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Developing a Mobile Strategy
Alex Richards & Rachel Wetherall
1st November 2011
Why mobile?
Learners and staff are increasingly making use of
For the foreseeable future, we anticipate our internal
web-based systems will be the primary route to
interact with our data. However…
Analytics show us that, during the last three months,
4.8% of visits to our public website (which has no
mobile version) were from Smartphones
Part of the anytime-anywhere learning culture
Why mobile?
Lots of users are coming via iPad, but our existing
sites work acceptably there (but in the future we
hope to enhance where possible)
For staff, smartphones will have very specific uses
that will supplement our full websites. e.g. trips and
residentials, attendance capture, employer-site
For students, smartphones will have broader uses
that should encourage engagement, interaction and
ultimately support learning
Our plan
December 2011:
Launch pilot mobile ‘Columbus’ site for staff
Summer 2012:
Launch pilot mobile site for students
September 2012:
Launch full mobile site for staff
Autumn 2012:
Develop mobile attendance capture
Apps vs Mobile Websites
Arguably provide a
better user interface.
Require multiple
versions for iOS,
Blackberry, Android etc.
Mobile websites:
Less polished user
interface, BUT
improvements likely
around HTML 5
Significantly less work
to support multiple
types of device
Pilot Project
Using Information Interface Web Client
Hosted on an internal IIS server, using a reverse
proxy to make it available to the outside world
Initial testing on iOS and Android devices
Basic Columbus-like functionality
Initial Design Mock-up
Creating the site
Using II Web Edition
to build individual
A combination of
reportlistviews (core
reports), Reporting
Services reports,
buttons and panels
Creating the site
Test on multiple
Test with real users
and on real tasks
Lessons learnt
Still early days, but:
Navigation and screen design is vital
Once you know what’s possible with the tools, revisit
the design/structure to make sure you make the
most of the technology
Needs gestures support and full screen mode to
begin to feel app-like
The future
Gestures support for swiping between navigation
sections will make a big difference to usability
More use of Reporting Services (performance
Considering social media integration
Exploring the use of advanced smartphone hardware,
e.g. GPS, audio, camera etc.
The future
Starting to consider how we develop beyond our
Columbus system (which was fully written in-house)
which is starting to show its age. Possibility for an
IIWE based future?