ASCD 2012 Concurrent Presenter Information Meeting

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Transcript ASCD 2012 Concurrent Presenter Information Meeting

ASCD 2012 Concurrent Presenter
Information Meeting
September 21, 2011
Congratulations on being accepted to present at
the ASCD Annual Conference in Philadelphia.
We’re excited your work will be part of the
program, and we look forward to a partnership
that helps us best share your work with our
Getting to Know You: Have you
presented at ASCD before?
1. Yes, I’ve presented for 5 or more years
2. Yes, I’ve presented for 1-4 years
3. No, this is my first time presenting at ASCD
By the Numbers
Contacts to Know
Best Way to Contact You
Checklist as of September 21, 2011
Where do I Find Deadlines, Forms, Information?
Presenter Guide
Using the Annual Conference Website
ASCD EDge groups and Social Networking
Ways to Get Answers to Your Questions
Presenter Registration
Making Changes to Your Stuff
Cancelling Your Session
What’s Next?
By the Numbers for AC2012
We accepted 500 concurrent sessions out of
1300 submissions
We have 900 individual presenters working
together to bring incredible content
We hope to have 12,000 participants at
Contacts to Know
You’ll be receiving a variety of communications from the Annual
Conference Staff (AC Staff) over the next seven months.
Below are some names and email addresses that need to be added to
your address box so you don’t miss our important messages.
[email protected]
The Official Annual Conference Email Box
[email protected]
Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey, Annual Conference Project
703-575-5672 or 405-269-0921
[email protected]
Debbie Brown, Conferences and Institutes Director
What’s the Best Way to Contact You?
By telephone
By email
By carrier pigeon
By message board
What Kind of Communications Will
You Receive from ASCD?
• Monthly presenter email with that month’s checklist
and deadlines. These should come each month by the
• Second Presenter Information Virtual Meeting:
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 10 AM EST and 6 PM
• How to emails (throughout the year)
– How to upload handouts
– How to order your audio visual equipment
– How to find your room location
So now what? The Checklist So Far
Ask yourself and your co-presenters if they’ve
completed the following checklist so far (as of
Sept 21)
Returned my contract
Sent updated session title or description, if
needed, to [email protected]
Where do I find Deadlines, Forms, and
• Check the AC Presenter Guide on the AC
• Check the AC Presenter EDge group site
The ASCD Presenter Guide
The ASCD Annual Conference Presenter Guide is found
Go to and look for the
Presenter Guide under the heading Get More
What’s in the Presenter Guide?
Presenter Frequently Asked Questions
Presenter Registration instructions
Information on You are Here, Digital Guide, Print Guide
Handouts information
Session evaluation information
Session location information
A/V frequently asked questions and information
How to change session or presenter instructions
Working with Volunteer instructions
Deadlines, links to calendars, and other helpful forms
Using the Annual Conference Website
After the Presenter Guide, the AC website is the
best place to get conference updates. Please
bookmark this page in your browser and make it
a priority to check through it at least once a
Using ASCD EDge and Twitter as a
EDge: By logging in and joining the 2012 ASCD Annual
Conference Presenter and 2012 Annual Conference
Groups, you’ll be sure to stay up to date with
announcements, forms, and deadlines. You’ll need to
check this.
If you Twitter, follow Lindsay at @redlmb and ASCD at
@ASCD for conference updates. Hashtag #ascd12.
Need an EDge account?
You can sign up at
Watch a step by step video on how to get started
EDge Groups to Join
You should join the following two EDge groups
1. 2012 Annual Conference Presenters (this group is for
presenters only; you’ll need to request permission
and I will add you once you submit a request)
2. 2012 Annual Conference
To search for these groups, log in to EDge. Once you see
your dashboard, look for the search bar that says “Search
ASCD Edge”. Type in 2012 in the search bar. The first two
groups that come up in relevance should be the 2012
Annual Conference Presenters and the 2012 Annual
Conference group.
Can’t find the answer? Best way to get
information from AC Staff
Couldn’t find the answer to your question on the AC
website, Presenter Guide, or ASCD EDge? Send one email
to [email protected] with your question, the session ID
you’re referencing, and your full name. Please allow ten
business days for a response.
If you don’t receive a response, please send one more
email or call Lindsay at 703-575-5672
Where Is Your “Stuff” Published?
Your “stuff” (session description, title,
presenters, affiliations, city, state, room location,
etc.) is published in variety of places at a variety
of times. Because of this, it might be listed
differently depending on when you’ve sent us
Places to Find Your “Stuff”
• You Are Here: Most update to date information is found at This is updated weekly by staff. Please
allow seven business days for changes you’ve submitted to appear
here. Changes will be made daily after March 19, 2012.
• Digital Program Guide: All information in this guide is current as of
October 30, 2011. It will be available to the public December 1,
• Print Program Guide: All information in this guide is current as of
February 24, 2012. It will be available to the public for pickup March
23, 2012.
• AC Website Program Change Page: Updated daily February 24March 26, 2012. It will be available online February 24, 2012-April
24, 2012.
• Session Description Print Insert: All information in this insert is
current as of March 13, 2012.It will be available to the public for
pickup March 23, 2012.
• Conference Daily Newspaper: Available daily onsite at Conference.
This information is provided to the newspaper staff each day by 6
pm March 23-25, 2012.
Changes to Your Session & Presenters
• All changes or cancellations must be submitted in
writing to [email protected]
• In order to be featured in our digital guide, we
must receive your changes by October 30, 2011.
• In order to be featured in our print guide, we
must receive your changes by March 2, 2012.
• The most current information regarding sessions
is always found at
Changes to Your Presenters
Because of the high number of correspondence
we receive, we ask that each time you make a
change to your presenter line up, please send
the most current presenter list (with full name,
affiliation, city, and state of each presenter) to
us to help us keep accurate records.
Presenter Registration
• All presenters must register for conference.
• Your conference rate is $179. No other discounts
will be applied.
• You can pay by purchase order, credit card, or
check online at
or by phone at 1-800-933-2723, x1.
• If you have not registered by February 24, 2012,
and ASCD has not received a cancellation notice
from you in writing, ASCD will cancel your
Cancelling Your Session
• Cancellation notices must be sent to
[email protected] in writing.
• All session cancellations must be received by
February 24, 2012 to have the most up to date
program materials.
What’s Next? Checking the List
 Check your session description and presenters after
September 28 on You are Here, to make sure your correct
information is listed. If not, send us one reminder email
at [email protected]
 Register online. You can go to on October 1 to
complete your online registration process. To register
online with the presenter rate, you must login using
the ASCD user account you used to submit your
proposal with.
 Look for your October Checklist email around October
Thanks for helping us!
We know it’s a lot of information and we appreciate
your continued patience and engagement as we
work through building an incredible conference!