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The Role of Embedded Metadata
in Visual Resources
Mira Basara
January 2015
What is Embedded Metadata?
 Embedded metadata is when information about the
image is encoded into the image itself.
 Technical and descriptive metadata can be embedded
in the images and its addition makes images more
accessible to users.
Why it Matters?
 If you download an image from the web, metadata
is lost. Images separated from their metadata lose
their identity and usefulness.
 The metadata associated with an image delivers
information such as:
 Technical Information – how was the image made?
 Descriptive Information – what does the image show?
 Administrative – who made the image and when?
 Copyrights – who can use the image and how?
 If you have a large collection of digital files and are looking for a
way to add information about them without having a database,
using embedded metadata may be for you.
Embedding Metadata into the Image File
 Allows the descriptive information to travel with the image across
file formats and software applications
 Can be used for preservation
 Images with embedded metadata can be a desktop database
 Aids search and retrieval
 Improves workflow
 Can be used to store information for tracking and managing images
during the workflow process
 For example, you can embed a job number, requestor, staff ID, etc. You
can embed information, such as editing instructions, useful to other staff
who open the image later in the workflow.
Things to Note
 Embedded metadata does NOT damage an image
 It is permanent
 There is no limit to how much data you can embed
 Embedded metadata cannot be protected
 Some programs and services strip embedded metadata
Ways to Export-Import Embedded Metadata
 Nikon- View NX2 – robust and free
 XnView – robust and free
 Bridge- customizable and free after Photoshop trial expires
 EMET – Embedded Metadata Extraction Tool
 Created by ARTstor
 Tool designed to extract metadata embedded in JPEG and TIFF files
 Free and available to download at http://get.adobe.come/air/
VRA Custom File Info Panel
 VRA Info panel was created by Embedded Metadata
working group. EMwg is a working group of the Data
Standards Committee of the Visual Resources Association.
 Includes various data schemas to create a custom view that
describes cultural heritage works.
 Uses Adobe’s open-source labeling technology, Extensible
Metadata Platform (XMP), to allow users to embed
descriptive metadata directly into an image file.
 Creates data that is compatible with both the VRA Core 4.0
standard and International Press Telecommunications
Council (IPTC) data standards so that it is interoperable with
most photo software applications and can be easily
ingested into a visual resources database.
VRA Custom File Info Panel
 Works with Adobe Creative Suite 4 and 5 products,
Photoshop/Bridge or higher, Illustrator and Photoshop
Elements 9.
 It is NOT compatible with Lightroom.
Supported File Formats
 DNG (Digital Negative)
 GIF (Graphic Interchange Format)
 JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
 PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
 PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
 TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
How to Find Embedded Metadata?
 To edit metadata in one image, use Photoshop
 Select File Menu -> File Info
The File Info Panel Dialog Box
The File Info Panel Dialog Box
The File Info Panel Dialog Box
The File Info Panel Dialog Box
File Info Panel
The panel is divided into four sections
 • Work: describes the creative artwork, object, or
performance shown in the image.
 • Image: describes the photo as a visual surrogate of the
 • Administration: information used for project oversight
and tracking.
 • Summary: data that will show in most photo
Adobe Bridge Metadata Palette
Adobe Bridge Metadata Palette
Using Templates
 Creating Templates can save you time AND ensure that
repeating data is applied consistently – Templates help
you work SUPER efficiently.
 Apply the same information in several fields to several
images all at once
VRA Panel export-import tool
 The Visual Resources Association’s (VRA) Panel exportimport tool is a JavaScript plugin for Adobe Bridge
 Allows you to export embedded metadata from RAW,
TIFF, JPEG, and PNG files to a tab-delimited text file
 Also allows you to import metadata from a tab-delimited
text file into a group of images
VRA Panel Export-Import Tool
VRA Panel Export-Import Tool
Embedded Metadata in Bridge
Export a template
Embedded Metadata in Bridge
Import a template
Embedded Metadata in Bridge
Created in Bridge
Embedded Metadata
An image uploaded to Picasa
Embedded Metadata
An image uploaded to Flickr
Embedded Metadata
An image uploaded to Flickr – EXIF file
Display of Windows Photo Viewer
Embedded Metadata
Search result
Embedded Metadata
 The more standardized and useful information we embed
into images, the more searchable those images will be.
 It is very important to protect your assets!
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(VRA info panels and User Guides)
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 IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council)
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Contact: [email protected]