Bottlenose Dolphins

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Transcript Bottlenose Dolphins

By: Lizzie P.
Table of contents
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What is a bottlenose dolphin?
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Where does a bottlenose dolphin live? Slide 3 and 4
Where is the bottlenose dolphins biome? Slide 3
What is the bottlenose dolphins habitat/home? Slide 4
What’ s eating you?
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How what do bottlenose dolphins eat?
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Witch animal/mammal eats bottlenose dolphins ? Slide 6
How are bottlenose dolphins adapted to there environment?
Interesting Facts!
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“How would you like to learn about a bottlenose
dolphin?” They are fun acrobatic animals. If you like
dolphins, I bet you will love bottlenose dolphins!
 Bottlenose dolphins love to swim with humans.
 They are really friendly animals.
 These creatures love humans and are curious about
 Bottlenose dolphins perform in aquarium shows.
What is a bottlenose dolphin?
If you ever wondered about a bottlenose dolphin, you’re in
the right place!
 A bottlenose dolphin has a nose shaped like a bottle.
 Bottlenose dolphins are marine mammals.
 These animals are fun to swim with because you can ride
them, and make them do tricks!
 Mothers can have only one calf at a time.
 A calf is a bottlenose dolphin’s baby.
 Bottlenose dolphin calves are dependent until they learn
how to swim.
 A bottlenose dolphin can swim super fast!
Where do bottlenose dolphins
live? Biome where are bottlenose dolphins found in
How would you like to know where the bottlenose
dolphin lives?
 The Pacific Ocean is where they originally live.
 Most bottlenose dolphins swim all over the Pacific
 They are usually found in Northern Japan, California,
and Chile. Bottlenose dolphins can also be found in
the Mediterranean Sea, and in the Indian Ocean.
 Bottlenose dolphins enjoy wandering around the
Where do bottlenose dolphins
live? Habitat and Home
Can you believe that bottlenose dolphins don't really have a
It's interesting, because bottlenose dolphins can live any
where in the ocean. They don't live in any specific home.
 Bottlenose dolphins can be found in shallow waters close to
the surface.
 These mammals prefer to live in the cooler waters.
 But, bottlenose dolphins can live in warm waters.
 They try to sh0w off when they perform in special
ocean/aquarium shows.
What’s eating you? What do bottlenose dolphins
Did you know that bottlenose dolphins eat many
different kinds of foods?
 Bottlenose dolphins eat all squid, fish, eels, and
crustaceans. They don’t eat any plants.
 Mammals, like bottlenose dolphins eat all sea food.
 It’s awesome when bottlenose dolphins swim deep
down, using their amazingly, sharp teeth to fight for
 Bottlenose dolphins try to catch their prey really easily.
What’s eating you? What eats bottlenose dolphins?
I wonder, what animals eat bottlenose dolphins. Let’s
find out.
 The types of sharks that eat Bottlenose dolphins are
dusky sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.
 An orca whale also eats bottlenose dolphins.
 They try to swim super fast and get far away from their
predators. That is one way to defend themselves.
 Some bottlenose dolphins live for a l0ng am0unt of
time while others live for short amounts of time.
How are bottlenose dolphins
adapted to their environment?
Can you believe bottlenose dolphins get used to their
environment so fast?
 Their fins are on their bodies. That’s what they use to
swim with.
 They breathe through blowholes. Their blowholes are
at the top of their heads.
 Bottlenose dolphins also need constant cool
 They have to adapt to many different things within
their environment.
Interesting Facts
Bottlenose dolphins have much more information. Here
are s0me interesting facts.
 They can swim 20 miles an h0ur.
 They’re called bottlenose dolphins because their noses
are shaped like bottles. Get it bottlenose dolphin?
 Bottlenose dolphin babies are called calves.
 They can wander off alone after they learn the
important rules of the sea.
Did you learn so much that you can’t remember some
things? I listed some facts to go over them.
 In conclusion, bottlenose dolphins calves are
dependent until they learn how to swim.
 One more time, mothers can only have 1 baby at a
time. Only 1!
 Remember, that bottlenose dolphins are called marine
 Hope you liked my bottlenose dolphin PowerPoint!
Here are some helpful websites I used to make this
spectacular presentation!
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By: Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Osborne.
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