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The CourtRoom Program
9th Judicial District
April 18th & 19th 2013
Can now search on Motorist ID full or partial #
When a defendant is selected, page up and page
down will scroll alphabetically, so will see all
cases for same defendant, if case has Motorist ID
Search Shortcuts – In NAME FIELD
“.” (period) = Record # search
“>”= Book Page (remarks search
“*” = DOB search
“@” = Ticket # search
“=“ = Receipt Search
“~” = Motorist ID Search
Overpayments are now always shown on a Separate
checkbook record
Overpayments must be added into the program since the
money has to be deposited into the bank. On the
Fine/Fee Payment screen, enter the total amount of
money collected. The program recognizes there is an
overpayment and puts the money in OTHER.
Click HELP->Justice Court Fund Handbook to access the
handbook. Search on Overpayment (it’s actually on page
37) to see how the overpayment should be handled.
Added additional checks to block the 'DNA Fee
Due‘ indicator for cases that have not been
adjudicated and charges that have been
dismissed, withdrawn, or waiting for an ACD.
Added the option to issue receipt numbers on bail
poundage and bail forfeit bail applied cases in courts
that DO NOT have a separate bail account and are
running the secure version of the program.
Utility -> Edit databases-> Users/Passwords
Poundage requires a “B” in level 31
Forfeit requires a “B” in level 33
Applied requires a “B” in lever 32
A new law dictionary provided by the State is included
in this version
Mass Transfer was not transferring DMV
records for cases previously reported to DMV
Barcode case searches are now recorded in
the Previous Searches and Same Case logs
Added support for same sex marriages.
Updated 3 forms
 604 – Same sex ceremony
 606 – Wedding Listing
 607 – Traditional Ceremony
Updated eJustice Portal Log-In link to
Added CDR Disposition Codes for cases involving
Domestic Violence:
 CONVDV – Convicted
 PG-DV -- Plead Guilty
 TFG-DV -- Tried and Found Guilty
Removed the limit of three (3) automatic backups
per week sent to SEi. You can now send
automatic backups every day
Set a delay on the Edit Judge screen indicating the
number of days until the scoff takes effect on
cases sent to DMV as Fail to Pay or Fail To Appear.
Most courts use 37+ days. Set between 1 - 99.
Turn delay off by setting to -1
Program calculates the number of days from the
DMV report date. At that time the red FEES DUE
shows on the case information screen. YOU MUST
Corrected the scoff delay timer so it counts from
the first business day after a scoff is posted to
DMV instead of counting from the day posted. This
should fix the problem of defendants who wait until
the very last day to pay and the DMV Scoff letter
indicates the scoff lift fee is added at 12:01AM
on the following day.
Not limited to using an action code containing the
word “SCOFFLAWED” to trigger the fees due, can use
any action codes
OLD with Scofflawed
Action Code
New with any action
You don’t have to calculate the days until the SLF takes
affect- program does that for you
Edit Judge data and set Scoff Fee Delay for each judge
Update Letterhead #5 (auto update). If you
use the standard letter #8 – Fine Notice
import a new version from the SEi Website. If
you use a custom fine notice, the credit card
fine notice or multiple fine notices, contact us
and we’ll help you modify the letter(s)
Add new Letter/Form
Click Utilities-> Edit database -> Form Letters OR
Forms and Calendars for letterheads, reports and
Adding a new letter – the program assigns an new
letter number so you can add a brand new letter to
your letter list. You do not have access to letter
numbers, so let program do its thing.
Replace an existing letter – there is a letter already
in your list that needs updating or needs to be
replaced with a better version
You must be very careful and think about whether
you are actually adding a new letter to your list or
replacing an existing letter with a new version of the
same letter.
Click New, respond to the prompt to add a new
letter. The program assigns a new letter number.
Click Import
On the next box
click Search SEi
Website for Letters
A list of all the letters on our website comes up. In
the Seek box, start typing in the name of the letter
The list scrolls. When you come to the letter, click
Preview (if there is an OK in the preview column )
to see a sample of the letter.
On the SEi website list, highlight the letter you want
and click Select
Once the letter is added to your letter list, click
PreviewPrint to see a sample Or click Save then Exit
◦ New Print screen with option to email
Option to add custom subject line and text
to email. Call SEi office for assistance
Create PDF folder and add as attachment
Need to update Letterhead #3 and
set Civil to Both to “B”
Collected upon conviction of a Misdemeanor
or felony – one fee per case
Create a new action code
that includes “DNA”
so fee shows up on fine
Fees due
displays after
Fine Notice including DNA Fee due
Add a new letter and import DNA_FINE_NOTICE.LTR from our website
Security Management System