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Probability is the study of random events.
The probability, or chance, that an event will happen can be
described by a number between 0 and 1:
•A probability of 0, or 0%, means the event has no chance of
•A probability of 1/2 , or 50%, means the event is just as likely
to happen as not to happen.
•A probability of 1, or 100%, means the event is certain to
For instance, the probability of a coin landing heads up is ½, or
50%, This means you would expect a coin to land “heads up”
half of the time.
You can represent the probability of an event by
marking it on a number line like this one
0 = 0%
50 – 50 Chance
½ , .5, 50%
1 = 100%
The language of probability includes:
•Experiment – a systematic investigation where the answer is unknown
•Trial – one specific instance of an experiment
•Outcome - the result of a single trial
•Event – a selected outcome, such as getting an 11 from rolling two dice
•Event Space/or Sample Space – the set of all possible outcomes of an experiment
Getting Started with Probability
To get an overview of probability, click on the
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Read through the examples and take the quiz at the
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