Unit 13 Who is Steven King?

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Transcript Unit 13 Who is Steven King?

Horror Movies
Before You Read:
Do you like horror movies? Why or why
What makes you very scared in a movie?
What is a famous horror story that you
Unit 13 ~ Who is Stephen King?
Unit 13 ~ Vocabulary
1. scary
2. line up
3. abandoned
4. from place to
5. encouraged
6. went straight
7. threw away
8. trash
9. persuaded
10. earn
11. fancy
12. recovered
13. as usual
Vocabulary – Unit 13
scary – to be afraid
abandoned – to leave and never come back
encouraged – to support
trash – garbage; thrown away
persuaded – to change someone’s mind
earn – to get money from work
fancy – more expensive; special
recovered – to get better after being sick or
Words That Go Together
1. When there is a good movie, people line up in
front of the theater to see it.
Words That Go Together
2. from place to place – not stay in one
place; to move to different places.
3. went straight –to continue without
4. threw away – put in the trash
Comprehension p. 93-94
1. Stephen King is famous for B.
writing scary books and movies.
2. After the movie Carrie, Stephen
King A. sold a lot of books.
3. After the accident, Stephen King C.
continued writing.
Remembering Details p. 93-94
After King graduated in 1970, he worked at a gas station,
then at a laundry service.
His college girlfriend Tabitha was a writer.
The paperback of Carrie sold a million copies.
He wanted to buy his wife a gift, so he went to the drugstore
and bought her a hair dryer.
King works every day except Christmas, 4th of July, and his
After the accident, King had to have three operations on his
legs and hip.
Making Inferences p. 94
1. I
2. S
Steven started to write when he was seven (par 2 line 7)
He continues to write (par 8; line 5)
3. I
4. I
5. I
1. Why do some people like horror stories?
2. Do you prefer to see a movie or read a book
about the same subject?
3. Why do some people change when they become
rich and famous?
Unit 13 – Examples (vocabulary)
 Students usually line up to pay their tuition in front of
the cashier at UCI.
 My dad never abandoned my family.
 The patient recovered from his illness.
 I do my homework as usual.
 My parents encouraged me to come to California.
 There are many fancy stores at South Coast Plaza.
 Students line up to use the restroom.
 When I was a child, I persuaded my parents to buy me
a toy.
 I worried about coming to the U.S., but my university
teacher encouraged me.
Unit 13 – Examples (vocabulary)
 I threw away some presents from my ex-boyfriend in
the trash.
 The news made me sad because a mother abandoned
her baby.
 If I am tired, I go straight home after school.
 As usual, I wake up tired.
 Students usually line up at the bookstore.
 When I have a cold, it takes a long time for me to
 I often go with my girlfriend to a fancy restaurant.
 Students usually line up at the front desk in the ESL
Unit 13 – Examples (vocabulary)
 I usually throw away leftovers in the trash.
 I played soccer last night, and I won as usual.
 I hope Sara recovers… I wish her a speedy and quick
 Vanessa is still sick, but Sara is completely recovered.
Her recovery didn’t take long.