Equity and Inclusive Education

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Transcript Equity and Inclusive Education

Toronto Catholic District
School Board
The Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy
(EIE) was published in 2009 and went into
effect the same year.
The three core priorities are:
1. High levels of student achievement
2. Reduced gaps in student achievement
3. Increased public confidence in publicly
funded education
Now you together
are Christ’s body;
but each of you is a
different part of it.
St Paul in 1st Corinthians
In the rich vision of the Christian faith, each
disciple sees the face of Christ in every person
that he or she encounters and acts accordingly.
That is equity, and more than equity; that is
the practical generous love expected by Jesus of
every disciple.
Archbishop Thomas Collins
(February 24, 2011)
Equity and Inclusive Education:
 Is a foundation for excellence
 Meets individual needs
 Identifies and eliminates barriers
 Involves the broad community
 Builds and enhances previous and existing
 Is demonstrated throughout the system
For Catholic Boards:
EIE policies have been developed and
implemented in the context of the
denominational rights of Roman Catholic
schools as set out in section 93 of the
Constitution Act, 1867
Section 19 of the Ontario Human Rights Code
The Ontario Education Services Corporation
Empowers Catholic Schools to exist ( i.e. EIE
created in conjunction of Catholic Graduate
Expectations )
Allows for the hiring of Catholics
Allows in the elementary panel for the
assertion of denominational with regard to
Supported in the code, charter of rights and
freedoms, BNA Act as well as case law
Board policies, programs,
guidelines, and practices,
Shared and committed
Inclusive curriculum and
assessment practices,
Religious accommodation
School climate and the
prevention of discrimination
and harassment,
Professional learning
Accountability and
Update to PPM 119 from Ministry of Education
OESC engaged to create Catholic Template for
Equity and Inclusive Education
OESC is the Ontario Education Services
Corporation who provide services to School
Boards and Associations
Institute for Catholic Education (at the behest
of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of
Ontario Catholic Trustee Association
Catholic Directors of Ontario
Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers of
Borden Ladner Gervais, Keel Cotrelle
The policy and resources have been reviewed
by Archbishop Collins
Assembly of
Bishops of
Institute for Catholic
Ontario Catholic
Trustees Association
of Toronto
In 1984 with the arrival of full funding for
Catholic Schools open access was granted
to all high school students. Since that time
and indeed prior to 1984 Catholic schools
in Toronto have endeavoured to support
students of various faith traditions within
the context of our Catholic tradition and
Freedom of religion is an individual right and a
collective responsibility
Catholic School Boards are committed to work
with the community they serve to foster an
inclusive learning environment that promotes
acceptance and protects individuals from
discrimination or harassment on the basis of
In 2006 the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of
Ontario released thru the Institute for Catholic
Education a pastoral guideline titled:
‘Pastoral Guideline to assist Students of Same Sex
 It offered staff a means of working with
students in discerning and understanding one’s
sexuality in terms of our faith
First, it’s important to note that any student in any
Catholic school who feels bullied or harassed because
of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical abilities,
or any other factor has always been able to receive
support to address their concerns and needs and this
will not change
The enrichment of existing school-based opportunities
for students to gather in groups to address bullying
against students with same-sex orientation will be
available before the beginning of the next school year,
which starts in September, 2011 (Assembly of
Catholic Bishops of Ontario/Ontario Catholic School
trustees –April 15 2011
Review existing supports for staff, students
and families as it pertains to bullying
Ensure that all groups are mentored by staff
who are well informed concerning the tenets
of our faith and the complexity of sexuality
Work to follow faithfully the direction of
Archbishop and ACBO
To offer our support to this provincial
‘Catholic boards throughout the province,
drawing on the well-considered resources
prepared by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops
of Ontario, have worked diligently to create
policies rooted in the Gospel and totally in
harmony with our Catholic Christian faith that
ensure the rights, dignity and respect of all
students in our care.’
March 2011
Now you together are Christ’s
body; but each of you is a different
part of it.
St Paul in 1st Corinthians 12:27