Where did slaves come from?

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Transcript Where did slaves come from?

Life as a slave
Let's review
What is a slave?
What is a plantation?
Where did the idea for plantations come from?
**hint**: Think about William Hilton and Hilton Head Island
y did they need slaves?
The Declaration of Independence
"All men are created equal"
Did the English use slaves when they first came to
With indentured servants, why did they need slaves?
Where did slaves come from?
Let's learn some new vocabulary words before we learn
more about slavery!
Slave-A person owned by another person
Plantation-A large area of land where crops such as rice,
cotton, or indigo are grown
West Indies-String of islands below Florida including
Economy-The wealth (money) and resources of a country.
Contribution-Helping others
Resistance-To try not to do something
From Voices of Slave Children:
From Voices of Slave Children:
What questions do you have?
Exit slip: What questions would you like answered
about slavery?
What have we learned about slavery so far?
Turn and talk with the person sitting nearest to you.
Why did plantation owners need slaves?
Where did slaves come from?
Close your eyes and imagine that you have been taken to a
completely new land. You can't understand the language
and have no clue what is going on around you.
What would you do?
What have I learned about
slave life?
Do you think slaves always went along with what they were
supposed to do?
Slaves might rebel in many ways.
They could work slower, sabotage tools, or even run away.
Some slaves turned to violent such as the Stono Rebellion.
The effort to keep African traditions alive was a silent
Gullah is an example of this.
A mixture of African traditions and customs with American traditions and customs,
including language, music, arts and crafts, and certain foods.
More information about Gullah:
Slave Contributions
Foods from the Gullah culture:
Hoppin' John
fried foods like chicken
Music and
Listen to some spirituals slaves might have sung in
the 1800s. See if you can find their hidden meanings!
Arts and Crafts
Use your circle map and the information we have talked
about this week to write a letter.
You are pretending that you are a slave writing to a free
relative. Tell them about your daily life and culture.
Include as many specific details as you can!
Dear Tom,
My life on the Magnolia Plantation is terrible. I work all
day long in the fields only to come home to a little shack. My
brother was sold to another master yesterday. I fear I will
never see him again. Even though my life is hard, us slaves
stick together! We have invented a whole new culture called
Gullah. This helps us communicate with each other. I hope
one day I will be free like you.
Your Friend,
Ms. Simmons