A-G Subject Requirements:Jeopardy

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The Topic For Today Is…
A-G Requirements!
Validations &
Bonus Question: 5000 Points
Requirements: 200
• Question:
How many years of History/Social Science courses
are students required to complete in order to
meet the A-G Admission Requirement at most
• Answer:
Students must complete at least two years of
history/social science, which include one year of
world history, cultures and geography and one
year of U.S history.
Requirements: 400
• Question:
What is the minimum letter grade a student
must receive in an A-G course in order to meet
the A-G Admission Requirement at most
• Answer:
A student must receive a grade of “C” or
better in all A-G courses.
Requirements: 600
• Question:
How many years of Math are students
recommended to take?
• Answer:
Students are recommended to complete 4 years
of college-preparatory mathematics that include
the topics covered in elementary and advanced
Algebra and two- and three- dimensional
Requirements: 800
• Question:
What does each A-G letter represent?
• Answer:
A: Social Science, B: English, C: Mathematics,
D: Laboratory Science, E: Language other than
English, F: Visual and Performing Arts, G:
College Preparatory Elective
Requirements: 1000
• Question:
How many years of History, English, Math, Lab Science,
Language other than English, Visual and Performing
Arts are students required to complete of each subject
in order to meet the A-G Admission Requirement at
most universities?
• Answer:
Students must complete 2 years of History, 4 years of
English, 3 years of Math, 2 years of Lab Science, 2 years
of Language other than English, 1 year of Visual and
Performing Arts, 1 year of an elective.
Validations & GPAs: 200
• Question:
Are all courses completed in high school used for
the CSU/UC GPA calculation?
• Answer:
No, only A-G courses completed from the
summer before the sophomore year up to the
classes completed in the summer following the
junior year will be used to calculate the initial
Validations & GPAs : 400
• Question:
Which A-G course grades are not calculated in
the initial CSU/UC admissions GPA?
• Answer:
Grades earned in A-G classes completed in
middle school, the 9th grade, and the 12th
grade are not factored into the initial GPA
Validations & GPAs : 600
• Question:
What is the benefit of A-G validations?
• Answer:
Validations allow students to receive credit toward the
CSU/UC A-G admission requirement for specific A-G
classes completed with a “D.” To receive the validation
for these specific A-G classes, a student must receive a
“C” or better in the second semester or in a higher
level class. Ask your counselor or Cal-SOAP advisor for
more details.
Validations & GPAs : 800
• Question:
A student earned a “D” in Algebra 1, “C” in
Geometry, and “B” in Algebra 2. Has this student
met the CSU/UC A-G eligibility requirement for
the Math component?
• Answer:
Yes. According to the validation rule, a “C” or
better received in Algebra 2 will validate a lower
letter grade in Algebra 1.
Validations & GPAs : 1000
• Question:
What is the chemistry validation rule for the
CSU and the UC?
• Answer:
The CSU will allow a second semester grade of
“C” or better to validate a first semester grade
of “D”. The UC will not allow a chemistry
Honors: 200
• Question:
How can students boost their GPA and earn
extra points?
• Answer:
Students can boost their GPA and earn extra
points by completing A-G approved honors,
AP, and IB classes with a “C” or better.
Honors: 400
• Question:
Does receiving a “D” in an AP or honors course
allow for extra points in the student’s GPA
• Answer:
No, a grade of a “C” or better must be
obtained in order to receive extra points
towards a student’s GPA.
Honors: 600
• Question:
Which of the following best describe
International Baccalaureate classes?
A: They’re social science classes
B: They’re honor’s level classes
C: They’re classes for English Language Learners
• Answer:
International Baccalaureate classes are honor’s
level classes.
Honors: 800
• Question:
Does passing an AP course or passing an AP
exam guarantee college credit?
• Answer:
No, you must check with the university to see
what their requirements are for accepting AP
courses for college credit.
Honors : 1000
• Question:
Do all honors courses give a student extra points
towards their GPA calculation?
• Answer:
No, only classes designated as A-G approved
honors classes are eligible for extra points
towards the GPA. Refer to the UC Doorways
website to see which honors courses are
approved at your high school.
Practice: 200
• Question:
If Ally took one year of world history and one
year of US history along with 4 years of English
is she A-G eligible for the A (history) and B
(English) requirement?
• Answer:
Yes, she is A-G eligible for the A and B subject
Practice: 400
• Question:
If Nicole took AP Spanish, AP Literature, AP
Calculus, AP US History, and Honors Chemistry,
how many honors points can she receive towards
her GPA?
• Answer:
Although all courses are validated for AP and
honors extra points, Nicole can only receive 8
points towards her GPA calculation.
Practice: 600
• Question:
If Kevin took 1 year of French and 1 year of
Spanish, has he completed the E category
(Language other than English) of the A-G subject
• Answer:
No, the E category can only be fulfilled by taking
two years of the same language.
Practice: 800
• Question:
How many different classes can Sam take to make
up for the “D” she received in the second
semester of Algebra 1?
• Answer:
She can take ? classes; she can retake Algebra 1
or she can take Algebra 2, trigonometry, math
analysis, pre-calculus, calculus, or statistics.
Practice: 1000
• Question:
Maya received a “D” in her high school Spanish
Literature class and a “C” in the Spanish Literature class
she took at the local community college. Will the
highest grade be used in her CSU/UC GPA calculation
or will both grades be used?
• Answer:
Both grades will be used to calculate her GPA. If she
had retaken the same Spanish Literature class at her
high school, only the highest grade would be used to
calculate her GPA.
Miscellaneous: 200
• Question:
How many extra grade points can you earn
from passing approved honors, AP, and IB
classes with a “C” or better?
• Answer:
You can earn a maximum of 8 points from
passing approved honors, AP, and IB classes
with a “C” or better.
Miscellaneous : 400
• Question:
If a class is required for high school
graduation, is it an A-G requirement as well?
• Answer:
No, the classes that you need to graduate
from high school do not necessarily meet the
A-G Subject Requirements (for example,
Physical Education).
Miscellaneous : 600
• Question:
Where can I find out if the courses I am taking
are A-G eligible?
• Answer:
Course listings can be found at the UC
Doorways website:
Miscellaneous : 800
• Question:
How many times can a course be repeated?
• Answer:
If applying to a University of California (UC) a
course can only be repeated once but if
applying to a California State University (CSU)
it can be repeated as many times as necessary.
Miscellaneous : 1000
• Question:
Does a repeated course allow for
improvements in my GPA?
• Answer:
Yes, but a course can only be repeated if a
grade lower than a “C” was received. The best
grade will be used in the GPA calculation
Bonus Question: 5000
• Question:
What is the rationale of the A-G requirements? List 4 points.
• Answer:
1. To ensure students can participate fully in the first year
program at the university in a broad variety of fields of
2. To prepare students for courses, majors and programs
offered at the university.
3. To offer students a body of knowledge that will provide
breath and perspective to new, more advanced studies.
4. To instill students with essential critical thinking and study