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The Group of
Our company is represented by a creative staff of specialists in
areas of Ukrainian pharmacy and medicine who offer a qualitative
and various range of services.
It consists of more than 600 people today.
Honesty, reliability, knowledge, professionalism and mutual respect
to every employee will always stay their main principles in the work
with all companions.
The Group will have its anniversary this year as it has been acting
for 15 years already.
Our central office and storage facilities are located in Kharkov. There
are nearly 10 companies providing various activities with their offices
situated in Kiev, Moscow, Donetsk and Kharkov. All of them are
united by one mutual target: care about people’s health.
The main direction among all company’s activities is the wholesale
of medications to domestic and foreign manufacturers as well as
supplies of substances, industrial and laboratory equipment for the
pharmaceutical fabrication.
There are world leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical raw
materials, process and laboratory equipment among our partners.
“Ametrin” Ltd.
The Delivery Department:
supplies of substances and
The “Yaroslavna” Factory
The diagnostic means &
chemical agent
The group of
“Crystal” Ltd.
“TOUR-Market” Ltd.
“Medtechnics” Ltd.
“Apteka-450” Ltd.
The Center
of Medical Technics
Affords services for supplies of:
 pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry equipment;
 substances and medical disposables for pharmaceutical
 analytical, laboratory equipment and medical disposables for
research and analytical laboratories.
Specialists of the Department will meet all your requirements and
needs and they can offer a more preferable combination of quality
and price to you.
This Department delivers:
 chemicals;
 diagnostic batches;
 laboratory tableware;
 medical disposables;
 accessories for laboratories.
It also offers a whole range of products under the trade mark
This is a scientific production association manufacturing suits and
test-systems for a immuno-enzymatic analysis.
Latex-tests, diagnosticums, vacuum systems, dosers, microscopes
and other products are among its proposals.
You may believe these proposals are above your expectations.
Stomatological installations under the brand "GRANUM" became
leaders of the commerce in 2008.
The “MedTechnics” company
provides such services as
supply of medical, diagnostic
and laboratory technologies to
patient care Institutions and
medical centers
the managers will help you
equip a dental room in full,
provide it with all necessary
implements and dental
materials including working
The Center of Medical Technics
service activities, guarantee
and after-guarantee
renovation of medical and
diagnostic equipment are
provided by highly qualified
disinfection chambers
produced by the Center are
worth being particularly
The “Crystal” company offers services for washing and cleaning
working clothes for medical-prophylactic institutions, kindergartens
and hotels.
To purchase these clothes you may address the “Yaroslavna”
Factory as it specializes in sewing furnishing and working clothes.
Individual and special orders are also fulfilled at a high level.
 It should be noted that the Factory has an extra direction in its
activity called natural silk paintings using the “batik” technique
 It combines a unique technology, handicraft and exclusive
products as an outcome
The “Tour-Market” company cooperates with the largest
sanatoriums and health resorts of Ukraine. You can find an
appropriate voucher or choose any kind of rest in best Ukrainian
traditions among their suggestions.
Concerning “Apteka-450”, we must admit it could become an
excellent testing polygon for you to dispose your new
About the company
it cooperates with all
Ukrainian regions with
maximal sells in Kharkov,
Donetsk and Poltava
more than 800 drug-stores
and networks, the majority
of domestic manufacturers,
foreign companies are
among its partners
the staff of the company
comprises about 80
professionals with higher
and special education
Major areas of its activities are
wholesale of medications, disinfectants,
medical disposables and products
including VAT
selling medical working clothes and
all-inclusive services for budgetary
registration services and promotion of
medicines on the Ukrainian territory
putting up advertising and information
about production on the price lists and
on the corporate web-site
A professional service of the Sales Department. Its managers
provide their clients with an efficient cooperation ranging from the
reception of an application to its delivery.
A qualitative and rapid assemble of applications by the Storage
Department. It works round-the-clock to your benefit.
On-time delivery due to our autopark which has more than 30
A wide range of names on the price-lists as well as useful and
reliable information which is updated permanently and issued
every month.
An exclusive production under the brand “МалышОК!” which
provides you with a wide range of goods for children.
The hot-line on the country’s territory for free. We guarantee a
sufficient help of our specialists covering all the questions you are
interested in.
Our motto is not a mere reflection of reality but it serves as a
constant stimulus to improve and to learn permanently.
We aim at leading in offers and services so that the quality of our
proposals is constantly improving.
We care about people’s health! We value every client
and we’ll be glad to see you in a capacity of Our partner!
Apteka-95 Pharmaceutical Firm Ltd.
Yurjevskaya Street , 17., Kharkov, 61050, Ukraine
Tel./Fax: +38 (057) 714-06-03, 758-99-15 (16,17)