Training for Vibration Analysis?

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Transcript Training for Vibration Analysis?

Mastering Vibration Analysis:
Learn :: Try :: Apply
 Why do you need training?
 Why do you need analysis assistance?
 What is iLearnVibration?
Do you need training?
 There is a HUGE amount to learn
 So many technical terms and principles
 So many analysis techniques and fault conditions
 Where do you turn when you have questions?
 Books, technical papers and Web sites
 That’s a lot of reading, and a lot of clicking!
iLearnVibration training
 Solution: iLearnVibration
 Step-by-step, fully narrated training
 The slides are read to you
 You can just sit back and listen, like a video
 Or you can sit up and take control
 Easy to search for the material that answers your
 Available 24 hours per day!
iLearnVibration training
iLearnVibration training
iLearnVibration training
iLearnVibration training
 We cover everything from the most basic, fundamental
topics (for the absolute beginner) to more advanced topics
like phase analysis, diagnosing machine faults, high
frequency bearing analysis techniques, and much more
 There are over 1800 ‘slides’ with over 7.5 hours of
narration (voice recordings)
 There are also over 400 quiz questions
 The quizzes help you to check that you have understood the
Do you need more than ‘just’ training?
 Do you learn from training alone?
 It is essential that you are taught the terms,
techniques and skills
 To prepare for the ‘real world’, you need to practice
your new skills
 You need the chance to practice on machines with
known faults – practice makes perfect
 Solution: iLearnVibration [Professional]
 Case histories and virtual test rig
Case history with historical data
Case history with ‘live’ data
Virtual test rig with ‘live’ data
What do you do when you are on
your own?
 Once the ‘training’ has ended…
 Everything you have learned will help…
 Practice with case histories will help…
 But what about when you have questions?
 What do you need?
 You will need refresher training
 You need quick access the information most often
 You need help with spectrum analysis
Refresher Training
 The training is available 24 hours per day
Look for the material that answers your question
Utilize the bookmarks for have created
Search on specific fault conditions
Search on specific machine types
Look up special test settings
Review how to set up your database
And so on…
Search the training material
Search the training
Reference Center
 The Reference Center allows you to…
 Search the training material
 View a tree of common faults (imbalance, etc.) and a
tree of common symptoms (sidebands, harmonics, etc.)
 With supporting information and links to the training
 Convert units, view forcing frequencies, and more
 Refer to an excellent glossary
Reference Center: Search
Reference Center: Fault tree
Reference Center: Symptoms tree
 But when it comes to spectrum analysis…
 First you have to identify the patterns
 Harmonic and sideband series
 Then you have to determine the likely reason for those
 Imbalance, looseness, bearing faults, broken rotor
bars, etc.
 iLearnInterpreter performs both tasks…
 It studies the spectrum, looks at all of the peaks, then
places markers on the key series
 It highlights each of the harmonic and sideband series
 It will find patterns that you did not even know were
 Then it provides an explanation for each pattern
 Imbalance, looseness, bearing faults, broken rotor
bars, etc.
 And it provides an explanation, with links to the
training material (if you own it)
 iLearnInterpreter works with all major vibration
analysis programs
 CSI RBMWare (Machinery Health Manager),
Entek/Rockwell Odyssey, SKF Machine Analyst,
OMNITREND, SPM Condmaster Pro, and others
 It works by ‘looking’ at the spectrum on the screen
 You don’t have to make any preparations
 Just drag the ‘helping hand’ from the system tray to
the graph
Bottom line:
 With training and assistance:
 You will detect and diagnose faults earlier
 You will have greater confidence in your judgment
 You can improve teamwork and increase cooperation
 You will often get an earlier warning of a machine fault
 There will be fewer unexpected machine failures
Common questions
Do I really need iLearnVibration?
How often will I use iLearnVibration?
Does iLearnVibration mean I can’t go to class?
Will I be able to teach myself?
How can I justify the product?
How do I convince my manager?
Common questions:
Do you really need iLearnVibration?
 “I have been doing just fine without it!”
 What you don’t know can hurt you
• Are you sure there are no gaps in your knowledge?
 A great deal can be achieved if everything is done correctly
• But how do you know?
 Have you ever had a question and wanted a quick answer?
 Have you ever seen something unusual in a spectrum?
 Have you ever had to train a new staff member?
Common questions:
How often will I use iLearnVibration?
 “Will I use it after an initial training session?”
 Absolutely – you will use it over and over!
 It was not designed to just provide a once-off course
 Lots of our users report that they use iLearnVibration more
than once per week
• iLearnInterpreter gets used far more frequently
Common questions:
Will I still go to class?
 “But shouldn’t I go to training class?”
 iLearnVibration is not designed to replace training class
• You can still go to class
• Interaction with the instructor and other ‘students’ is
important and helpful
 But courses have their limitations
• Most people only retain 30% of what was taught
• Who/what do you turn to when you return?
 Solution: Do both!
• Get iLearnVibration before you go to class for greatest
Common questions:
Will I be able to teach myself?
