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SQC Automation System

Present Working

 Each instruments gives an Automatic Report after completing of each test.

 User get it report and write all the necessary data on registers.

 After that entered these data’s into PC and makes Shift wise/Day wise reports.


Compilation of voluminous data for long period is tedious.

A chances of manual writing mistake are happened.

• •

User does not note all the data.

Finding old data’s from the registers.

Flow of papers from one place to another places.

• •

Repetitive & boring manual calculation for statistical analysis.

Frustration due to lack of previous day’s/week’s/month’s data.

What is Automation

 Personal Computer captures data from each electronic instruments at the end of each test automatically.

 No need to print report on paper and feed data into PC.

 Analyze all the data within half an hour.

 Analyze all items.

 View and compares different types of report.


System Architecture

Interface Box - 1 UTR-3 CLM Interface Box - 3 LAN LAN File Server Interface Box - 2 LAN Application Server

Benefits of Automations

• • • • • • • • • •

Prepare all reports on actual data’s.

No need to write the data repeatively.

Print day wise, instrument wise, department wise, MIS reports by pressing a button.

Getting better quality due to making quick reports.

Reduced typing & processing manpower.

Long term storage & easy recall of data.

Easy & faster reporting.

Faster decision making.

Elimination of duplicity.

Unlimited intangible benefits of computerization.

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SQC Automation System

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