Help Megan Return to Her Mother

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Transcript Help Megan Return to Her Mother

DOB 11/04/2012
Adopted without Parental Consent: 13/03/2014
Mother: Ellie Popova – Bulgaria – London
future emotional harm
mother’s assessment where she was
labelled to have “maladaptive sexual
scripts” by a non PHD expert of
behavioural analysis
So-called Experts
◦ Professor Jane Ireland
 At least 20% were not properly qualified.
 At least 20% strayed far beyond their field of experience.
 90% of the reports were written by ‘experts’ who were not
actually engaged in psychological practice.
 65% of the reports were ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ in quality.
◦ Family courts and how incompetent (but highly paid)
so-called experts are failing children
Foreigners are being targeted
◦ British parents suffer, too
◦ 1 child every 20 minutes is taken!
The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
is being violated routinely
◦ Foreign authorities are NOT being informed
by Social Services
◦ Policy does NOT prescribe informing foreign
Foreign authorities don’t know how to join
◦ 4% of children in care are adopted
Mind the gap:
◦ Between Rules and Realities
It’s Policy!
◦ John Hemming MP says so
◦ Austin Mitchell MP has it in writing
Hence the necessity for EU Policy:
◦ Bridging incompatible legal systems
Secret Family Courts
◦ No family / media / general public
No ‘equality of arms’
◦ Local Authorities get their way
Council of Europe Resolution
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
EU Convention of Human Rights
Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
UN Convention on Child Rights
Pressure on UK Government
◦ Commission
Children Screaming to be Heard
◦ International Workshop to Bridge Incompatible
Legal Systems in the European Economic Area
Social Media Exposure
European Court of Child Rights