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A Leading Provider of
Subject-Specific Databases
(Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts)
• The first major free database provided
by a for-profit company
• More than 600 journals with coverage
back as far as the mid-1960s
• Author profiles will be provided for
3,000 authors in the discipline
• LISTA is going to be free indefinitely
# Active titles not available at all
from competitor database
# Inactive titles not available at all
from competitor database
# Active titles available
from both databases
# Inactive titles available
from both databases
(vs. CSA’s LISA)
Compared on June 2, 2006
* Lists for any category are available upon request
LISTA with Full Text
• Libraries should consider using funds from LLIS (Wilson)
or LISA (CSA) toward an upgrade to LISTA with Full Text
June 2006
September 2007
Total # of FT Journals
in the Database
# of FT Journals NOT
available as FT in any
version of Academic Search
or Business Source
• LISTA with Full Text will also contain full text of books & monographs, such as:
Handbook of Electronic and Digital Acquisitions
Historical Aspects of Cataloging and Classification
Introduction to Serials Work for Library Technicians
Journals of the Century
Libraries and Google
– The Future of Serials (Proceedings of the
North American Serials Interest Group, Inc.)
– The Practical Library Manager
– The Practical Library Trainer
– Library/Vendor Relationships
Art, Music, Film & Theater
• Art Abstracts [H.W. Wilson]
• Art Index Retrospective: 1929-1984 [H.W. Wilson]
• The Music Index
• RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
• RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals
• FTLI (Film & Television Literature Index)*
• FTLI with Full Text*
• IBTD (International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance)
• IBTD with Full Text
* Coming Soon
FTLI with Full Text
(FTLI = Film & Television Literature Index)
• Cover-to-cover indexing for 300 publications
• Selective indexing for 300 publications
• Full text for more than 50 journals
• Full text from the Variety Film Reviews database
• Images from the Motion Picture & Television Photo Archive
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance (IBTD)
• The definitive research tool for the study
of theatre and the performing arts
• Performing arts includes:
– ballet
– film
– cinema
– mime
– comedy
– opera
– dance
– puppetry
– drama
– theatre
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance (IBTD)
• IBTD began as a project initiated by:
– The American Society for Theatre Research
• U.S. Theatre Library Association
• The International Federation for Theatre Research
• The International Association of
Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts
• Beginning in 1984, it was published by the
Theatre Research Data Center (TRDC) at Brooklyn College
• IBTD contains over 120,000 records including the 14 annual
IBTD volumes previously published by the TRDC
• These volumes comprise a fully indexed, cross-referenced and annotated
databank of journal articles, books, book chapters and dissertation abstracts
on all aspects of theatre and performance in 126 countries
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance
with Full Text (IBTD with Full Text)
IBTD with Full Text
IIPA Full Text
Publications Indexed
Journals with Full Text
Monographs with Full Text
NOTE: The IBTD advisory board includes members
from the following theater associations:
Compared on June 2, 2006
IBTD with Full Text
Contains Top Journals in Full Text
* All of the above 10 journals are not available in full text from ASP (or ASC)
** 8 of the above 10 journals are not available in full text from IIPA Full Text
IBTD with Full Text includes
100+ full text books & monographs, including:
• Art and the Performance of Memory
• Opera
• Avant Garde Theatre
• Performance
• British Realist Theatre
• Performance Theory
• Community Theatre
• Popular Theatres of Nineteenth Century France
• Contemporary Feminist Theatres
• Psychoanalysis and Performance
• Encyclopedia of Chinese Film
• From Acting to Performance
• Greek Tragic Theatre
• History of European Drama and Theatre
• Imperialism and Theatre
• Shakespeare After Theory
• Shakespeare, Theory and Performance
• Sourcebook on Feminist Theatre and Performance
• Theatre and Everyday Life
• Theatre and the State in Twentieth-Century Ireland
• Theatre and the World
• Jacobean Public Theatre
• Theatre on Trial
• Kathakali Dance-Drama
• Theory/Theatre: An Introduction
• Keyframes: Popular Cinema
and Cultural Studies
• Twentieth Century Theatre: A Sourcebook
• Learning Through Theatre
• Who's Who in Contemporary World Theatre
• Moscow Art Theatre
• World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre
• Twentieth-Century Actor Training
NOTE: EBSCO will provide MARC records for all full text books & monographs, so they may be loaded into the library’s catalog.
