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The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
What is the OSSLT?
 A provincial test of reading and writing skills
 A diploma requirement for graduation from
high school
When is the Literacy Test?
 Thursday March 27, 2014 -
Be here!!
 The test begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.
Where is the test?
 In classrooms throughout the school and the
 Check the lists posted in the Atrium for your
name and test location
 If you have a question or problem, see Ms.
Quinton ASAP
8:25 All students must be in their testing room
8:30 - 9:45
Booklet 1-75 minutes
9:45 – 10:00
Break -15 minutes
10:00 – 11:25
Booklet 2 - 75 minutes
& Questionnaire – 10 minutes
Note: Special Education and ESL students are entitled
to double time.
 Your break will take place on the same floor
as you are writing the OSSLT.
 Granola bars and juice will be provided.
 You will begin writing Booklet 2 promptly after
15 minutes. Don't be late.
 If you are writing in an ESL or Special
Education room, you may bring your own
lunch, if you wish. Your break will take place
between Booklet One and Two.
 It is very important
that you arrive on
time as teachers will
be reading a script
with special
instructions. They
will only give the
instructions once.
If you arrive late…
 You will be allowed
to write
 Instructions will not
be repeated
 No extra time will be
If you arrive after 10:00...
 You will be allowed to
write only the second test
booklet of the day
 This will greatly reduce
your chances of passing!
What to Bring
 Blue, black pens or HB pencils
 An eraser
 A highlighter
Your teacher is not allowed to
provide any assistance to you
 Cannot re-word questions
 Cannot review your work or make
 Cannot inform you whether you are on the
right track or not
Reading Selections
 Informational paragraph (225-250 words)
 News report (225-250 words)
 Real life narrative:
an account of a significant time in an individual's life
(about 600 words)
 Dialogue: conversation between two or more people
(225-250 words)
Reading Selections
 Graphic (fewer than150 words):
includes diagrams, photographs, drawings,
patterns, schedules, maps, charts or
Reading Selections
Types of Questions
 Multiple Choice-four options
 Open Response (about 6 lines of writing
each) related to the ideas and
information presented in the information
paragraph, news report or dialogue
Writing Tasks
 Long Writing Tasks
News report (one page)
 Series of paragraphs expressing an
opinion (two pages)
 Short Writing Tasks
(six lines each)
Writing Tasks
 Multiple Choice Questions
Organization of ideas
 Main idea
 Sentence and paragraph structure
 Language conventions
Test Booklets
 All written answers must be
recorded in the test booklets in blue
or black pen or pencil.
 Read all questions and do only what
is asked.
 For example, if you are asked to
write ONE paragraph, be sure
that you write only ONE .
Test Booklets
 Use the rough notes space to jot ideas or
plan your response, but write your response
in the lined space…otherwise it will not be
 Use the space provided for the answers – do
not write more than is required. Do not write
Using the Test Booklet for
Writing Tasks
 Write the answers neatly. If the marker
cannot read your work, they cannot reward
you for your efforts.
 If you write offensive material, your work may
not be marked and the Principal will be
Using the Test
Booklet for Writing Tasks
 Write in full sentences and watch for spelling,
grammar and punctuation.
 Instructions for reading and writing tasks are
included in each booklet.
Student Answer Sheet-Multiple
Choice Questions
 All multiple choice questions MUST be
answered on the Student Answer Sheet,
 EQAO investigates tests with similar results
 If you are caught cheating your test will not
 No cell phones/electronic devices
at all!!!
 You will need to see an administrator
 You will need to do the test again next year
Don’t worry…
 Last year 95% of students were successful
 Based on the reading and writing skills across
all subject areas up to the end of grade 9
You’ve been coached
 Practice Lessons
-News Report
-Informational Text and Summary
-Graphical Text and Language Conventions
-Opinion Writing
Lunch Literacy Help
Come to lunch sessions for help
from March 18-26th between
11:00and 12:00 in room 110.
 Counting On You
Resources and More Practice
 See www.eqao.com for The Getting Ready
Guide and Sample Tests
 Read!
More resources and practice!
 This PowerPoint will be posted to our school
 The link to www.eqao.com for The Getting
Ready Guide and Sample Tests will be live
 Please share this information with your parents
If you finish early…
 Review your work – check for spelling,
grammar and punctuation. Check that you
have answered all questions correctly, fully
and to the best of your ability
 Sit quietly and wait for others to finish
After the Test
 In a few months, you will receive an
Individual Report indicating whether
or not you have passed the test
 Not successful- you will have the
opportunity to write the test again next
 Unsuccessful again - you may fulfill
the OSSLT literacy requirement by
successfully completing the OLC in
grade 12
Do your very best…
and good luck!