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DoN Contract Management
Reporting Application (CMRA)
For the Old Dominion Chapter
of the
National Contract Management
By Denise L. Randolph
January 16, 2013
CMRA Statute Summarized
United States Code title 10, Section
2330a requires an annual inventory
of contracted services including the
number and cost of FTEs
Overview of Statutory Requirements
• Description of the services purchased
• Description of the function and mission
• Identification of Personal Service Contracts
• Identification of the fiscal year when the
activity first appeared in the section 2330a
Overview of Statutory Requirements,
Contracting organization
Type of contracting action
Identification of non-DoD contracting agencies
Funding source (appropriation type and
operating agency)
• Identification whether contracts were
performance-based contracts
Overview of Statutory Requirements,
• Extent of competition and identification of awards with more than one
• Identification of Small Business, Disadvantaged and Women-owned
• Total invoiced amount
• Number of contractor employees, expressed as FTEs using direct labor
hours and associated cost data collected from contractors1
Section 2330a mentions that the number of contractor employees and associated cost data is to be collected
from contractors, except that estimates may be used where such data is not available and cannot
reasonably be made available
Overview of DoD Full Year
Appropriations Act 2011 Section 8108
• 8108 (a)
▫ Not less than $2M shall be made available for
leveraging the Army’s CMRA
▫ Army CMRA to be modified, as appropriate, for
documenting the number of full-time contractor
employees pursuant to United States Code title 10,
section 2330a
Overview of DoD Full Year
Appropriations Act 2011 Section 8108
• 8108 (c)
▫ Secretaries of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the
Directors of the Defense Agencies and Field
Activities, in coordination with the Under
Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness,
shall report to the congressional defense
committees within 60 days of enactment of this
Act their plan for documenting the number of fulltime contractor employees as required by United
States Code title 10, section 2330a
CMRA System Features
• Web-based data collection tool for collecting
contractor and sub-contractor direct labor hour,
direct labor cost, direct non-labor costs, invoiced
amount, location where work performed
• Secure, accredited web application with sign-in
and security protocols with different access for
different users
• Contractor verification through CAGE code
• Bulk data-loader function for loading data from
EXCEL spreadsheets
CMRA System Features, con’t
• Collects contact information for contractor and
• Search capability on pre-loaded contract data
• Fund cite pre-loaded from Army Contract
Business Information System
• Data integrity look-up feature (e.g., UIC, Product
Service Code)
• Controlled sub-contractor data entry role
CMRA System Features, con’t
• Edit features with controlled time-stamp and
user identity
• Data validation with controlled range
parameters for direct labor hours and costs
• Relational SQL Server data base consisting of
entities: contract/task order/fund cite/location
• Standard Reports
CMRA Business Processes
• Reporting requirement included in NMCARS (not
yet a standard FAR clause)
• Paperwork Reduction Act approval from OMB
(includes Cost Benefit Analysis and Fed. Reg.
• Includes fixed price contracts by treating direct
labor hours/costs as proprietary when specifically
linked to contractor name and contract/task order
• Minimal reporting burden recovered through
CMRA Business Processes, con’t
• Annual reporting for prior fiscal year
• Specific and clear guidance on definition of
invoiced amount and reporting period for
performance within fiscal year
• Convert direct labor hours to FTE by dividing
with 2,088
• Demo and Users Manual at
Implementation in DON
• 5237.102 Policy
(90) DoD contracting activities awarding or administering
contracts shall incorporate the following Enterprise-wide Contractor
Manpower Reporting Application (ECMRA) standard language into
all contracts which include services, provided the organization that
is receiving or benefiting from the contracted service is a
Department of Defense organization, including reimbursable
appropriated funding sources from non-DoD executive agencies
where the Defense Component requiring activity is the executive
agent for the function performed. The reporting requirement does
not apply to situations where a Defense Component is merely a
contracting agent for another executive agency. The only contracted
services excluded from reporting are construction and utilities. The
standard language to be inserted is:
Implementation in DON, con’t
“The contractor shall report ALL contractor labor hours
(including subcontractor labor hours) required for
performance of services provided under this contract for the
[NAMED COMPONENT] via a secure data collection site. The
contractor is required to completely fill in all required data
fields using the following web address
https :// .
Reporting inputs will be for the labor executed during the period
of performance during each Government fiscal year (FY),
which runs October 1 through September 30. While inputs
may be reported any time during the FY, all data shall be
reported no later than October 31 of each calendar year.
Contractors may direct questions to the help desk, linked at”
CMRA going forward
• eCMRA is moving to DISA in conformance with
policy directives for hosting applications
▫ governance body being solicited, designated to
collect funding, to control the configuration, and
oversee operating and moving eCMRA instances
▫ New site address MAY be
• 1st meeting will be tomorrow (1/17/13)
What’s going on?
Working to Reissue NMCARS
Reviewing/Validating Component Clauses
Service Acquisition Workshops
Limitation on Amounts Available for Contract
Services (Section 808)
• Accelerated Payments to Small Businesses
• Do Not Pay Legislation
• Elimination on Cap on Women-owned Small
Senior Procurement Analyst
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Research, Development & Acquisition)
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Acquisition & Procurement)
Office Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (703) 614-9767
Personal Email: [email protected]