Communication, Language & Literature
• CMMI (Communication & Mass Media Index)
• CMMC (Communication & Mass Media Complete)
• BIR (Book Index with Reviews)
• Canadian Literary Centre
• Columbia Granger’s Poetry Database
• HII (Humanities International Index)
• HIC (Humanities International Complete)
• Literary Reference Center
• MLA International Bibliography
Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC)
• Provides cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for
all 391 “core” journals and 200 “priority” journals
• Includes searchable references for all 336 active core journals and profiles for
the 3,000 most cited authors
• Offers full text for 281 of the core journals back as far as 1915
• Library Journal review:
– “This is one of the best interdisciplinary databases with which I have worked.”
– “Academic, large public, and school libraries serving serious researchers
in the humanities and social sciences should aspire this file –
and market it liberally.”
How Does CMMC Overlap with Other Services?
Total Active Full-Text Titles
Overlapping with CMMC
Percentage of Active Full-Text
Titles Overlapping with CMMC
0 of 244
37 of 244
55 of 244
Gale Databases = OneFile, Expanded Academic ASAP,
and Business & Company Resource Center
ProQuest Databases = ProQuest 5000, ProQuest Research
Library (all modules), and ABI/INFORM Complete
Compared on May 29, 2006
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Communication &
Mass Media Complete
Academic Search
# of Communication
& Mass Media
Available with Full Text
# of Communication
& Mass Media
Conference Papers
Available with Full Text
CMMC also provides unique full text books & monographs, such as:
Culture in the Communication Age
Encyclopedia of the World Press
Group Communication
History of the Mass Media in the United States: An Encyclopedia
Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio
Reporting for Journalists
Humanities International Index (HII)
• 1,959 literary & creative journals indexed back
as far as 1925 (including 100% of Wilson’s
Humanities Abstracts)
• 1,120 of these journals are not indexed in any
version of Academic Search
• 2,000,000+ records
• 309 journals include searchable cited references
Humanities International Complete (HIC)
• Contains everything in Humanities
International Index, plus:
– cover-to-cover full text for 776 journals
– full text for 291 journals not available as full
text in any version of Academic Search
• Exclusive online access to The Paris Review
– full text back to 1953
– no embargo
– no institutional e-journal
EBSCO’s Full Text Humanities Databases
Academic Search Premier (ASP) Available Now
• Active Full Text for:
– 265 journals indexed by ISI Arts & Humanities Citation Index
– 267 journals indexed in ATLA Religion Database
– 365 journals indexed in Historical Abstracts
– 526 journals indexed in MLA International Bibliography
– 352 journals indexed in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC) Available Now
• Active Full Text for 240+ journals NOT available in full text in ASP
Humanities International Complete (HIC) Available Now
• Active Full Text for 220+ journals NOT available in full text in ASP
FTLI with Full Text Coming Soon
• Active Full Text for 50+ journals NOT available in full text in ASP
IBTD with Full Text Available Now
• Active Full Text for 50+ journals NOT available in full text in ASP
Literary Reference Center
Religion & Theology
• ATLA Religion Database
• ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials
• CPLI (Catholic Periodical and Literature Index)
• Index Islamicus*
• Index to Jewish Periodicals
• New Testament Abstracts
• Old Testament Abstracts
• Religion & Philosophy Collection
* Coming Soon
ATLA Religion Database
• The ATLA Religion Database is the premier index to
journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays
in all fields of religion
• The 1,400,000 records in ATLA include:
416,000+ journal article records
211,700+ essay records from 15,700+ multi-author works
432,000+ book reviews of 208,600+ books
1,580 journal titles, 571 of which are currently indexed
• Languages:
– 60% English, 8% German, 6% French, 26% other
ATLA Religion Database Subject Coverage
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials
• ATLASerials is the world’s most complete collection
of full text religion journal backfiles
• More than 80 full text journals back as far as 1924
Business & Economics
• Business Source Complete (BSC)
• Business Source Premier (BSP)
• Business Source Elite (BSE)
• EconLit
• EconLit with Full Text
• Hospitality & Tourism Index (HTI)
• Hospitality & Tourism Complete (HTC)
The authoritative index for economic literature
• EconLit indexes:
– Books & Book Reviews
– Conference Proceedings & Papers
– Doctoral Dissertations
– Journal Articles
– Working Papers
EconLit with Full Text
The American Economic Association’s authoritative index
will soon have a comprehensive full text version
Full text with NO embargo
Full Text Coverage
in Economics
# of active
full-text journals
indexed in
Business Source Complete
& EconLit with Full Text
(Projected 2007)
Business Source Complete
Business Source Premier
Data from June 2, 2006
Hospitality & Tourism Index (HTI)
by Cornell
Articles in
and Tourism
Co-Produced by
the University
of Surrey and
Oxford Brookes
Other Relevant
Hospitality &
Restaurant &
Tourism Index
Purdue University
Not Previously
Covered by These
* Contains more than 500,000 unique records
Hospitality & Tourism Index (HTI)
• HTI covers scholarly research and industry news relating to
all areas of the hospitality industry as far back as the 1960s
• Areas of coverage include:
Food & beverage (restaurants, catering, etc.)
