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In 2011, approximately 21,800
sexual assaults were reported in
Canada, which accounts for only
8% of the actual number of sexual
assaults…that’s almost 1,400 per
One of every 17 Canadian women is
sexually assaulted at some point in
her life.
A woman is sexually assaulted by
forced intercourse every 17 minutes
in Canada.
Girls and young women between
the ages of 15-24 are the most
likely victims of sexual assault.
70% of sexual assaults are
committed by a perpetrator who
knows the victim (relative, friend,
neighbour, colleague, or other
80% of assaults happen in the
victim's home.
Approximately one half of all
sexual assaults occur on dates.
62% of victims are physically
injured in the attack; 9% are beaten
severely or disfigured.
49% of women who are sexually
assaulted are attacked in broad
21% of reported sexual assaults
involve date rape drugs.
24% of Canadian women have been
forced into sexual activity by threat,
by being held down, or by being
hurt in some way.
60% of sexual assault victims had
experienced more than one sexual
22% of sexual assaults involved a
In more than 40% of incidents of
violence against women, the
attacker was drinking.
…women who used no method of self-defense had
a 20% chance of escape.
…women who used one method of self-defense
had a 60-65% chance of escape.
…women who used two methods of self-defense
had an 80% chance of escape.
…70% of women who fought back against a
stranger’s sexual assault prevented it.
…when attacked, women who ran, yelled, or used
physical force avoided the sexual assault.