Brand webinar* Feb 2015 - Cochrane Community (beta)

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Transcript Brand webinar* Feb 2015 - Cochrane Community (beta)

Brand webinar
We will start in a few
Trusted evidence.
Informed decisions.
Better health.
Brand webinar
Feb 2015
Julie Wood, on behalf of CEAD
Trusted evidence.
Informed decisions.
Better health.
Topics for today
01 –initial results and feedback
02 Rebrand timings for the rest of 2015
03 Websites—Guidance
04 FAQs
05 Next steps
06 What we need groups to do
31 January, 2015 we
• Our new logo
• Cochrane Library
Initial results looking
but we need more data
Thank you
• We really appreciate all the feedback so far
• Key snags: changes to .org, search, translations
• This feedback has been logged in an action plan. We
will publish this by the end of February.
Brand timings
• By March 6 – All groups will receive logos and offline
• By end March “testing” website templates with a few
• April—IKMD will create a dev site for your website
with the new template and work with you to make
• May—All group websites on our web platform go live
• October—Websites not on our web platform go live
• End 2015—Community website and products use the
new brand and rebrand completed
Group website guidance
contact us information
will change to group
contact details
For the menu, if you have
areas such as Get
Involved, About us, News
and Events please use
these labels. Please try not
to have more than 6 top
line menu items to fit into
the bar.
Please avoid sliders as
they are no longer best
practice. You may have
any .org content to your
website to keep it fresh,
or you may wish to
maintain your own
Header: Library,
search bar, group logo
all stay the same.
Community buttons
remains. For groups
we will add a .org
Free space:
Use as is, tailor
your own list, or
use as a
calendar of
events or latest
Please do change these
logos to include host
institutions, funders and
local partners. Please
ensure you have permission
to use their logos
This is the universal
footer, this remains
the same across all
Questions for group
Who do you want to use your website?
Are those people using your website now, if not, why not and what could
you do about it?
Is the content on your website what those people want and need? If not,
what content should you create and what content do you no longer need?
(Check your current Google Analytics to see what pages people are
actually using). If you don’t currently have access, send Paolo Rosati a
Gmail account and he can give you access.
How will you measure if your website is working once it is launched?
Based on the Cochrane group website guidance, what should the top menu
be and what pages should go under each section?
Is there any other functionality you think you will need that you don’t already
How will you keep it up to date? (Note: If you don’t have resources to keep it up
to date, really think about what it is used for, if you just want to ensure there is a
record about something, somewhere in Cochrane, let us know and we can
archive it for you).
What kind of images will you need for your website? Do you have
permission to use them and do you have some good ones already that you
can re-use?
Note: CEAD is working on providing access to a photo library. Details to
follow by the end of the week.
FAQs for the rebranded websites
How much scope will we have in designing our
own website?
We are trying to maintain consistency in the header and the footer. We are
also trying to build in a space where funder and institutional logos will
naturally fit. The previous page is guidance. If something isn’t working for
you, please let CEAD know. Items in purple in the slide previous show
where you have control and items in black are the items that are locked
When can I start using my new logo?
If you have received your new logo, you are free to download the
templates and begin using it. You don’t need to wait until your website is
ready but be pragmatic about when to begin use. For example, if you are
attending a big conference in March, please use the logo for that
conference and don’t wait for the website.
Another example, if you have business cards that have the old Cochrane
logo, use those up in the next couple of months and re-order business
cards with the new logo when you need new ones. Please aim to have
everything moved to the new brand by October 2015, if not sooner.
FAQs Continued
Why can’t I launch my group’s website in February
or March?
We are currently working on the templates for all groups to use by testing it
out with a few group websites. The template won’t be ready for use on all
groups websites until the end of March. If we were to give turn your
website template on early, there is a risk that as we update and test the
template, we will make changes, which may mean you will need to re-do
work. We are trying to avoid this. We are going as fast as we can and want
to be as flexible as possible, but we are advising everyone to wait until
If you want to get started now, work through the website content questions
and remove old content. In April, you will be given a development site and
the IKMD team can then work with you to make any changes required for
your website.
A full list of FAQs on the rebranding, including
websites, will be published by the end of February.
Next steps
By Feb. 27-- We will put this presentation, webinar, and
FAQs on the community website and set up a forum
By mid-March-- We will email brand contacts an update
and to the Cochrane community using the newsletter.
In mid-March--We will run another webinar to update
you on progress and answer any questions.
What we need from groups
• We need you to tell us when you want to change
your name. (This change needs to be done
• Please keep your group up-to-date and share
information as needed.
• Start thinking about your content on your website
and update and remove as needed.
• Think about your menu. Start moving your content to
that new structure from today.
We are here to help, so email [email protected]
if you have any questions or need support.
Thank you