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New Services!

Staff Employment (SE)

HR Manager Monthly Meeting February 1, 2012


New Staffing Services!

What’s Changed?

• Additional recruiting staff (and capacity) • Focus on types of jobs Stanford fills frequently o Administration, Finance, Development, Research • Standardized processes to accommodate volume

Why the Change?

• • Response to client feedback Recommendations of the HR Task Force of 2010 Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

Four Services: Advertise Find Candidates Screen Candidates Notify Candidates and Enter Data

Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

1) Advertising Positions automatically post to several popular websites. Standard advertising can be augmented to meet unique needs.

Jobs submitted through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) automatically post on these websites Additional advertisement options include:**

• • • • •* * Includes Diversity outreach.

Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting • • • • Job Boards (e.g., Craigslist, Career Builder, Dice, etc.) Niche websites Diversity Groups Social Networking (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) ** Local department is responsible for media fees.



New Staffing Services!

2) Finding Candidates Staff Employment seeks top talent through a variety of sources, including:

• Previous Searches - including finalist candidates • • Trovix Database - 150,000+ candidates External Databases - Craigslist, Indeed, CASE, HigherEd, and others • • Internet Research - all recruiters are AIRS trained Social Media - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, “Add This”, Social Job Matcher Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

3) Screening and Evaluating Candidates Staff Employment performs screening activities, enabling hiring managers to spend time interviewing only the most qualified candidates. Services include:

• • • Evaluating resumes Administering online screening Conducting initial telephone interviews Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

4) Notifying Candidates and Compliance Data Entry After helping you to fill your position, Staff Employment can also:

• Notify candidates that the position has been filled • Manage mandated candidate disposition data Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

Recruiting Team:

______________________ •

Rosemary Bracy *

Janina Dong

Ingrid Hartmann *Lead Schools

Graduate School of Business

School of Earth Sciences

School of Education

School of Engineering

School of Humanities & Sciences

School of Law

School of Medicine

Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012


New Staffing Services!

Recruiting Team:

________________ •

Carmen Jacinto*

Nicanor Jasso

Lindsey Gauci * Lead

Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting

University & Business Units

 Athletics  Business Affairs  Dean of Research  Development, Alumni, Public Aff.

 Hoover Institution  President, Provost  Stanford Management Company  University Libraries  VP for Undergraduate Education 02/01/2012


What’s New! Staffing Services

How to Access Services:

Website –

Email – [email protected]


Schools Rosemary Bracy - (650) 723-4225 [email protected]


University & Business Units – Carmen Jacinto - (650) 736-8343 [email protected]

Staff Employment (SE) – HRM Meeting 02/01/2012