3-2 The Age of Jackson

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Transcript 3-2 The Age of Jackson

U.S. History
Chapter 3 – The Growth of a Young Nation
3-2 The Age of Jackson
The Age of Jackson
CA Standards:
11.2 Know the effects of industrialization...
•Describe the regional economic differences
in the early United States
• Summarize tensions between national and sectional interests.
• Examine the crucial issues and events of Andrew Jackson’s
• Identify the presidents that followed Jackson and the challenge
they faced.
Write definition of Terms &
Names found on page 130 of
Read pages 130 - 138
The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st
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The Age of Jackson
Main Idea
During a time of growing sectionalism, Andrew
Jackson’s election in 1828 ushered in a new era of
popular democracy.
The Age of Jackson
Why It Matters Now
Jackson’s use of presidential powers laid the
foundation for the modern presidency.
The Age of Jackson
Terms & Names page 120
 Henry Clay
 American System
 John C. Calhoun
 Missouri Compromise
 Andrew Jackson
 Jacksonian Democracy
Trail of Tears
John Tyler
John Q. Adams
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
The Age of Jackson
Read Pages 37 & 38
Reading Study Guide
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
1. How did the Industrial Revolution affect each
• Manufacturing increased in the North. The Cotton
Gin increased cotton production in the South.
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
2. What government actions helped to unify the nation?
• Henry Clay’s American System, the Erie Canal, and the
Missouri Compromise helped unify the nation.
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
3. What change in voting laws helped Jackson win the
election of 1828?
• Most states eased property requirements for voting –
allowing many common people to vote.
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
4. What is the spoils system?
• The spoils system is when politicians give jobs to their
friends and supporters after winning an election.
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
5. Name three major issues of Jackson’s presidency?
• The Indian Removal Act
• The Nullification Crisis
• President Jackson destroyed the National Bank
Notes: 3-2 Guided Reading
6. How did Jackson’s actions cause economic
problems during Van Buren’s presidency?
• Bank failures from Jackson’s war on the National Bank
contributed to the “Panic of 1837”, which hurt Van
Buren’s presidency.
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