Lodging (hotels)
Recreation, sports & entertainment
Travel-related (tourism)
• 500+ publications, (over 500,000 records)
– 179 Core Periodicals, 105 Priority Periodicals
– 124 Country Reports and 25 Industry Reports (Datamonitor, EIU)
• Hospitality Thesaurus with 8,890 terms
– 3,210 preferred and 5,680 non-preferred terms
• Updated bi-weekly
Make-Up of Hospitality & Tourism Complete
50+ full text
journals also
available via BSP
(and BSC)*
All indexing
& abstracts
from HTI
50+ full text
books &
NOT available
via any other
EBSCO product*
50+ full text
journals NOT
available via any
other EBSCO
* already available
** projected for January 2007
• Mental Measurements Yearbook
• PEP Archive
• PsycINFO
• Psychology & Behavioral
Sciences Collection
Other Social Sciences
ABSEES (American Bibliography of Slavic & Eastern European Studies)
BNNA (Bibliography of Native North Americans)
Education Research Complete (ERC)
GLBT Life with Full Text
IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)*
IPSA (International Political Science Abstracts)
Legal Collection
SocINDEX with Full Text
Social Work Abstracts*
Women’s Studies International
* Coming Soon
Education Research Complete (ERC)
• The definitive online resource for education research
• 1,523 journals indexed and abstracted
• All 501 journals actively indexed in Wilson’s Education Abstracts
are indexed in ERC
• ERC also contains 866 active journals not indexed on an ongoing basis
in Wilson’s Education Abstracts
• ERC has active indexing for any journal that continues to be published
– Wilson’s Education Abstracts has indexing end dates for 28
journals that are still being published
– ERC provides ongoing indexing for all 28 of those journals
Education Research Complete (ERC)
• Education Research Complete (ERC) offers the world’s largest collection of full-text
education journals
– 750 total full-text journals, including 653 active titles
(vs. only 248 active full-text education journals in Wilson)
– ERC has more active full-text education journals than
Wilson has total active journals (including all A&I-only titles)
• ERC contains substantial full-text content not available in full text
via Academic Search Premier
– 225 full-text journals
– 100+ full-text books & monographs
– Full-text conference papers from:
• American Political Science Association: Teaching & Learning Conference
• CHADD Conference (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
• Psychology of Mathematics Education – North American Chapter Meeting
Produced in
cooperation with
the ONE National Gay
& Lesbian Archives
(CA) and The Lesbian
Herstory Archives (NY)
GLBT-Specific Thesaurus
GLBT Life with Full Text
• 40 full text GLBT journals and magazines, including but not limited to:
• Advocate
• Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
• Echelon Magazine
• Echo Magazine
• Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
• Gay Parent Magazine
• GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies
• In the Family: A Magazine for Lesbians,
Gays, Bisexuals, & their Relations
• James White Review
• Ladder
• Lambda Book Report
• Leather Archives & Museum News
• Lesbian - Gay Law Notes
• Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter
• Lesbian News
• Lesbian Review of Books
• Lesbian Tide
• Tangents
• Transgender Community News
• Transgender Tapestry
• White Crane
• 6 full text gay newspapers:
• Bay Windows
• Free Press (OH)
• Houston Voice
• New York Blade
• Southern Voice
• Washington Blade
• 70 full text GLBT reference books & monographs
(including 30 from Haworth Press)
More than 90% of
the full text titles in
GLBT Life with Full Text
are not available in
full-text from any other
EBSCO database or
from competing vendors.
