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Live Group Activity
Stock Market Simulation
We will be teams of Investment Fund
Managers competing against each other.
Note to Facilitator: Print Slide 19 for all participants
Select Teams
Each team is an Investment
Fund Management company,
investing money in stocks.
The fewer the teams the better, but teams
should not be too large to make interaction
difficult. Once teams are selected, they
should be grouped together.
Appoint CEOs
Each team chooses a CEO. The
CEO is responsible for gathering
feedback from his/her team and
making the final decisions.
Players on each team may volunteer to be
CEO. Volunteers must pitch their teams as
to why they should be selected. A vote is
taken to determine the winner.
Choose Company
Each team chooses a name for
their Fund Management
Game Rules
• Each Company starts with $100,000, which
can be invested in any combination of stocks.
• Each Company makes 1 decision per turn:
Buy, Sell, or Hold. Facilitator inputs the
decision into GoVenture.
• Once each Company has taken their turn, the
simulation advances to the next week.
• Companies continue taking turns until time
runs out.
• The Company with the highest Portfolio Value
(or ROI) wins.
GoVenture Simulation
1. Run GoVenture.
2. Choose Start New Simulation, then Single
3. Enter Accounts for each Company with
4. Give both Computer Traders $100,000.
5. Set Time Setting to Advance Manually.
6. Set Play Period to 10 years (You may end
at any time prior)
7. Start Simulation then click Stock Market
Read about the
• Review company stock details in the
provided handout (print slide 19 for all).
• Review current stock prices on the
screen. They will change each week.
• Determine which stocks your team
should own. Convince the CEO to
buy, sell, or hold.
Input Company
• Each company takes 1 turn before
the simulation is advanced to the
next week.
• On your turn, Company CEOs may
choose to Buy 1 stock, Sell 1 stock,
or Hold (do nothing).
• Facilitator inputs decision.
• Companies may decide to fire their
CEOs at any time.
Advance to Next Week!
•Watch the results unfold.
•Facilitator may choose to
review the on-screen reports
at any time for all to see.
•Go back to previous slide and
continue to repeat until time
runs out.
Identify Winners
Click Time > End Simulation to
see final scores.
Winning Company has the
highest score based on portfolio
value (or ROI)
How well did your
team do?
[ Open discussion ]
What did your team do
[ Open discussion ]
What did your team do
[ Open discussion ]
Running an Investment
Fund Management
Company is …
A. Tougher than I thought!
B. Easier than I thought!
C. Pretty well what I thought.
GoVenture makes me
want to …
A. Learn more about investing.
B. Invest my own money.
C. Run screaming!
What did you think of
this session?
A. I love it!
B. I love it!
C. All of the above.
Live Group Activity
Stock Market Simulation
GoVenture Stock Market
Company Summaries
AIRAIL (ARL) is a global transportation holding
company. Primary holdings include several airlines,
railways, and some overseas shipping assets.
BIOTOM (BTM) is a biotech company attempting to
develop a cure for a common breathing disorder. It has
had early success with promising results, but has yet to
complete clinical trials.
CANAMBANK (BNK) is a well established and highly
profitable financial institution. Its primary business is
banking, but the company has been expanding to offer
related financial products and services.
ENERGYCO (NRG) is an established energy company
with power plants in eastern North America. It has
been a profitable company for many years and is now
looking to expand and diversify by acquiring other
energy and oil and gas companies.
NEVARO (NVO) is a leading pharmaceutical and
healthcare company that provides medical services to
large companies and develops commonly known overthe-counter drugs.
PREOWN (PRE) is a mid-size company that
refurbishes and sells used durable consumer goods,
including automobiles, machinery, tools, furniture,
computers, and communication equipment.
SUPERGROCER (SGR) is a large and profitable food
and nondurable goods conglomerate with farms,
grocery stores, restaurants, and household products
manufacturers across North America.
TEKWIMAC (TWM) is a small technology company
that focuses on new media and Internet applications.
Its products are beginning to gain much attention, as
the company emerges from a lengthy research and
development stage into commercialization.
UREKA (UKA) is a mining company exploring for gold
in the Arctic. It is a young company that feels its
exploration techniques will locate a major gold
ZOOMOTO (ZOM) is a leading automobile and
motorcycle manufacturing company. It has a broad
product range for price-conscious and luxury-focused
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