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DRG International
Nov 4, 2014
makes all this possible…
The ElizaMat-C2 performs automated Chemistry and ELISA
ElizaMat-CL performs automated ELISA and CLIA on one the
same plate
User-programmable open system allows
Customers the capability to utilize a wide range of CLIA, ELISA and
Chemistry assays
World wide ElizaMat
distributors have placed
the analyzer’s for a
variety of applications:
Clinical Laboratory
Research – University Life
Wine Analysis
Food & Grain Safety
Water Quality
Animal Safety
makes all this possible…
Microwells for all reactions CLIA, ELISA & Chemistry
Using Standard 96 Well Coated Plates or 8 Well Strips
ElizaMat C2
• performs EIA and/or Biochemistry assays
• includes plate washing system
• fabricated-style enclosure with roll-up shield
200 tests per hour endpoint, or 170 per hour if all kinetic
ElizaMat CL – CLIA & ELISA
15 minutes to load a 96 well plate with samples and
reagents washing the probe between each sample
(actual throughput depends upon incubation times)
ELISA Assays
 When performing EIAs: ElizaMat schedules EIA tests to
process by assays in strips.
 You can place a different assay in each row as long as they
share a common rack, and incubation temperature. Max. 12
assays per plate. Max. 2 wash buffers. The timing for the
different assays can be different.
 ElizaMat organizes the assay start times to prevent timing
ElizaMat Optical Design
• 4 optical channels align
with 4 micro-wells
• Each well is read at all 8
wavelengths (340750nm)
• Cut- Off
• Cut –Off Standard
• Dose Response
Point to Point
• Polynomials of different
Linear Regression
Cubic Spline (Constrained)
% Absorbance
Open system
Liquid Autosensing
Windows software
optical system
2 syringe pumps
wash head
wash, rinse,
and waste
(not shown)
Wash features are
not included in the
Model 2902
DI water
Max height =100mm
Standard Reagent & Sample racks are shown here,
Reagent racks may remain loaded for routine panels and removed for refrigeration.
Liquid Handling
 Probe tip detects liquid
 ElizaMat estimates
automatically selects
remaining volume.
one of its 2 syringe
 Probe washes
automatically after each
50uL or 2.5mL
for pipetting and
 Wash protocols are
programmable, to
prevent carryover.
* Reagent Volume inventory sensing
* Temperature controlled
* Retractable – crash protection
* Easy to replace probe
Cooling unit attaches to ElizaMat
Reagents go in
Insulated rack
Rack slides on
cooling tracks
Fluid Handling - Precise Pipetting sample
volume as low as <2 uL (2uL to 1.95 mL)
On-board pre-dilution & reflex testing
No Carry-over with unique wash system
Incorporated incubation system & plate mixer
with plate Washer System
Reads four channels with eight filters with a
range of 340-700nm
The ElizaMat Software features allows:
• Pausing the instrument to add sample or reagent,
option of canceling commands
• Customizable test profiles and panels for specific
test needs
• Language Selection file
• Lock out for Assay Editor program
• Data Storage – unlimited capacity
• ElizaMat Manager – easy to use for calibration, QC,
sample management and results reporting
ElizaMat Manager is used to run all the
functions on the analyzer
Provides user access to the run ElizaMat for
sampling and reports in the lab.
System is connected to a PC with a program
that is easy to operate and works with
Windows Operating System.
LIS Connectivity for the Laboratory
 Assay
Editor Software used for Assay
 Sample
Bio-chemistry programs are already
available in the software. These can be used or
make a copy and put changes into the copy.
 Customers
 Technical
program their EIA kits
support is available to all customers
for technical needs
Layout, Calibration, Sample, Test List, Report
LIS compatible.
Internet service
and upgrades
…and more
 Self
monitoring software and error messages
 Continuous communication logging between
Data Manager and the ElizaMat instrument
 Automatic utility that makes attachments for
emailing - test programs and error codes
 Automatic tests for filter voltage, pressure, and
many other parameters accessible to service
 LEDs and other hardware and software
indicators for tools-free diagnostics
 Software upgrades from website
Patented optical system uses
PMT (photomultiplier) to detect
light signals from Luminescence
and from 4 standard wavelengths
for Absorbance.
The patented scan head prevents
cross talk. You can program a
wide range of CLIA assays and
standard ELISA tests.
 Fully
 Single Plate - Open system
 Processes ELISA and CLIA
both, ELISA
and CLIA in a
single plate!
Patented dual-function
reader, automatically
switches between
absorbance and
Intelligent software
coordinates and optimizes
the timing of all assays
 Software
with identical look
and feel
 Plate Mixing
 Incubation
 Single Sample/Reagent
 Single
 Reads RLUs (Relative Light
Units) and absorbance
 Eight-channel optic fiber
Patented dual-function reader,
automatically switches between
absorbance and luminescence
User friendly SW for sample
processing samples and training
for new operators
Automatically process
ELISA and CLIA in the same
plate in the same run
The software automatically
manages each assay
separately so that multiple
assays can be processed on
the same plate even if they
have different timings,
reagents and reading modes
Easy to operate
High-precision pipetting
Software prevents timing conflicts
Complete QC package
Adapt DRG reagents for application
Consolidate two instruments in one
No proprietary consumables
Compact footprint saves bench space
Robust design
No disposable tips needed
Password security
Patient database software included
Unlimited number of customized
LIS integration
Flexible reporting styles
 Self-monitoring
of performance
 Simple, economical maintenance
 Built-in safety features
 Long-life IAD filters
 ISO13485, CE Marked, FDA