Flotsam and Jetsam

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Flotsam and Jetsam
Flotsam and Jetsam
• Flotsam is cargo that falls off a ship.
• Jetsam is cargo that the crew throws off a ship.
• Why might a cargo ship drop or dump its cargo?
Onboard fires
Famous Spills
Nike Spill
Tub Toy Spill
Lego Spill
Hockey Glove Spill
Deadly and Dangerous Spills
The Nike Spill
• In 1990 during a storm, the Hansa Carrier, spilled
21 containers with 80,000 Nike shoes and work
boots off the coast of Alaska.
• Over the next few years shoes washed ashore in
Canada, Hawaii, Taiwan, China, Japan, and
• The shoes were floating in the North Pacific Gyre.
• Most of the left shoes ended up in a different
location from the right shoes.
The Tub Toy Spill
• In 1992, 29,000 plastic turtles, ducks, beavers,
and frogs spilled into the North Pacific.
• The toys floated North toward Alaska. Many
made it to the Arctic ocean and on currents
taking it around North America to the East
Coast of the United States.
The Lego Spill
• In 1997, a powerful wave hit the Tokio Express,
near England. 62 containers fell overboard.
• 5 million Lego pieces spilled into the ocean.
• Many pieces washed up in England but some
floated into the Atlantic Gyre and reached
• Many pieces are still floating and are making
there way through the Artic Ocean and around to
Alaska and California.
The Hockey Glove Spill
• In 1997, the Hyundai Seattle, was sailing
through a fierce storm.
• The engine room caught fire and the crew
abandoned ship.
• Although the ship did not sink, much of its
cargo spilled over the side.
• Much of the Hockey equipment washed up in
Washington and California and finally Hawaii.
Deadly and Dangerous
• In 1997 the Santa Clara spilled 21 containers
into the water near New Jersey.
• 4 of the containers were filled with Arsenic
poison! Enough to poison half the United
• The government spent $4 million dollars to
recover the containers…none of which opened
into the ocean.
Flotsam and Jetsam Activity
• Managers: You will collect 2 items that have
fallen off a cargo ship.
• As a team you must analyze your flotsam and
trace the currents your items travelled on.
• As a team, complete the worksheet.
• Supervisors: Make sure your group stays on
task and everyone participates!