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Community Portals
Welland Pathfinder
Sarah Blount – Welland Portal Content Officer
Cass Garside – Welland Portal Process Officer
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Manchester Town Hall – 5th February 2003
Format of the Session
• Presentation covering Community
Portals, Planning on Line and
Partnership Working.
• Questions and Answers.
• Workshop session.
The Welland Partnership
5 local authorities across 4 counties
working together:
East Northamptonshire Council;
Harborough District Council;
Melton Borough Council;
Rutland County Council;
South Kesteven District Council.
The Welland Partnership
• The partnership area is wholly rural.
• All authorities have a rural agenda and
have many common issues to consider in
terms of need and service delivery.
The Welland Partnership
•East Northants D C
•Harborough D C
•Melton B C
•Rutland CC
•South Kesteven D C
The Partnership Test
• Would any partners be prepared to lead on any
project and are all partners comfortable with
• Do you routinely think of people employed by
partner organisations as work colleagues?
• Would you have sufficient trust to allow decisions
to be made on your behalf by people working for
partner organisations?
• Would your organisation devolve a budget to an
e-government management board to determine
how it is spent on behalf of the partnership?
Community Portals
11 dynamic community websites: – South Kesteven DC. - South Kesteven DC. - South Kesteven DC. - South Kesteven DC. - Harborough DC. - Harborough DC. - East Northamptonshire DC. - East Northamptonshire DC. - East Northamptonshire DC. - Melton BC. - Rutland County Council.
Community Portals
• Central source of community
• Each website has been designed in
the same format.
• Map Based – villages, police beats,
parish councils.
• Self publishing facility –
community own their content.
Community Portals
• Local focus – local life on line as
everyone’s home page.
• Vehicle for delivering local
government services on line.
• Multi-agency input – council /
community / business / other
public sector bodies.
• 8 main headings.
• Various ways to access information
– menus / buttons / map.
• Examples of content…
Rutland Discussion Forum
Content Strategy
• DTLR Milestones.
• Content Strategy developed and
being implemented.
• Statistics – users / page hits.
Planning On Line
• 1st transactional service on the
• Fully transactional.
• Welland Planning Group & Project
• Presently live on HOL and LOL
where it interfaces with CAPS.
• Authorities with SWIFT and SX3 –
rolled out 2003.
How we work
Executive Sub Group:
• Consists of a chief officer from each authority.
• Delegated decision making powers from
• Long term strategy.
Community Portal Team:
• Consists of representative (CIO) from each
authority + ROL + Welland reps.
• Meets fortnightly.
• Responsible for operational decisions.
• Refers strategic decisions to ESG.
How we work
Local Portal Team:
• Consists of representative from community,
business and council.
• Local Focus.
• 1 per portal.
• Determines the way forward for their portal
within the content strategy.
• Look to the CPT for guidance.
Questions & Answers
Workshop Questions
1. What content would you have on your
community portal and how would it be
2. How would you manage local content?
3. How would you engage the local
4. How would you market and promote
your portal?
5. How would you engage with the
business community and generate
income streams?
6. Would processes would you put in place
to prevent unsavoury content?