IPSA (International Political Science Abstracts)
• Produced by the International Political Science Association
• Indexing & abstracts for 888 political journals
• More than 110,000 records dating back to 1989
SocINDEX: A new standard for sociological research
• SocINDEX has replaced Sociological Abstracts as the most
comprehensive sociological research database covering the
broad spectrum of sociological study
• SocINDEX contains a 19,300+ term Sociology Thesaurus
designed by expert lexicographers
• SocINDEX’s thesaurus is the world’s most comprehensive
controlled vocabulary for sociology and related disciplines
• SocINDEX has the highest quality records –
All core titles have the following:
• Informative abstracts
• Aggressive application of subject headings
from a superior controlled vocabulary
• Searchable cited references
Journals Covered: SocINDEX vs. Sociological Abstracts
[Coverage Policy]
Sociological Abstracts
Competitive data from July 27, 2006
Backfiles Covered: SocINDEX vs. Sociological Abstracts
Category of Coverage
CSA Sociological Abstracts
Begin Date of Indexing
Begin Date of Abstracts
Begin Date of
Searchable Cited References
Begin Date of PDFs
* PDFs only available via SocINDEX with Full Text
** CSA dates are based on their recent announcement,
however, their product does not yet contain this data
* Comparison from July 27, 2006
Number of Records Covered:
SocINDEX vs. Sociological Abstracts
Number of
Records Added
Per Year
Total Number of
Records in
Sociological Abstracts
Data for Sociological Abstracts pulled from the CSA website on July 27, 2006.
SocINDEX Sample Author Profile
will provide
profiles for
the 10,000
most cited
authors in
the database.
SocINDEX with Full Text
• While CSA’s Sociological Abstracts has no full
text, SocINDEX with Full Text contains hundreds
of full text journals including PDFs for many of
the top ranked journals back to volume 1, issue 1
• Many of these full-text journals are not available
in any other full text database
• SocINDEX with Full Text also includes full text for
hundreds of monographs/books and thousands of
conference papers (including the conference
papers of the American Sociological Association)
JSTOR sociology journals vs. EBSCO’s SocINDEX with Full Text
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1890 and 1935
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1936 and 1949
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1950 and 1965
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1966 and 1975
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1976 and 1984
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1985 and 1990
Journals with Full Text Beginning Between 1991 and 1999
JSTOR Sociology Earliest PDF Coverage
Compared on June 2, 2006
SocINDEX with Full Text includes
547 full text books & monographs, including:
• Advances in Criminological Theory
• Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences
• Adventures in Criminology
• Constructive Sociological Theory
• Alcoholic Society
• Crime & Social Organization
• Anthropology, Development and Modernities
• Crime, Disorder and Community Safety
• Behavioral Theory in Sociology
• Crisis in Sociology
• Changing Family Values
• Culture, Modernity and Revolution
• Changing Suburbs
• Culture, Society and Sexuality
• Child Protection and Family Support
• Dying Process
• Children and the Changing Family
• Education Policy and Realist Social Theory
• Citizen Science
• Civil Society
• Community & Society
• Companion to Contemporary
Black British Culture
• Elites and Society
• Emotions in Social Life
• Essays on the Sociology of Culture
• Family & Social Change
SocINDEX with Full Text includes
547 full text books & monographs, including:
• Foundations of the Frankfurt School
of Social Research
• Gender, Health and Welfare
• Handbook of Separation and Divorce
• Homelessness and Social Policy
• Psychology for Social Workers
• Realism and Sociology
• Reflexive Historical Sociology
• Social Action With Children & Families
• Housing and Social Theory
• Social Construction of Man,
the State and War
• Human Rights as Social
• Social Constructivism and the
Philosophy of Science
• In Praise of Sociology
• Social Movements in Malaysia
• Key Quotations in Sociology
• Social Nature of Mental Illness
• Main Currents in Sociological Thought
• Social Partnership at Work
• New European Criminology
• Social Policy
• Practising Social Work
• Social Rage
• Property and Power in Social Theory
• Social Relations and Social Exclusion
SocINDEX with Full Text includes
547 full text books & monographs, including:
• Social Roles & Social Institutions
• Sociology and Development
• Social Security Reform in
Advanced Countries
• Sociology and Visual Representation
• Social Theory and the Global
• Social Theory, Social Change
and Social Work
• Social Work and Minorities
• Social Work and Social Care
• Social Work Business
• Social Work, Health and Equality
• Society, Action and Space
• Sociological Perspectives
on Modern Accountancy
• Sociological Research Methods
• Sociology Beyond Societies
• Sociology for Social Workers
and Probation Officers
• Sociology of Health Promotion
• Sociology of Leisure
• Sociology of Nationalism
• Sociology of Progress
• Sociology, Work and Industry
• Sociology: The Basics
• Subjection of Women
• Transforming Social Work Practice
• Women and Social Class
NOTE: EBSCO will provide MARC records for all full text books & monographs, so they may be loaded into the library’s catalog.
