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Career Seminar Series: Portfolios Development


 What is a Career Portfolio?

  Why Create a Career Portfolio?

What should the Portfolio Contain?

 What are Optional Items that a Portfolio Contain?

 What are some examples of Portfolio Items?


is a Career Portfolio?

 A Career Portfolio is a tool that each of you can use in job hunting or even in “selling yourself” to a college or a scholarship committee!

 A Career Portfolio can give an employer a complete picture of who you are- your experience, your education, your accomplishments, and your skills!

Why Create a Career Portfolio in when I am only in High School?

 Each day you are gaining in skills, experience, education, and accomplishments which need to be documented!

 In the process of developing your portfolios, you can better see where you are and where you want to go!

What Should a Career Portfolio Contain?      Completed application of employment Cover Letter Resume References Letters of Recommendation       Mock interview evaluations Work samples Awards Certificates Community service Records, pictures, or displays of accomplishments

Completed Application for Employment You will complete basic application form that can be used as a reference for all those hard to remember facts:  Names and numbers of employers  Dates of employment  Dates of schooling  Addresses and phone numbers

Cover Letter

You will create a “standard” cover letter that can be used:  To introduce yourself  As a template for future letters you may need to write  As wonderful practice! Because I know how much you like to write!


Your portfolio should multiple copies of your “Traditional Resume” Which will be a summary of your:  Education and Achievements  Your Career Goals  Your Employment History


( Full name, address & phone)      Teachers Coaches Youth Leaders Employers Ministers Do not use: Friends, Relatives, or any one under the age of 21 years!

Letters of Recommendation

At least one letter of recommendation from an Instructor, Guidance Counselor, Employer, Community Service, Youth Leader, or Minister If you lack work experience these can be a very valuable tool. Please be thoughtful in asking for these!

Mock Interview Evaluation Form In the spring each of you will prepare for and be interviewed by a professional from your CTE field. The review of that interview, with preparation and hard work, will be a positive reflection on you!

Work Samples

Tell who you are, by what you do!

Capture your best work on these pages:   Class Projects and Finished Products Photos of you at work sites   Photos of your completed work Be creative! CD’s, Videos, Brochures

Career Seminar Certificates of Attendance        Sexual Harassment Interest Inventory Career Awareness Job Searching Resumes Cover Letters Ready for Work?

     Portfolio Development Interviewing Skills Dressing for Success Mock Interviews Portfolio Reviews and Ratings

Community Service

       Volunteer Firefighter Rescue Squad Member Red Cross Literacy Volunteer Church Programs After school Programs Community Service Agency Work

Student Leadership

     Student Council FBLA, FFA, and other Class Organizations SADD Yearbook Committee work such as Prom, Musical, and Open House

Student Awards and Certificates

Note: Student Award and Certificates are often lost as quickly as they are handed out! Save these! Especially any awards that reflect you abilities as an employee- such as:  Attendance- You show up!

 Team Awards- You get along with others!

Optional Portfolio Items:

   List of Achievements, Abilities and Skills Report Cards and Attendance Records Certifications in CPR, Lifeguard, etc.


These students raised elk and visited area elementary classes to tell about their experiences and answer questions.


These Students took part in an mock simulation of a bus accident with area EMT’s, Firefighters and Police. Moments caught on camera can tell of the student’s commitment and understand of crisis management.

This is your moment to shine!

Each day you may be accomplishing wonderful examples for your portfolio– Take this time to brainstorm with your neighbor what they may be!

Share your examples…

Record our list of examples in your portfolio binder!

Great Work!