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Email : [email protected]
Contact : 4113 / 4118 / 4151
IT Infrastructure
Information Technology Dept. is responsible for the planning, deployment,
support, and operation of the Campus infrastructure. This infrastructure is
comprised of the campus telephone system, card access system, fiber optic
backbone, departmental and building networks, the campus wireless data
network, wide area network connections, and large scale computer, server, and
information resources.
Internet Bandwidth / Wi-Fi
• With wireless zones and computing facilities stretching from one end of campus to the other,
you can research, network and surf to your heart’s content.
• A premium Leased Link with 155 mbps Bandwidth from Tata Teleservices.
Firewall Device/ IDs & IPS.
• The FortiGate-1000C integrates essential security and networking functions into a single device
to help identify and thwart, accelerated multi-threat security interfaces, and even devices to
enforce network security at accelerated speeds.
• Internet connectivity on User Machine – Users are requested to please login with the user
name and password to avail the internet facility.
• Just for info, An user can be logged once at a time. i.e. multi login sessions are not allowed.
• We use VoIP in the Campus.
• A VoIP phone or IP Phone uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP) technologies for placing
and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network.
• The Campus E-mail System is envisioned as a route to become better informed of events and
administrative communications.
• Webmail access to Campus Email system 24x7.
ERP (Enterprise Resource. Planning)
• A campus optimization tool, referred to as Campus ERP.
• An integrated solution that is capable of streamlining the scattered processes, collating
voluminous data, bridging the communication gap between the stakeholders, and more
importantly facilitating cost-effective as well as efficient campus management.
• Access the service desk link :
• External Access to Campus ERP system
Service Desk
• The Campus Services - Help Desk is your one stop for requesting IT Supports, Hostel Facilities,
Maintenance Supports for Electrical, Plumbing, A/c, Carpentry, etc..and House Keeping
• You may access the service desk link :
• Service request logged into the system is being attended on PRIORITY basis.
• No support call attended, without raising a ticket in the service desk system.
• All support calls raised will be acknowledged with automated system generated mails.
• All resolved complaints calls need to be closed by the requester within 24 hours, or contact
the support team for query or clarification. Failures to do that, the ticket will be closed
AD & Domain at DSK
Information Services provides Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Services for all users on campus. The
range of services within the DSKGlobal domain includes:
Authentication: All campus users have an account in AD with username and password.
The central campus AD domain allows all services and resources that use Microsoft Authentication
to validate users using their assigned ID.
DNS: The DSKGLOBAL DNS namespace is managed by Internal IT DNS service running in AD
integrated mode on the domain controllers. Secure dynamic updates are permitted for all clients
using IPv4 addresses.
Backup and Storage
A storage area network (SAN) is a high-speed special-purpose network (or sub-network) that
interconnects different kinds of data storage devices with associated data servers on campus
network of users.
• Auditorium with 139 Audience capacity, is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and Christie
Miraj – 3D Projector (1st 3D Projector installed in India), enabling 77 mm 3D projection.
• The hall can be used for conferences, seminars, film screenings, presentations, theatre and cultural
performances of all kinds. 3 phase Power connectivity to individual seats for laptop and other devices.
• Auditorium Facilities can be used upon make a booking through ERP system
Screening Room
• Screening Room is available to staff and groups of students) on a first-come, first-served basis.
• To book a Screening Room Please contact the support team.
Conference Room with AV facilities.
• Audio / Video Conference
• The latest state of the Art technologies has been implemented for the Video /Audio conference system
Quick support - links
ERP System
Web based Helpdesk
Call Extension Nos.
4113 , 4118 & 4151 (software)
Mail to :
[email protected]
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