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Transcript Host Family Online Orientation - Saint Paul Preparatory School

St Paul Preparatory School
Welcome to the St. Paul Preparatory School
online Host Family Orientation.
Thank you for volunteering to host a foreign
exchange student! Your generosity in opening
your home is helping to further U.S. public
diplomacy and foreign policy goals.
The goal for every student and host family is a
mutually rewarding and educational exchange
Sufficient preparation and orientation are
imperative to help ensure a successful exchange
for all parties.
There are 6 sections to this orientation (part 2-7),
divided into 6 training modules for your
You can either continue through the entire
orientation in one sitting, or you may pause
between modules and come back.
Upon completion of all 6 modules, you will need to
take an online quiz to verify that you have
completed this orientation. The link to the quiz is
located on the SPP website:
Click here!
Basic Program Rules
Welcoming Your Student
◦ Preparation & Early Days of Hosting
Travel Tips & Information
◦ Flights & Airline Personnel
Potential Problems & Coping Strategies
◦ How to Handle Conflicts, Differences in Religion, Internet
Culture Shift
◦ Signals, Phases, & Intercultural Transition
Insurance Information
◦ FAQs
The next module will cover the basic St. Paul
Preparatory program rules that students agree to
before coming on program.