview of the Georgia Tech Strategy
Research and innovation strategy
Global Center for Medical Innovation
 Partnership between
Georgia Tech
Saint Joseph’s Translational
Research Institute
Piedmont Healthcare
Georgia Research Alliance
 Engineering and Biosciences team to create new
healthcare solutions
 Advance innovations for new products and lifescience companies
Institute for People and Technology (IPAT)
Integration of
• GVU Center.
• Center for Music Technology
• Digital Building Laboratory;
• Center for 21st Century Universities
• Interactive Media Technology Center
• Future Media, a campus-wide, collaborative
initiative focused on transforming the way
content is created, distributed and consumed.
Industry – focused
• catalyze research transformation in health
care, education, consumer media, and
other complex human enterprises