 “I don’t learn well unless I am in a structured class”
 Remember, iLearnVibration is not designed to replace the
training class
• It is more useful as a source of refresher training and a
source of answers to tough questions
• You don’t have to sit down with the system for hours at a
time: you either use it when you have questions, or you
can take one lesson at a time, once per day – whatever
you like!
Common questions:
I am not sure we can afford it?
 “Some general training CD are just $150”
iLearnVibration is far more than just a “training CD”
It contains very specialized information
It includes tools to help you do your job
You spent “thousands” on your vibration monitoring system:
• A relatively small additional investment will help you to
gain maximum benefit
• What you learn, and the faults Interpreter helps you find,
could result in “thousands” of dollars saved/avoided in
Common questions:
How can I convince my manager?
 “I am not sure my manager will approve it”
 You may need to admit you need help…
 You need to try and put the benefits in terms that relate to
your situation
• The need for staff training
• Was there a fault you missed that may have been caught if
you owned our product?
• Look at our customer list – can you see a competitor of
 We have a document that might help
The history of iLearnInteractive
 Development began in 1988
 Mobius has extensive software development,
condition monitoring, and training experience
First released October 2000
Version 2.0 released October 2001
Version 3.0 release March 2004
Thousands of people trained in 60+ countries
 Users include: GM, Boeing, NASA, GE, ABB, Alcoa,
US Navy, and many other large and small,
experienced and inexperienced users
General Electric Energy, GE Plastics, General Mills,
Merck, Eli Lilly, RR Donnelley, York International,
Riverwood International, Murray Goulburn
GM, DaimlerChrysler, Mercedes Benz
Duke Energy, Arizona Public Services, Wisconsin
Electric Power, Carolina Power & Light, Collie Power
Station, Edison Mission Energy, Hydro Tasmania,
Loy Yang Power, Pacific Power Tech Services,
Western Power, Yallourn Power
Port Townsend Paper, International Paper, Norske
Skog, Chetwynd Pulp Company, Fletcher Challenge
Canada, Fort James Corp., Louisiana-Pacific
Canada Pulp
TransAlta-Centralia Mining Co., TransAltaSundance, Newmont Mining, Alcoa, BHP, Western
Mining, Elementis Chromium, North Star Steel,
Hamersley Iron, Golden Bay Cement, NZ Rail,
Argyle Diamond Mines, Air Liquide,Aquip
Central Alberta Midstream, Agrarium, Husky,
BP, Amoco Chemical Malaysia, EKA Chemicals
Canada, New Oil Field Services, Woodside
Cranfield University (UK), University of
Washington, Collège de Sherbrooke,
University of South Carolina, California State
University Maritime Acadamy, Florida State
University, Monash University, Nanyang
Technological University, Queensland
University of Technology, University of
Queensland, Umea University, University of
Pretoria, Växjö University, University of
Adelaide, University of Brazil, North Sydney
Institute of Tafe
US Dept of State, US Navy, Australian Navy,
Indian Navy, NAVSHIPYD Puget Sound
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Boeing,
Space Gateway Services, Kennedy Space
Flight Center, Strategic Weapons Facility
Amoco Fabrics and Fibers, Arabian Industrial
QualiTest Division of HiSpeed, Machinery
Condition Monitoring Inc. Lafayette Industrial
Training, Precision Balancing Service, Cal-Air,
CW Pope, CDS Condition Monitoring Service,
Monitek, Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Cargill, Honeywell, Rockwell, Kellogg Brown &
Root, ABB, Siemens
* Customers as of Jan 2002
What is it?
 It comes on CD
 Install it on your
 600+ MB of files can be
copied to the hard drive
or network, or it can be
left on the CD
 It is tied to a dongle
attached to the parallel
port or USB port
 Multi-user network
licensing is also available
Entry level training topics
Entry level training for the vibration technician and
person who collects vibration data
Advanced training topics
Entry level topics and more advanced training for the
analyst and person who wishes to become advanced
For in-house certification and preparation for
commercial certification
Reference Center
To assist the analyst in fault diagnosis, and to provide
quick answers to tough questions
Virtual Test Rig
Gain measurement and analysis experience with a
virtual fault demonstration rig
Case Histories
Gain measurement and analysis experience with 50
virtual machines with live and historical data & reports
Machine Faults and Alarms
Build machine models, view the forcing frequencies and
build band and envelope alarms
Create your own signals and study data processing
Lesson plan, easy access to simulators, and tools to
give professional classroom training
Analyze the spectra displayed on the computer screen
(in your vibration analysis program) – provide
diagnostic assistance and explanations
A review of the main benefits
 A great way to jump-start a program
 Less expensive than traveling to class
 Excellent in combination with a training class
Train lots of people instead of just one
Provide refresher training
Always available: 24 hrs, 7 days a week
Gain experience (put it into practice)
It is an excellent reference
Will directly help you analyze data
 Training is required to be successful
 Background theory, practical information, provide a
reference, gain valuable experience
 iLearnInteractive successfully provides that
 It is inexpensive and very effective
 It will help you achieve better results
 It can help you reduce equipment downtime
Thank you!
Any questions?