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Lorenzo Rega
6th Hour
In the first part of the story Son by Lois Lowry, the setting takes place in a
community in a future not really far from us, but with a reality completely different. For
example in this community there aren’t colors, everything is in black and white and the
climate doesn't change, it always looks cloudy. Everything is organized in a certain way,
almost like a dictatorship. In fact, at the age of twelve, kids are assigned a job and they
must transfer from their home to the building that that is made for the job they got. For
example there is the Birthmothers' dormitory, a building where birthmothers (girls who
produce babies) live, the Nurturing Center, where newborns pass their first year of life,
and the Hatchery Center where our protagonist works as a Hatchery assistant.
In the second part of the story the setting moves into a small village near cliffs. This place is
actually similar to our world. There are colors, the climate changes and people are
freer. They can choose their job, where they want to live and when they want to
start working.
The last part of the book develops into another village that was founded by Jonas. This
village is very peaceful and has everything a man needs, people, here almost don’t
know what evil is. In this village, live people that didn’t like the place where they
lived before.
This is a picture of Claire’s community
because it is all in black and white.
Claire is the protagonist of the story. She is a dynamic and a
major character. She is a fourteen year old girl who is assigned the job
of a birthmother, a woman who produces children. At first we don’t
know the color of her eyes and hair because the community where she
comes from doesn’t have colors, it is all in black and white, but when
she moves to the other village we figure out that she has blond hair,
blue eyes, and a really light skin; that is a reason of why they call her
Water Claire. She is really nice to everyone, even if she doesn’t like to
This is a picture of Claire because she has blond
hair and blue eyes
talk a lot because she is shy. Claire is only fourteen, but she is a really
wise person.
Jonas’ father is a minor and static character. He is tall and skinny. He
works as a Nurturer, his job is to take care of babies. He is kind and
loves his family. The first time he meets Claire, he helps her with the
babies at the hospital. After a while a friendship is established
between the two.
This is a picture of Jonas’ father
because he is tall, skinny and he is
surrounded by kids.
Gabriel (also known as Gabe) is Claire’s son. He is a major and
round character. When Claire finds him he is now a healthy,
handsome fifteen-year-old guy. He has blond hair and blue
eyes just like his mother. He is nice to every one and has a lot
of friends. Gabe has a special ability and he calls it veering,
which is to understand someone else's perspective.
This is a picture of Gabe because he is blond and has blue eyes
Jonas is the leader of the community that he has founded. He is a
really wise person and that’s one of the main reasons of why he is
so respected and honored. He is a minor and a round character.
He has black hair and pale eyes. As Gabriel has the ability to veer,
Jonas has the ability to see beyond, which is to see things that
happen in other places. He is married with Kira and has two
This is a picture of Jonas because this guy has black hair and pale
Trademaster is the main antagonist of the story. He is a major and round
character. He is narrow shadowed and thin, with a swallow complexion
and neatly trimmed dark hair. He is always dressed very elegantly.
Trademaster is really mean and he’s called so because he always wants
to make trades to rune other people. He has special powers that allow
him to take someone’s else character, honor or even youth.
This is a picture of the Trademaster because this person
has dark hair, and he’s dressed really elegantly.
Rising Action- The series of conflicts and crisis that lead to the climax
Claire is assigned the job of a Birthmother at the age of twelve
Claire is pregnant
She gives birth to her first child, but something goes wrong and it is delivered by Caesarean. Due to these complications Claire is not anymore considered
appropriate for her role of birthmother and is assigned to work at the Fish Hatchery. While they reassign her the new job, she asks about her “product” and a man
who works there tells her that it is a male and is called number 36.
While Claire does her job at the Fish Hatchery, she finds out that the Nurturing Center is nearby and makes an excuse to go there, and discovers which baby is
"36". She starts casually volunteering at the nurturing center, knowing that if it was found that she was the mother of 36, she would be banned from the
community. Claire really enjoys the time spent with number 36 and starts to love him too.
Claire finds out 36 is going to be released, which means she is not going to see him again.
Over a night Claire hears alarms in all the community and learns that a twelve years old guy, whose name is Jonas, is escaped from the community and has
brought our protagonist’s son with him. She is desperate to find her baby, and escapes on a ship, but there is a storm and she is thrown out to sea.
Claire is found by a girl, in a small village near cliffs. Claire now suffers of amnesia, but when she helps the girl give birth, she remembers of her son, and has
just one thing in her head: find him.
To leave the village she must learn to climb the cliffs since she is too scared of the sea. Einar, a lame friend helps her. The trainings last for years and during this
time Einar and Claire fall in love.
Since Einar has confidence with his learner, he tells Claire how he became lame. One time he had tried climbing the cliffs, but at the end he met the Trademaster
and asked him to trade, but he refuted and the Trademaster hacked off his feet. So Einar tells Claire that she must accept the trade. Claire successfully
climbs out of the mountain, and asks the Trademaster to find her son. The Trademaster agrees to find Gabe in exchange for her youth. Claire agrees.
This picture represents Claire while she is pregnant
Climax- the most intense moment, either mentally or in
Claire after the trade becomes old, but finds the village
where her son (whose real name is Gabe) lives and even
if now she lost her youth she is really happy.
This picture shows Claire’s feelings.
Falling Action- The events and complications begin to resolve themselves.
Jonas is married with Kira and leads this new community.
When Claire gets to the village she decides to do not tell anyone who se really is, or otherwise no one is going to believe her
because of her age.
Gabe notices that an old women (Claire) always watches him.
When Claire knows that she is going to die she tells Jonas the truth. At first he doesn’t believe her, but when she tells him
about when she was in the community and how she got here, he understands how evil is the Trademaster.
Jonas goes to Gabe and tells him everything, and the 15 years old guy understands that he has to kill the Trademaster.
Gabriel goes to him ,veers into his body, and understands the Trademaster is hungry for suffering, so he tells the Trademaster
of all the people that he has tried to destroy, and how they are living happily again. This destroys the Trademaster.
This picture represents Jonas telling the truth to Gabe
Some conflicts in Son are:
 Claire can’t see her son just because she is considerate
by the community a baby machine and not a mother.
(Man v. Society)
 Claire has to climb the cliffs to find her son (Man v.
 Gabe needs to kill the Trademaster to make be Claire
young again. (Man v. Man)
Theme- It is the central message of the story
A big theme in Son is loss.
-”Her every thought now was on the newchild had held for a moment, whose light eyes she had gazed into briefly, whose
curly hair had touched her chin for too short time. Number Thirty-six.”(Lowry 48)
-”Now she thought of nothing else, of no one else”(52)
Resolution- The conclusion, the untangling of events in the story
When Gabe returns home, Claire is young again. Finally the family reunited goes back to the cliff village, so that Claire can stay
with Einar again.
This picture shows Claire and Gabe reunited