Coming Soon
Full Text for More Than 80 Social Work
Books/Monographs from Haworth Press
• Advancing Gerontological Social Work Education
• Advancing Social Work Practice in the Health Care Field: Emerging
Issues and New Perspectives
• African-American Social Workers and Social Policy
• An Introduction to Clinical Social Work Supervision
• Behavioral Social Work in Health Care Settings
• Bibliometrics in Social Work
• Co-Leadership in Social Work With Groups
• Collectivity in Social Group Work: Concept and Practice
• Community Economic Development and Social Work
• Critical Social Welfare Issues: Tools for
Social Work and Health Care Professionals
• Diagnosis in Social Work: New Imperatives
• Disability and Social Work Education: Practice and Policy Issues
• Disability Issues for Social Workers and Human Services
Professionals in the Twenty-First Century
• Ethics in Social Work: A Context of Caring
• Ethnicity and Gerontological Social Work
• Family Health Social Work Practice:
A Knowledge and Skills Casebook
• Family Systems Application to Social Work:
Training and Clinical Practice
• Feminist Theories and Social Work: Approaches and Applications
• Field Instruction in Social Work Settings
• Forensic Social Work: Legal Aspects of
Professional Practice, Second Edition
• Fundamentals of Perinatal Social Work:
A Guide for Clinical Practice with Women, Infants, and Families
• Geriatric Social Work Education
• Gerontological Social Work: International Perspectives
• Gerontological Social Work in Home Health Care
• Gerontological Social Work in Small Towns and Rural Communities
• Gerontological Social Work Practice: Issues, Challenges,
and Potential
• Gerontological Social Work Practice in Long-Term Care
• Gerontological Social Work Practice in the Community
• Gerontological Social Work Practice With Families:
A Guide to Practice Issues and Service Delivery
• Gerontological Social Work Supervision, Second Edition
• Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work
• Guide to Ethical Decisions and Actions for Social Service
Administrators: A Handbook for Managerial Personnel
• Handbook of Clinical Social Work Supervision, Third Edition
• Handbook of Social Work in Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse
• Immigrants and Social Work:
Thinking Beyond the Borders of the United States
• Infertility and Adoption: A Guide for Social Work Practice
• Occupational Social Work Today
• Principles of Social Work Practice: A Generic Practice Approach
• Professional Social Work Education and Health Care:
Challenges for the Future
• Progress in Behavioral Social Work
Coming Soon
Full Text for More Than 80 Social Work
Books/Monographs from Haworth Press
• Psychiatric Medication Issues for Social Workers,
Counselors, and Psychologists
• Social Work Administration in Health Care
• Social Work and Alzheimer's Disease
• Social Work and Child Sexual Abuse
• Social Work and Divinity
• Social Work and Genetics: A Guide to Practice
• Social Work and the Family Unit
• Social Work Approaches in Health and
Mental Health from Around the Globe
• Social Work Approaches to Conflict Resolution:
Making Fighting Obsolete
• Social Work Ethics on the Line
• Social Work Health and Mental Health:
Practice, Research and Programs
• Social Work in Health Care: A Guide to Professional Practice
• Social Work in Health Care: A Handbook for Practice
• Social Work in Health Settings: Practice in Context, Second Edition
• Social Work in Mental Health: Trends and Issues
• Social Work in Pediatrics
• Social Work in the Health Field: A Care Perspective, Second Edition
• Social Work Intervention in an Economic Crisis:
The River Communities Project
• Social Work Leadership in Healthcare: Director's Perspectives
• Social Work Practice: A Systems Approach, Second Edition
• Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care
Social Work Practice in Home Health Care
Social Work Practice in Sexual Problems
Social Work Practice in the Military
Social Work Practice with African American Families
Social Work Practice with Children and Families:
A Family Health Approach
Social Work Practice with the Asian American Elderly
Social Work Research with Minority and Oppressed Populations:
Methodological Issues and Innovations
Social Work Theory and Practice with the Terminally Ill,
Second Edition
Social Work Visions from Around the Globe:
Citizens, Methods, and Approaches
Social Work With Groups: Expanding Horizons
