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Get Creative Commons Savvy Mandy Misner, OSU Extended Campus Sue Kunda, OSU Libraries and Press March 11, 2013

What’s Copyright Got To Do With It?

“The Congress shall have Power to…

promote the Progress of Science and

useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.” U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 8



Be Copyrighted?



Be Copyrighted?

Fixed In Tangible Format


Duration Author’s Life + 70 Years

Assume almost


is copyrighted

facts & ideas pre-1923 works Federal documents *except for fair use and exclusions Creative Commons Licensed Materials Some rights reserved Public Domain No rights reserved Copyrighted Materials All rights reserved

Sit Back and


Creative Commons


The Creative Commons Conditions Licenses’ •

4 major conditions are combined, based on the copyright holder’s need, to form the 6 major CC licenses.

Image source:

Creative Commons License Tool

CC License Tool helps publish work online while letting others know exactly what they can and can't do with the work.

By answering a few simple questions the creator is allowed to select the license that is right for them, based on their copyright needs.

The Creative Commons Licenses’ Conditions CC licenses are unique because they are expressed in three ways:

Human Readable Deed

Lawyer Readable Legal Code

Machine Readable Metadata




Who is using Creative Commons ?

Who is using Creative Commons


National September 11th Memorial Museum Who is using Creative Commons


Amsterdam Historical Museum (WAAG)

Who is using Creative Commons

Public Library of Science


BioMed Central

Who is using Creative Commons



Creative Commons


How can I find Creative Commons materials?

Google can help you find materials that are CC licensed. Select Advanced search and change your search options to the kind of license you are looking for . . .

How can I find Creative Commons materials?

Creative Commons has a tool that helps you search at:

How can I find Creative Commons materials?

MERLOT (Open Educational Resources):

Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft: Wikipedia:Public domain image resources Public_domain_image_resources