What is INAP?

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Transcript What is INAP?

Global Acid Rock Drainage (GARD) Best
Practices for AMD Control & Treatment
Terrence Chatwin, INAP &
Keith Ferguson, Sustainability Engineering
March 31, 2009
Morgantown, WV
Summary of Presentation
 What is the GARD Guide
 The Need for a GARD Guide
 Mining Industry’s Commitment to Solving
ARD Problems
 The Ultimate Solution – You
 The GARD Guide – Scope
 The GARD Guide – Structure
 Wiki Demonstration
GARD Guide Characteristics
Be flexible to accommodate site-specific issues
Be consistent and promote a systematic approach
Use proven, field tested technologies
Founded on a risk-based approach
Endorse a pro-active approach encouraging acid
reduction and control at the source
 Be a “how to” guide and not a regulatory tool or a
design manual
 Address the full life cycle of a mine
 Avoid duplication and build on existing guidelines and
Roman Portal in Spain
with ARD
Iron Mountain, CA
ARD Costs
USA - $5 billion to $72 billion
Canada - $1.3 to $3.3 billion
Australia - $1 billion
– ARD remediation is expensive
– Prevention is the best solution
Mining’s Commitment to
Communities and Stakeholders
“While share holder value is our primary
driver, every decision the Board makes takes
into account the needs and expectations of all
our stakeholders; … We have numerous
examples that demonstrate our absolute
commitment to improving the quality of life of
the communities we work with and to
minimising harm to the environment.”
- Don Argus, Chairman BHP Billiton
The GARD Guide
Developed and managed by INAP:
The Global Alliance
Supported by the Global Alliance:
Water Research Commission
GARD Guide Development Plan
 First Phase
– Beta version prepared by Golder Associates and
undergoing review
– Wiki structure developed for Guide
– Further expert input and targeted workshops
planned for remainder of 2008
 Second Phase
– Broad stakeholder review of draft through INAP
website (starts February 2009)
 Third Phase
– Update, publish and rollout by June 2009
 Fourth Phase
– training sessions on use of Guide
– updates and continuous improvement of Guide
Mining People
“I believe the first key for the path forward
for the mining industry is to emphasize
the value of developing our people to
sustain the mining industry in the
- Paul Dowd, Newmont Managing Director (Retired)
YOU Are The Solution
Technical & Communication Skills
Chapter 1: GARD Guide
Chapter 2: ARD Process
Chapter 3: Corporate, Regulatory
and Community Framework
Chapter 4: Characterization
Chapter 5: Prediction
Chapter 6: Prevention and Mitigation
Chapter 7: Treatment
Chapter 8: Monitoring
Chapter 9: ARD Management
and Performance Assessment
Chapter 10: ARD
Communication and Consultation
A draft version of the GARD Guide is now available for
review on the web at:
You are invited to review the draft Guide and to provide
comments to INAP by April 1, 2009 via:
Mr. Gilles Tremblay/Ms. Charlene Hogan
GARD Guide Secreteriate:
[email protected]
[email protected]