Social Work with Groups: Mining the Gold
Social Work with Groups: Social Justice Through Personal,
Community, and Societal Change
Social Work With Immigrants and Refugees
Social Work with Multicultural Youth
Social Work With Multi-Family Groups
The Social Work Student's Research Handbook
Translating Research into Oncology Social Work Practice
Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work
Treatment of Sex Offenders in Social Work
and Mental Health Settings
Women's Health and Social Work
SocINDEX & Academic Search:
Full Text Coverage Information
# indexed in
# FT
in ASC
# FT in ASC
# FT years
in ASC
# FT years in
ASC combined
Core Journals
Priority Journals
Selective Journals
Conference Papers
• FT = Full Text
• ASC = Academic Search Complete
• SIFT = SocINDEX with Full Text
Compared on July 27, 2006
Women’s Studies International
• Covers core disciplines to the latest scholarship
in feminist research
• Coverage includes over 574,490 records, from 1972 to present
• Nearly 800 sources include journals, newspapers, newsletters,
bulletins, dissertations, NGO studies, grey literature, web sites
and web documents, theses, etc.
• Over 2,000 periodical sources represented in the following files:
Women Studies Abstracts
Women Studies Bibliography Database
Women Studies Librarian
Women Studies of Color and Southern Women:
A Bibliography of Social Science Research
– And others…
Scientific & Technical
Biological Abstracts
CAB Abstracts
CAB Abstracts Archive
Computer Science Index
Computers & Applied
Sciences Complete
Environment Index
Environment Complete*
FSTA: Food Science &
Technology Abstracts*
GLHI (Garden, Landscape
& Horticulture Index)
• GLHC (Garden, Landscape
& Horticulture Complete)*
• GeoRef
• Inspec
• Inspec Archive –
Science Abstracts 1898-1968
• Science &
Technology Collection
• Scientific American
Online Archive
• Textile Technology Index (TTI)
• Wildlife & Ecology Studies
Worldwide (WESW)
* Coming Soon
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
• Indexing and abstracts for all active journals indexed in
Wilson’s Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
• Includes 100% of the following indexes:
– Computer Science Index
– Information Science & Technology Abstracts
– Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts
• Contains full text for approximately 500 periodicals
• Provides full text for nearly 100 journals not found in
Academic Search Premier (ASP) OR Business Source
Premier (BSP)
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
Full Text for Nearly 100 Journals Not Found in ASP or BSP
• Combustion Science & Technology
• Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory
• Computer Animation & Virtual Worlds
• IEE Proceedings -- Information Security
• Information Systems Frontiers International
• Journal of Computational Intelligence
• International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
• International Journal of Information Technology
• International Journal of Intelligent Systems
• International Journal of Intelligent Technology
• International Journal of Signal Processing
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
Full Text for Nearly 100 Journals Not Found in ASP or BSP
• International Journal on Software Tools for
Technology Transfer
• Journal of Bridge Engineering
• Journal of Cryptology
• Journal of Research & Practice
in Information Technology
• Journal of Robotic Systems
• Journal of Software Maintenance & Evolution:
Research & Practice
• Journal of Systems Science & Information
• Journal of Visualization & Computer Animation
• Knowledge & Information Systems
• Network: Computation in Neural Systems
• Personal & Ubiquitous Computing
Environment Index
• Formerly known as Environmental Knowledgebase OnLine
(created by the International Academy at Santa Barbara)
• More than 1,280,000 records from 1,200 domestic and international titles
going back to the 1950s (including 642 active core titles)
• Environment Index has an in-depth thesaurus
• Author profiles will be provided for 3,000 authors in the discipline
• Cheryl LaGuardia, The Head of Instructional Services at Harvard wrote the
following for Library Journal:
– “The combination of content, access, coverage and the thesaurus merits it a 10.”
– “The bottom line: EIPI [now called Environment Index] is highly recommended
for academic, special and research libraries serving a broad range of users.”
