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Configuring FDMEE Drill Through
to SAP
Session ID #: 14043
Prepared by:
Eric Wagner
Data Integration Practice Leader
CheckPoint Consulting
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Presentation Agenda
■ Introduction and Presentation Overview
■ FDMEE and SAP Demonstration
▪ Loading data from SAP
▪ Drill through functionality from FDMEE
■ Components of an FDMEE Configuration with SAP
▪ SAP Configuration
▪ ODI Configuration (Legacy ERPi)
▪ FDMEE Configuration
■ Wrap up, Questions
Eric Wagner
■ CheckPoint Consulting, Data Integration Practice Leader
▪ CheckPoint Lab: Live SAP Demo System, configured with
■ Oracle Consulting, Solution Architect (2007 – 2008)
■ Hyperion Consulting (2001 – 2007)
■ SAP ABAP Programmer (FICO Module, 2000 – 2001)
■ SUNY Buffalo
Presentation Overview
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Classic FDM
■ Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM)
Upstream (4 fish)
Acquired by Hyperion (~2005)
Quickly became integration tool of choice
ERPi adapter added metadata and ERP Integration
▪ Drill through to multiple ERP’s
EBS, SAP ECC & BW, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Open Adapter
■ FDM and ERPi Combined into ONE product
▪ ERPi Platform: Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
▪ Provides the point-to-point integration between ERP &
Tighter Integration
One product
■ No longer use FDM client workbench
▪ All web enabled, navigate via workspace
■ All the key features of FDM classic still intact
▪ User friendly
▪ Out of box audit trail and logging
▪ Mapping
FDMEE and SAP Demo
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Data Load & Drill Through to SAP
Drill Through to SAP New GL
Drill Through to SAP Cost Center
Drill Through to SAP Customer Balances
Drill Through to SAP Vendor Balances
Configuring FDMEE with SAP
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SAP Configuration
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SAP System Requirements & Downloads
■ SAP System Version: ECC 6.0 EHP3 & R/3 4.7
■ All recommended release versions in Bristlecone installation
▪ http://bristleconelabs.com/edel/edel_startup.html
Requires user name/password
▪ Downloads include:
SAP Open Tool
FDMEE Adapters (for ODI)
Bristlecone Labs Website
FDMEE Adapters
& Open Tool for
SAP User Configuration
■ SAP Basis team will need to create ODI/FDM general user
■ User will require specific authorizations for:
First Reverse Knowledge Module (RKM) execution
On-going RKM executions
Execute LKM with Upload ABAP option Enabled
Execute LKM with Upload ABAP option Disabled
■ Complete list of user setup for each authorization provided
in Bristlecone documentation
SAP Drill Back
■ Depending on version, SAP Basis team may need to
configure Internet Transaction Server (ITS) if not already
▪ ECC 6.0 requires WEBGUI is activated
▪ 4.7 requires ITS configuration
ODI Configuration
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ODI Configuration Summary
■ ODI installation is part of FDMEE
▪ Separate ODI repository exclusively for FDMEE
▪ FDMEE_SAP_Adapter.zip contains models, interfaces,
packages, etc.
▪ Current ODI version (EPM
SAP Java Connector (JCo)
SAP Server & Connection Info
FTP or Shared Drive configuration
SAP Open Tool
ODI Installation
Multiple ODI repositories
can exist – FDMEE comes
with models, interfaces,
packages & scenarios prebuilt
ODI Model Import
2. Synonym
Mode: Insert
3. New Model
folder added
with all SAP
table info
1. Unzip XML files from
Bristlecone to a directory
accessible by ODI &
import new Model
ODI Project Import
2. Synonym
Mode: Insert
3. New Project
added with all
packages ,
scenarios, etc.
1. Unzip XML files from
Bristlecone to a directory
accessible by ODI &
import new Project
ODI Environment – Completely Configured
ODI Package
ODI Folder for each type
of interface includes
interfaces, variables &
provided in Work
Repository Install
Installing & Configuring SAP JCo
■ Download latest JCo version from SAP
▪ http://service.sap.com/connectors
▪ Unzip files and copy required files to /odi_misc directory
Configuring SAP Server Info
■ Configure SAP Server, User, Password & Flexfields
Configuring Shared Drive
■ Options: FTP or Shared
▪ Configuration is setup for Shared
▪ In my experience, Shared configuration is optimal
SAP Writes
ODI Reads
Add ODI Open Tool
■ Download SAP Open Tool from Bristlecone website
▪ Unzip jar file and copy to required directory ‘\oracledi.sdk\lib’
▪ Add open tool via ODI GUI
Open Tool
version is VERY
FDMEE Configuration
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FDMEE Configuration Summary
■ Navigating to FDMEE
■ SAP Source System setup
▪ Register Source System
▪ Import Source Adapter
■ Define Location & Regenerate ODI Scenario
■ Rest of configuration is classic FDM
▪ Define Location
▪ Define Period Mapping
■ Load Data
Finding FDMEE in Workspace
from Workspace
FDMEE Workflow & Setup Tabs
Setup – Source System (SAP)
Work with SAP
Basis team for
proper setting
Select SAP from
source list
Import SAP Source Adapter
XML files from
Import Format - FDMEE Configuration
After saving,
regenerate the
ODI Scenario
Define Import Formats
- Source System
- Source Adapter
- Drill URL
Import Format - ODI Scenario
ODI Scenario’s are
generated for each
import format in FDMEE
Define Location
Define Period Mapping
Load Data Options
■ Data Load Rule
■ Workbench (Classic load style)
■ Batch Execution Script
Wrap up, Questions
■ FDMEE configuration provides out of the box (OOTB)
extract and drill through functionality
■ Implementation considerations
▪ Is drill through a requirement?
▪ What are my consolidation & reporting requirements
OOTB functionality is not configurable
▪ What if my existing landscape leverages native ODI to extract
SAP data?
■ Questions????
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