Отчетный доклад о работе АП КИТ в 2002 г.

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Transcript Отчетный доклад о работе АП КИТ в 2002 г.

Marina Rumyantseva,
Communication Manager of International
relationship and investment committee
e-mail: [email protected];
Why Russia?
IT Market
Government support
Interest from other countries
Investment attractiveness
Russian IT Market
growth across all segments for 5 consecutives years (11% in 2002).
The expected growth rate for 2004 is higher than 14%
($6,1 bln in 2002, of which 90% is imported) represents 80% of the total
IT market, with local companies dominating in the final assembling (75%).
Software ($350M in 2002) is dominated by import (70%), with system software
growing and applications outweighing other software types. Local consumer market
is growing with 100% a year, still it is too small.
services ($900M in 2002) is fast growing, second biggest domestic IT industry.
The expected turnover of software services for 2003 is $1,08 Bln.
consulting is fast growing. For 2003 its turnover is expected to reach $115 mln
export IT industry ($350M in 2002) – software development outsourcing,
with the growth rate of 30-40% a year.
Ernst&Young, 2002-2003
Strategic changes in the Russian IT Industry
in 2000-2003
 Steady
growth of the internal IT market brought
to the Industry a new value
 Increasing
 Massive
Governmental Support
implementation of modern QA standards
 Formation
of APKIT Association as a voice of the
Industry and of “Fort Ross” Consortium as the
major PR and marketing tools
Qualitative Indicators by Country, Gartner
PhilipIndia Israel pines Ireland Canada China Russia
Government Support
Labour Pool
Educational System
Process Quality
Cultural Comp. (US)
Legal System
Globalization Skills
Overall Climate
The Association Today
Association unites more than 200 companies;
Association is the most representative non-profit IT organization in Russia. Its
members are the largest domestic and international companies in software, hardware
and equipment production, the leading domestic distributors, system integrators,
Russian IT manufacturers and developers;
The total sum of annual revenue of the Association members is more than $ 2 Bln.;
Association members hold up to 70% in a number of sectors of IT market;
АП КИТ works in collaboration with the Ministries of Communication, Economic
Development, Education, State Customs Committee, and participates in the activity of
the number of committees and public councils of Gosduma;
Russian version of “Computing Curricula-2001 has being translated and published with
the Association’s help;
Member of WITSA;
The concept - АП КИТ as the umbrella association covering all segments of IT
industry – is being implemented;
Site of the Association is www.apkit.ru
[email protected]