Using free open-source tools for surveys in vulnerable communities

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Transcript Using free open-source tools for surveys in vulnerable communities

Using free
opensource tools to
conduct surveys in
About the Company
Image-AD is privately own ICT company which
specializes in web applications, desktop applications,
mobile wireless technologies and their integration
with corporate systems
to be the preferred "mobile enabling"
technology solutions provider
mSurvey is based on opensource
tools Open Data Kit (ODK), it is a
suite of tools that allows data
collection using mobile devices and
data submission to an online
server, even without an Internet
connection or mobile carrier
service at the time of data
xForms are compactible with feature and smart phones
The process
1. List questions
2. Design Questionaire
An officer list the
questions a survey
may consist with
other data types such
as Pictures, GPS,
Audio, etc
3. Download forms
Enumerators download
the survey form
remotely using Survey
Collect app on their
android phone.
The officer designs the forms with
xForm designer with good controls
and features, in an electronic
survey form.
Access rights and controls are
then assigned by officer.
4. View data on server
The officer manages and
conducts analysis of the data
collected or export the data to
external systems like Google
Fusion Tables or ArcGis for
further analysis and sharing
xForms Designer
The xForm designer is used to design
surveys that run in the mobile
application for Android devices.
Form Elements
- Input text
- numerical input
- multi-select
- single-select
- bar-codes
- Images
- Audio
- Pictures
- geo-location with GPS
mSurvey Collect
mSurvey Collect allows you to use the
forms designed to be downloaded on
your mobile devices, the forms are in a
sequence of input prompts that apply
forms logic.
- Save form at any point
- Collect data in offline mode
- Supports phone and tablets
- Data can be exported from SD card
Pros and Cons
- Easy to use for surveys
- Low cost of implementation
- Runs on android and java
- Works in offline and online mode
- Export data in different formats
- It’s not well support
- Extra cost to customize
- Database do not relate with each other
Our customization
We provide customization of the ODK for use in any sector. We integrate with our
proprietary MAST framework to give additional functionalities.
Additional features
Setup on free cloud servers
Send SMS from server
Send Voice Messages from
Conduct custom reports
Create relationship with
other surveys
Connect with other API for
additional datasource
Customize for use in any
Hands on training
Contact Person
Tel: +233264384557
Email: [email protected]
Skype: image-ad