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Strategic event marketing programs from start to finish

Submitted by: Kirstin Everard Turn-Key Marketing and Promotions, Inc. Corporate office PH#: (805) 967-4694 Kirstin Direct PH#: (805) 886-4373

About Us

• Turn-Key Marketing & Promotions, Inc. provides innovative, effective and affordable marketing support for Natural Product companies/brands. We aggressively promote your products both in the “Green Arena” and in mainstream channels.

• • Turn-Key specializes in communicating your brand message and reaching target consumers through traditional and grassroots marketing programs.

Founder & President, Kirstin Everard

brings 13 years of event marketing & grassroots marketing experience in the Natural Products Industry. Kirstin began her event marketing career managing Farmers Markets in Southern California, coordinating local events and community outreach & education, while heading up the marketing for the organization. Kirstin later worked for the Balance Bar Company in its beginning stages and experienced explosive growth there for over 4 years, until the company sold to Kraft in 1999. She managed a very aggressive event marketing campaign that included sponsorship of over 500 events annually. Through event marketing and grassroots promotions, Balance Bar grew exponentially. Kirstin went on to create her own company, Turn-Key Marketing and Promotions, Inc. with hopes that, with her outstanding team, she could provide similar growth tools to other Natural Product Companies nationwide. For more information, please visit

Client List

-Since 2000, Turn-Key Marketing & Promotions, Inc. has worked with many of the leaders in the Natural Product Industry.

-Turn-Key does ongoing event campaigns throughout the year for many Clients.

-Turn-Key also does seasonal campaigns timed specifically for product launches and when products are “on promotion” at retail.

Turn-Key Services

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Event Marketing Programs Product Sampling Campaigns Costco Road Shows Guerrilla Marketing/University sampling Mobile Sampling Campaigns Consumer & Trade Promotions Trade Show Coordination

Potential Campaigns for your brand…

• Strategic Event Marketing in Target Markets • Timed marketing blitz in select markets to roll out new sku’s • Mass Sampling Campaigns • Guerrilla Marketing • University sampling • Cross Promotions with like-minded companies • Costco Road Shows

More bang for your buck!

Consider this:

One full page ad in Men’s Health = $80,000 - versus 8 targeted events and a strategic sampling campaign reaching hundreds of thousands of people = approx. $80,000 • The choice is clear. Experience the positive impact of hands-on sampling campaigns that educate people about your products and drives sales into retail stores.

• Event marketing & other grassroots marketing campaigns offer one-on-one contact with consumers and a myriad of branding, sampling & couponing opportunities.

• If your products sample well or tell a story, word of mouth and direct experience will help build your brand FAST!

Targeted Events to reach the Green Consumer

• We know the best targeted, high traffic “green” events – in the major metro areas as you desire • We’ll educate at the consumer level & drive sales into specific retail locations- and to your website • Our health-conscious, enthusiastic team will distribute samples, coupons and literature • Brand your company with banners, displays of your product lines at the booth, mobile sampling backpacks, and other exposure associated with each event.

• Select targeted events with various emphases (ie: music festivals, vegetarian and green festivals, health & fitness expos, family oriented events (reach kids and moms!)

Turn-Key “Deliverables”

• • • • • • • • • • •

PRE-EVENT: (we have relationships with hundreds of the top event managers in the country….)

Negotiate sponsorship, exhibitor and on-site benefits to maximize brand recognition at the most reasonable price. Selection of prime booth “real estate” at events.

Coordinate additional branding opportunities through goody bags, VIP booths, speaker’s lounges, entrance sampling, etc.

Complete exhibitor contracts & all event paperwork within deadlines. Manage event execution within specified budget.

Submit artwork for promotional literature/posters, complete event PA announcements, submit health permits, Certificates of Insurance, etc Coordinate with PR Agency to enhance event presence.

Submit applicable show service forms (electrical, carpet, tables, chairs, drayage, etc).

Assign and train appropriate event staff Estimate product necessary & submit Product Order.

Contact your brokers or regional Sales Reps to communicate event details & retailer tie in’s.

• • • •


Track & oversee product shipments to event destinations Manage Event Staff & payroll in each market. Includes all correspondence and instructions relating to each event. Troubleshoot and directly handle all logistical problems that arise with events.