Environment Complete
• The new standard for research of the environment
June 2006
September 2007
Total # of FT Journals
in the Database
# of FT Journals NOT
available as FT in any
version of Academic Search
or Business Source
• Also includes full text of the Conference Papers of the
North American Association of Environmental Education
(which are unique to Environment Complete)
Environment Complete contains
83 full text books and monographs
not found in other EBSCO products, including:
Agricultural Pollution
Air Pollution
Building the Ecological City
Ecological Effects of Waste Water
Energy, Society & Environment
• Encyclopedia of World
Environmental History
• Environment & History
• Environment & Politics
• Environmental Aesthetics
• Environmental Change
• Environmental Education
in the 21st Century
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Management
& Governance
• Environmental Rights
• Environmental Risk Management
& Corporate Lending
• Environmental Risks & the Media
• Environmental
Toxicology Assessment
• Environmental Toxicology:
Current Developments
• Environmental Transitions
• Environmentalism
• Essentials of
Environmental Toxicology
• Fifty Key Thinkers on the Environment
Environment Complete contains
83 full text books and monographs
not found in other EBSCO products, including:
• Global Ecology
• Global Ethics & Environment
• History of Environmental
Economic Thought
• Institutions in
Environmental Management
• International Legal Protection
of Wild Fauna & Flora
• International Scrap & Recycling
Industry Handbook
• Local Environmental Sustainability
• Managing Environmental Pollution
• Managing Risks of Nitrates
to Humans & the Environment
• Marketing, Morality &
the Natural Environment
• Long-term Environmental Effects of
Offshore Oil & Gas Development
• Management of Hazardous
Substances in the Environment
• Timescales &
Environmental Change
• Transnational Environmental Policy
• Tropical Environments
• Modern Environmentalism
• Natural Environmental Change
• Pesticides: Developments,
Impacts & Controls
• Recent Advances in Environmentally
Compatible Polymers
Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index (GLHI)
• Topics include: horticulture, garden and landscape design, history,
botany, ecology, plant and garden conservation, garden management,
and horticultural therapy
• Special focus on environmentally sustainable horticultural and
design practices
• Wide range of coverage including general gardening titles of national,
international and regional interest, titles devoted to specialty gardens and
plant groups
• Periodicals of the major learned societies in horticulture, botany,
ecology, entomology, and plant pathology, and of many plant societies
and trade associations
• Commercial horticulture, landscaping, and retailing publications
are represented
GLHI Facts and Figures
• 393 total serials covered
– 318 core, and of those, 186 are
not indexed in any other database
– 76 priority, and of those, 45 are
not indexed in any other database
• 150,000+ records
• Updated monthly
Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Complete
will contain full text magazines, journals,
encyclopedias, handbooks, etc., including:
• Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology
• Concise Encyclopedia of Temperate Tree Fruit
• Handbook of Plant Virology
• Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding
and Related Subjects
• Glossary of Vital Terms for the Home Gardener
• Handbook of Formulas and Software for
Plant Geneticists and Breeders
• Handbook of Industrial Crops
• Handbook of Microbial Biofertilizers
Textile Technology Index (TTI)
• Formerly Textile Technology Digest first published in 1944 by the
Institute of Textile Technology
• Extensive coverage of the scientific and technological aspects of
textile production and processing; textile history; apparel, home
furnishings, flooring, and polymer industries
• Contains indexing and abstracting for over 440 periodical titles
and for thousands of titles drawn from sources such as books,
conferences, theses, technical reports and trade literature
1910 to present
World Textiles (Elsevier)
1970 to present
Textile Technology Complete (TTC)
• Contains 100% of Textile Technology Index, plus full text
• Provides full text for more than three dozen unique journals
(NOT available as full text in ASP or BSP), including:
– Journal of the Textile Institute (back to 1910)
– Textile History (back to 1969)
– Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture
• Includes full text for more than 125 unique monographs
(NOT available as full text in ASP or BSP, including:
Atlas of Fibre Fracture & Damage to Textiles
Handbook of Technical Textiles
Handbook of Textile Design
Handbook of Textile Fibres - Vol 1 Natural Fibres
Handbook of Textile Fibres - Vol 2 Man-Made Fibres
Handbook of Yarn Production
Planned for
release in
early 2007
Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide (WESW)
• World’s largest and most comprehensive index of literature
regarding mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians
• Contains 670,388 records from 1935 to present
with strong international coverage
• Anthology of 8 wildlife related database files, including:
– Wildlife Review Abstracts (464,000+ records)
• Major topic areas include studies of:
Habitat types
Individual Species
Wildlife Management
Wildlife behavior