Mystery – Why is Rosa doing Annie`s job?

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Transcript Mystery – Why is Rosa doing Annie`s job?

What you are aiming to
Key Concepts: Interdependence and human processes
By the end of the lesson you should be able to:
1. describe HOW people’s lives can change (levels 3
and 4)
2. explain WHY people’s lives can change (level 5)
3. explain how your actions can affect the lives of
people in other parts of the world (levels 6 and 7)
Mystery – Why is Rosa doing
Annie’s job?
Here is a video to give you an
idea of the issue
Key Words
• Transnational Company – a business that
is located in many different countries
• Globalisation – how the economies and
businesses around the world have
become more closely linked
• LEDC – Less Economically Developed
country (poorer than average)
• MEDC – More Economically Developed
country (richer than average)
When you first get the cards….
• Read through them all and make sure
everyone understands what each card
• Decide on some categories you could sort
the cards into and sort them
• Try to see how different cards can be
linked together
Your report is an accurate and DETAILED DESCRIPTION
You have shown that you understand the processes going on
Your have sorted your information into well written and clear
Your report include good EXPLANATIONS on who has
benefited and who has suffered from all these changes
You have commented on whether Annie and Rosie is a
“winner” and a “loser” overall
You have included your own views with reasons on what is
happening at a global scale.
LEVELS 6 and 7:
As above, but you have also included some good
INDEPENDENT RESEARCH eg. a survey of clothes labels,
or some extra information on other companies who make
most of their goods in less developed countries eg. Nike