Welcome to Open House Kendall Keesling [email protected]

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Transcript Welcome to Open House Kendall Keesling [email protected]

Welcome to Open House!
Tritt….Proudly Energizing Our Future!
Kendall Keesling
[email protected]
All About Kendall
• Married for almost 20 years to Scott Keesling
• 2 children: Griffin is in 9th grade at Pope High School and Molly is
in 7th grade at Hightower.
• 13th year teaching (I stayed home for 8 to raise kids), 7th year at
• Emory University graduate with a BA in Psychology. Georgia State
graduate with Masters in Education.
• Born and raised in Georgia
• Enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with my family, exercising,
eating chocolate
• Excited about teaching your children and looking forward to
preparing them for a successful year in 2nd grade.
Our Classroom Environment
We are on an Energy Bus ride!
Respect and accountability
Develop responsible, confident, life-long learners
Emphasis on problem solving and working cooperatively with
• Morning Meetings facilitate successful peer relationships and
communication skills
• 22 students: 12 boys, 10 girls
• Inclusion class with para support.
Morning routine, prepare for day, morning meeting
Language Arts
Social Studies & Science
(Wednesday is Target day, Computer Lab
• Tardy bell rings at 7:55am
Instruction begins promptly after the morning announcements
Make-up work: Students have one school day for each excused
absence to make-up missed assignments.
• If you would like make-up work sent home with a sibling or left
in the front office for pick-up, please notify me by email or call
the front office by noon of that day.
• If you have a change in dismissal, it is Cobb County policy to
submit a written note with signature and date. No changes will
be accepted via email.
Agenda and Orange Communication Folder
• Orange Communication Folders will come home everyday with
agenda and homework. Papers that need immediate attention
will also be included. I will send graded papers on Thursdays.
• Agendas will have all homework written in them. Students will
have math most every night and 20 minutes of reading. Please
sign agenda every night after homework has been checked. It
is imperative that we work together to get the students into a
good homework routine.
Behavior Management
Tickets- Ticket spinner
Recording of tickets in planner on Fridays
Cookie Compliments
If there is a problem, I will contact you via
planner, email or call.
Homework, Blog and Emails
• Update Blog weekly (www.tritt.typepad.com/keesling)
• Subscribe to receive emails that blog has been
• Email address: [email protected]
Please be brief in emails. If you need to talk to one
of us in more detail let us know and we’ll call. I check email
in the morning, during planning (8:15-9) and after school.
I will get back with you as soon as we can. If for some
reason I don’t respond, PLEASE email again.
Everyone’s Favorite…Testing
• We have NONE! Woot Woot!
What Can You Do?
• You are one of the main ingredients to a successful
2nd grade year for your child.
• Communication is key.
• SUPPORT at home with homework is necessary.
• Your time volunteering enhances the curriculum and
makes the students’ 2nd grade experience meaningful.
From the Media Center
Introducing Cobb Digital Library
(formerly Cobb Virtual Library) and
it’s new location!
Now CCSD patrons can access ALL e-materials
for their school through the Cobb Digital Library!
It’s easy—just follow these simple steps:
1. Go to http://www.mackinvia.com
2. Choose Tritt from the list
3. User ID: trittes Password: tigers
You will now have access to the following
resources in ONE central location:
• School and district databases (World Book, PebbleGo,
BookFlix, Brainpop, etc)
• School and district eBooks (books you can read online)
• Destiny (your school library catalog)
• Cobb County Public Library
• GPB/United Streaming
• Atomic Learning
• Nettrekker
• …and so much more!
Questions? Email [email protected]
Tritt Elementary School
Tritt PTA organizes and funds a wide variety
of events, programs
and materials to help make Tritt the best!
Tritt PTA provides over 70% of the additional instructional materials our teachers use to enrich and
enhance the learning experiences of our students. Tritt PTA "Membership Matters" because helping our
students reach their highest potential is a goal we all share!
Tritt PTA's 2012-2013 Notable Expenses
While the Tritt PTA funds categories in addition to those listed below, we wanted to highlight some of our
most important expenditures.
Arts in Education Day
Clinic Supplies
Departmental Grants
Magazine Subscriptions
Paper and Copy Supplies
Planners, Folders & Agendas
PTA Common Core Grant
PTA Software/Misc Grant
PTA Teacher Grants
Screen on the Green
Tiger Publishing
$ 7,358.02
$ 500.00
$ 14,992.22
$ 4,715.22
$ 2,000.00
$ 2,000.00
$ 15,445.70
$ 22,000.00
$ 11,657.48
$ 3,430.46
$ 4,021.18
$ 88,120.28
Thursday Memo
If you have not already, please sign up
for the Thursday Memo at
The Tritt Tiger Foundation was established in 2001 by parents like you to fund
critical enrichment and educational opportunities for our school. It’s important
to understand that Tritt depends on the services/funding provided by both
organizations to meet the needs of our school as identified by our staff &
The TTF relies on parent donations to fund:
Our science and computer labs; equipment, supplies and teacher salaries.
Three iPad carts and 90+ iPads, as well as grade level apps that are used in the classroom.
Support of the new STEM initiative
The TTF also manages the FAST program which offers after school enrichment for your children.
A variety of classes are available, such as chess, martial arts and bricks 4 kidz. A portion of the
tuition goes to the TTF to fund the initiatives mentioned previously.
TTF Annual Campaign Has Begun!
We want to be the winning class in our grade.
The class in each grade with the highest percentage of participation will win an in-school
educational field trip (last year it was “Make Me A Magician”).
The contest ends August 30th. So, please make sure to turn in your pledge by then.
If you have a student in another classroom, you only need to complete one form and write one
All of the information is on the form, including the recommended donation per child and all of
the opportunities to win.
Pledge tonight and get one of those coveted car magnets without having to wait several weeks!
TTF volunteers are at the table at the front of the school to answer any questions you may
have. Look for the bright orange shirts.
Specialists Behavior Slips
-All specialists use same slips.
-If your child receives a behavior slip it will be
reflected on the Conduct portion of the
report card.
-Due to time constraints, behavior notes may
come home the following day.
Thank You for Coming Tonight!
Miscellaneous stuff…
• Don’t forget to check the volunteer sign up
sheets in the back. I would like a Guided Math
volunteer for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
• Birthday treats need to be cut before delivered.
• Please send a healthy snack everyday.
• Curriculum night is September 11th, 6-7pm.
• Questions?