Grad scholarship mini powerpoint 2014

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Scholarship applications
Apply for Post-Secondary
• Most university and
college websites are
open for applications at
the beginning of October.
Early application
deadlines are usually the
end of February.
• Make sure you have the
pre-requisite courses for
your desired program.
Is there an easier way to apply to multiple BC
•Most of BC’s universities, colleges and institutions will
accept or require application through this internet
application-for-admission service.
Need to have the following:
CREDIT CARD # (name of card/full name on card/exp date)
Various Ways to Pay for Post-Secondary
Personal Savings -parent/student
Passport to Education
Provincial Exam Scholarships
District/Dogwood Scholarships
Other Scholarships and Bursaries
BC/Canada Student Loan Program
Co-op Programs
Passport to Education
*Phasing out!
Gr. 10 $250 end in 2013-14
Gr. 11 $250 end in 2014-15
Gr. 12 $500 end in 2015-16
Total Possible award $1000
• There are limited number of awards given by the Ministry
of Education each year (approx. 60 per grade)
• Course marks will be the determining factor for recipients
• Same process for redeeming $ at post-sec institutions as
What about Exam Scholarships?
• Scholarships will now be allocated to students
who score well on a combination of their
grade 10, 11 and 12 required exams.
How do I Redeem my Passport?
• Passport stamps are awarded at the end of
each school year.
• At the end of grade 12, a passport book will be
given to the awarded students.
• Use the passport at approved BC Institutions
to pay directly for tuition. Passports can be
used for vaiours programs including trades;
programs must be at least 10 hours/week for
at least 3 weeks
What If I am Attending a Program
Outside of BC?
• Passport to Education can be used at
approved programs outside of BC
• Students must pay for the tuition upfront,
thens end in the passport, receipt of tuition
paid and your SIN number to the Ministry of
• A cheque will be issued to the student
Provincial Exam Scholarships
• 5000 awards of $1000 awarded
by the Min of Ed for excellence on
provincial exams
• Must pass one of the required
language classes (Eng 12 or Com
12) with at least a “B” final
blended mark
• Must achieve 86% or higher on at
least1 provincial exam, and at
least 3 “B”s on four other
provincial exams (10-12 exams)
If the student ranks among the
top 20 exam scholarship students
in the province, students will
receive $2500
Students who score 100% on an
exam will receive an Academic
Medal of Excellence
List of Required Exams:
• English 10
• Foundations of Math 10 or
Apprenticeship & Workplace
Math 10
• Science 10 or Sciences 10
• Social Studies 11, Civics 11,
Sciences Humaines 11 or First
Nations 12
• English 12 or Communications
 Been registered in a Secondary School
Apprenticeship Program
 Graduated with a Gr. 12 Dogwood Diploma
or Adult Dogwood
 Successfully completed SSA 11A, 11B, 12A,
 Maintained a C+ average or better on Gr. 12
 Continued work or training full time in the trade 5
months after secondary school graduation (or have
1100 hours reported to Industry Training Authority).
District/Dogwood Awards
• $1000 awarded to grade 12
students who excel in
applied skills, languages,
athletics, community
leadership or fine arts
• Students present skills to a
local scholarship committee
who determine award
winners based on a set
• 20+ awards are available to
SAS each year
Please note:
• Students can win both a
provincial exam scholarship
and a district scholarship
• Presentations will meet
presentation requirements
for Grad Transitions
• Community donated money
• Criteria varies by donor
• School committee assesses applications on community criteria
and school ranking
• School ranking based on overall % average + academic course
load, specific marks in academic courses, overall course load,
extra-curricular involvement
• Some scholarship donors choose their own winners from those
who fit criteria
• Applications available online in April
University/College Marks Based
Entrance Scholarships
• Based on % average of courses required for
entrance into program of choice
• Scholarships awarded automatically based on
% average
• Minimum average around 85%
University Major Entrance Scholarships
• Based on overall %
average and extra
curricular activities
• Often require personal
essay, and references
• Some top awards need
nomination from our
• Some entrance
scholarships are
awarded automatically
to students with high
academic averages –
averages vary with each
institution, check
websites for details
• Remember you must
apply to the institution
to be considered for the
UBC Major Entrance Scholarships due to UBC December 10th!
Awards that Require a Nomination:
Ambassadors’ Entrance Scholarship
Board of Governor’s Scholarship
Community Service Scholarship
Leadership Scholarship
President’s Entrance Scholarship
Awards that require a nomination
• Okanagan College President’s Entrance
• Schulich Leader Scholarship
• Loran Award
• Various Post-Secondary Institutions
How do I get Nominated for these
• A meeting must be held by the school where
students find out how to become nominated.
• A committee determines who will be selected
• The committee forwards the nomination to
the institution providing the award
• Typically, the nominee is required to fill out an
application, write an essay, provide references
Getting Effective References
• Supply references
• Choose references
with a Student
that can speak to
Activity sheet
your best qualities
• Give references
• Give references the
ample time to
contact info for the
• Feel free to ask for
specific information
• Give references the
in your reference
criteria for the award
Student Activity Sheet
• Student Activity
Sheets are forms in
the Career Centre
and online
• They outline your
activities, work
history, and interests
• Fill one out, then
keep a COPY.
• Give to referees
Effective References
• Show references
the link on the SAS
website for tips on
how to write a
reference letter
What About Bursaries?
• Bursaries are monetary awards based on financial
• Administered by post secondary institutions- check
on-line for applications and details
• % Average and extra curricular are still considered
• Will be required to submit documentation of family
• Info and applications are usually found on
college/university websites under financial
• Often must qualify for a student loan to be eligible
for a post–secondary bursary
Where do I find Scholarship/Bursary
Counselling Centre
•Files on top of filing cabinet have most
recent scholarships received
University websites
Scholarship websites
∙ check out the links on the SAS website
under “Counselling” link
Upcoming Scholarships
• Throughout the
year, some
scholarships will
be posted on the
website and on
the TV
Favourite Career Centre Websites
Student Loans
• A loan based on financial need
• Must begin repayment 6 months
after last semester of attendance
at post secondary institution
• Common form to apply for both
federal and provincial loans and
millennium bursary
• More information and application
forms available at:
• Website to help with financial
planning and student loans:
Now Put Your Plans Into Action!
• Visit Career Centre regularly throughout the year to check post secondary
• Visit post secondary web sites for info on admissions, scholarships, and
• Create a file of all information you find that interests you – particularly
• Make an appointment with a counselor if you have more specific questions
or concerns