Set-up & break down of your customized, memorable booth • •


Shipping / transporting all equipment back to specified location Submitting Post Event Re-Cap, (with photos) to Client

Turn-Key Event Booths






Kagome at the Chicago Marathon Nature’s Gate at Harmony Festival (Nor. Cal)

Wisdom of the Ancients

& SweetLeaf Stevia at Green Festival, SF Organic Valley at the Portland Farmers Market

Zone Perfect Nutrition

at the San Clemente Ocean Festival

Turn-Key Costco Road Shows

• Substantial opportunity to demo (and sell!) to 3000 to 5000 people per day, on a temporary basis • Your products do not have to be currently sold at Costco and you do not need special packaging • We help you select the right warehouses for your Costco Road Show promotions (based on demographic). You can hit as many stores/markets as Costco approves.

• Develop a themed-traveling Road Show, with trained & vibrant staff • Display & demo numerous SKU’s, increasing brand awareness • Allow Costco members to sample a variety of items-- offer mix and match variety packs (sold through Costco on consignment) • Get noticed by other Costco regions nationwide • Join the many companies who consider Costco Road Shows to be an effective, subsidized sampling program!! (sales offset

costs of Road Show execution)

Costco Road Show-Booths

ABOVE: nSpired Natural Foods RIGHT: Peanut Better ABOVE RIGHT: Amy’s Kitchen

Turn Key’s Field Staff Makes the Difference!

Because we


represent natural product companies, we make sure our staff “looks and lives” the “natural foodie” lifestyle! We recruit from yoga/Pilates studios, natural food stores, university nutrition & environmental studies departments, massage/holistic practices, and other LOHAS locations so that we can best represent your brand!

Turn-Key Mobile Sampling Campaigns

Take your samples on the road on a traveling tour! Overlay in-store demos, guerilla marketing, & exhibition at major special events…and support with PR.

• Directly pursue your target consumer by infiltrating specific cities and “blitzing” the area thru a multi-layered sampling and product placement campaign • Distribute from 5000 to 5,000,000 samples regionally or nationwide • Do your own tour, or offset costs by cross promotions with other brands

Guerilla Marketing

• Use aggressive marketing techniques to hit your target consumers and get maximum results from minimal resources • Teams of guerilla marketers will hit any designated market at the busiest time of the day in the most populated areas • Choose a very targeted audience by interfacing with consumers at work, at play, or out on the town

Special Turn-Key Programs in `08

• • •

Go Mambo! Mobile Sampling Tours (4 tours in `08):

Turn-Key executes these cost-effective, 6 week mobile sampling tours in 4 different regions across the U.S. Ties in with Mambo Sprouts’ well- known coupon booklets. Cost includes 2 trained staff, 34 (thirty-four) 3-hour in-store demos at Whole Foods, Wild Oats and other select retailers, 2-4 major events in each region, guerrilla marketing & LOHAS sampling at over 20 different locations, insertion in 25,000 goody bags and the Go Mambo! coupon booklet, branding on all 3 sides of the van...and more!

Cost per tour is $15K to $20K. Space is limited to 8-10 vendors.

Ski Sampling- The Greene Collective Ski Tour:

Choose any 1 or more of 22 ski events/resorts--to reach a very high end, eco-conscious, health conscious consumer. You get a full 10x 10 booth along side other Turn-Key Clients at the base of the ski resort. We are creating an "eco village" with our "Greene Collective" tour at each mountain. We sample your products (in your colorful booth that POPS off the white snow) to at least 10,000 people per day, and place your product at the local lodges, restaurants, spas, health clubs, and other hotspots within the ski resort. We also have the opportunity to sample to thousands of athletes and place product in competitor goody bags, winner awards, backstage and VIP placement, where applicable. We have already had successful meetings with food and beverage buyers on these mountains to take on our Client's products ON THE MOUNTAIN.

of 5 vendors. Cost per event is approx. $8K $12K, depending on your products and which mountains you choose. Space is limited to a maximum

Turn-Key's Children's Lunchbox Series-

Select key children's' events in major markets, with each sponsor getting a full 10x10 booth within the Turn-Key Greene Collective. We'll exhibit at the major event and sample your products, and then spend 1 to 2 extra days in that same city doing guerrilla marketing & product placement at local zoos, children's museums, Waldorf & Montessori schools, and other kid-friendly hangouts. We can also do demos at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, or other select retailers while we're there-your choice. 2 to 5 sampling days per city,

cost is approx. $10-$12K per sponsor


Space is limited to a maximum of 5 vendors.

For more information, visit our website at:

Corporate Office: 5276 Hollister Avenue, Suite 155 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 PH# 805-967-4694 FAX# 805-967-4696 Kirstin Everard’s direct PH# 805-886-4373