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What is IB?
International Baccalaureate
Jurupa Hills High School
“A School of Intercultural Understanding and
Global Learning”
May 1, 2012
California Steel Industries sponsors our efforts to
form an IB program. We are seeking other
Two-year program that spans the eleventh and twelfth
grade years
Supplies the academic rigor to prepare students for the
best universities in the world
Assures that the students are not only excellent in the
academic sense, but that they are also good members of
the world community
HL vs. SL and Certificate vs. Diploma
Higher Level (HL)
Courses that require two years of study
Standard Level (SL)
Courses that require one year of study
Full Diploma students must engage in three HLs
Students can elect to take single classes (certificate), or the entire
program (Diploma)
Students may elect to take the SL test instead of the HL test
Extended Essay
• 4,000 word independent research paper
Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
• Service projects having students participate in a
variety of activities, including: music, drama,
athletics, and community service
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
• Course in which students study the base of critical
An IB diploma can be worth 30 quarter
units in the UC system!
An IB diploma can earn a student up to 45
quarter units at Stanford!
An IB diploma accounts for as many as 32
semester units at USC!
Know your student is getting challenging curricula that
makes the student learn globally
Know that the student is working with a large team of
teachers and community members
Curricula is regularly updated
Availability of regular parent meetings
Regular updates on www.JHills.org
We are authorized as an International Baccalaureate World
We currently have 46 students registered to seek the IB Diploma
for the next two years
We will be offering 9 courses in the six subject areas
Students have already been instructed in the EE and CAS
IB Learner Profile