Who Moved My Cheese? By: Spencer Johnson, M.D.

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Transcript Who Moved My Cheese? By: Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Who Moved My Cheese?
SUMMARY – Who Moved My Cheese?
 The book is a story about four characters who live in
a “maze” and are on a search to find “cheese”.
 The “maze” represents where one works, one’s
family, or the community where one lives.
 The “cheese” represents what one wants in life; a
good job, relationships, money, health, ect.
Summary – Who Moved My Cheese?
 Sniff -- A mouse that sniffs out the situation.
 Scurry – A mouse that scurries into action.
 Hem – A little person that is comfortable in life and
resist change.
 Haw – A little person that eventually lets go and
trust what lies ahead.
Summary – Who Moved My Cheese?
 Sniff and Scurry are two mice that use trial and error
to work their way around the “maze” on their quest
for “cheese”.
 Though Sniff and Scurry are not as smart or as
complex as Hem and Haw they keep things simple,
don’t over analyze, and change with change.
 Hem and Haw are two little people that are much
smarter and more advanced than the two mice.
 However, Hem and Haw are comfortable with their
life and are afraid of change.
Summary – Who Moved My Cheese?
 Sniff and Scurry keep moving. When their “cheese”
runs out they are quick to react and find new
 Haw eventually overcomes his fears and gets out of
his comfort zone and moves forward, changing with
change, looking for new “cheese”, and becoming
 Hem never overcomes his fears and never gets out of
his comfort zone. He becomes arrogant and
complacent, and once his “cheese” runs out doesn’t
look for new “cheese”.
Summary – Who Moved My Cheese?
 The book illustrates that we must all be open to the
idea of change.
 We must not get too comfortable where we are,
because one day, the “cheese” may be gone.
 Continuing to plan ahead and constantly looking for
new “cheese” in our own “mazes” allows us to adapt
and to grow.
Effective Communication
 Team Work
 Sniff
and Scurry display team work in their quest to
find “cheese”.
 They work together. Sniff, “sniffed ahead” and Scurry,
“scurried ahead” looking for “cheese”.
 Their effective team work allowed them to stay on the
 In order to work effectively together the two of them
had to communicate well with each other.
 Hem and Haw did not work together.
Effective Communication
 Listening
 Sniff
and Scurry demonstrated how important it is to
listen to each other.
 By listening to each other they were able to navigate the
“maze” and find “cheese”.
 Hem demonstrated how not to listen.
 Hem would not listen to Haw when Haw was trying to
get him to move forward.
Effective Communication
 Motivate
 Haw
used motivational quotes to communicate with
not only others but himself.
 His quotes kept him focused on changing with change.
 His quotes were also left for Hem, incase he decided to
join the journey.
Effective Communication
 Imagination -- Creativity
 Spencer
Johnson, the author, used his imagination in
creating these characters, the “maze”, and the “cheese”.
 His ability to use his imagination and creativity was an
effective communication tool.
 If the book had been about four ordinary people, the
book would not of had the same effect.
How Can I Use Communication At Work
 Team Work
 Teachers
should communicate effectively and
collaborate with each other.
 Being able to take positives from others and getting rid
of my negatives will make me a better teacher.
 To collaborate with others I will have to communicate
effectively and work well with others.
How Can I Use Communication At Work
 Listen
 If
teachers will listen to each other they can become
better educators.
 If I will listen to other teachers I may find new and
better ways to do things.
 If I will listen to other teachers I may learn from their
mistakes and successes.
How Can I Use Communication At Work?
 Motivate
 Motivation
is a powerful communication tool.
 Teachers should motivate their students to excell.
 If I can motivate my students to go the extra mile and
reach toward or beyond their goals, I will be a better
How Can I Use Communication at Work
 Imagination – Creativity
 If
teachers will use their imagination and creativity they
may reach students that they normally would not reach.
 Spencer Johnson reached me because of his
imagination and creativity.
 If I can do the same with my students I will be a better
Action Steps
 Accept Change
Teachers should realize if they are not changing and looking to get
better they will get comfortable and be left behind the times.
 Adapt
Teachers should adapt to the times, their students, and coworkers.
 Change
Don’t be afraid to change. Change is a good thing. Make the most
of it.
 Enjoy Change
Change will be what you make.