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Intelligent Document Capture

Ian Pope, VP, EMEA [email protected]

Fast Facts


Founded 2010, product shipped Feb 2011, 28 employees


Executive staff has 80+ years direct capture experience

Sales Channel Business Model

Partner model: 85 approved partners in 16 countries Open Source model: Subscription for Enterprise Edition; Free for Community (10K+ users in 35 countries)

Cloud-Ready Customers

Can be used On-premise or as SaaS on Ephesoft’s Cloud Throughout the World, including Spain, UK, USA, NL, Austria, South Africa, Australia, Italy ………………

Product Overview

• • • • •

Capture (scan or Import) Automatic Classification & Separation Data extraction Validation Export (CMIS, XML, etc)

Technology stack

• • • • • 100% thin client, 3 tier architecture Leveraging open source tools on the JAVA platform Lucene, Hibernate, Tomcat/JBOSS, MySQL/SQL Express, Tesseract Recostar Professional OCR (OpenText) for Enterprise Edition TWAIN scanner drivers; CMIS import and export

Ephesoft Solution


1. Identifies the categories 2. Learns from samples 3. Classifies incoming documents and extract data 4. Outputs metadata to start business process flow

Some Sample Use Cases

Mortgage/Loan Processing - Requires accurate document ID among similar forms & data extraction.

Insurance Forms Processing – Signed forms required to purchase insurance policy or start claims.

General Mailroom – All document types come into Mailroom/Postroom – need to be quickly classified/separated and delivered electronically to desk top.

HR – Process applications/CV’s/Employee Records – Needs to be Secure.

Government – Wide variety of docs – Improve response times – Case Management – Records Management.

Use Case Accounts Payable

• • • •

Ephesoft identifies vendors, & verifies addresses Ensures vendor, product, quantities, and pricing is accurate Table/line-item extraction Integrates with ERP system:

o o o Example is eReplacementParts.com

Ephesoft selected due to low cost with full capabilities, ease of implementation, and ability to scale Solution saves 100’s of accounting labour hours/month, improves accuracy over manual entry, enables capture of early payment discounts, and eliminates physical storage

Some Customers!

What Others Are Saying About Us

“The most innovative company in Capture.”

- Ralph Gammon, editor of Document Imaging Report

“Ephesoft will shake up the industry.”

- Harvey Spencer, HAS Associates

A needed addition to the CMIS community” - CMIS Committee

• http://www.realstorygroup.com/vendormap/ • Great reviews from 500+ buyers of the Ephesoft book http://www.packtpub.com/intelligent-document-capture-with-ephesoft/book

How Is Ephesoft Different?

Old Way

High initial license cost; system could cost $$$

Ephesoft Way

Zero initial license; low subscription cost Priced by images & users Proprietary-Vendor Lock-in Fortune 1000 70% Thick Client 30% Thin Client Runs only on Windows Commercial OCR No Web Service APIs No limits on images and users Open Source / Open Standards (Lower Risks) Fortune 50,000 100% Thin Client On-premises or SaaS (Cloud ready) Runs on Windows and Linux Commercial & Free OCR Only Capture Company with Web API’s

Ephesoft Inc.

EMEA office – London Ian Pope, VP Sales & Marketing 44 (0) 7411 461804 [email protected]