Commissioning of Lighting Systems

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Transcript Commissioning of Lighting Systems

Commissioning of
Lighting Systems
Michael Chow, P.E., CxA, LEED AP BD+C
Owner/Founder of Metro CD Engineering, LLC
Course Objectives
1. The participant will be able to evaluate how to effectively use both the IES
DG-29-11, The Commissioning Process Applied to Lighting and Control
Systems, and the ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 The Commissioning Process as
tools to develop an effective lighting commissioning plan
2. The participant will be able to determine the technical requirements for
commissioning lighting and control systems to achieve owner performance
3. The participant will explore the requirements for verification and acceptance
activities during each phase of the Commissioning Process.
Commissioning Resources
Commissioning Resources
ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005
The Commissioning Process
Commissioning Resources
LEED Reference
Commissioning Resources
IES DG-29-11, The Commissioning
Process Applied to
Lighting and Control Systems
Commissioning Defined
“A quality-focused process for enhancing the delivery of a
project. The process focuses upon verifying and documenting
that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are
planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained
to meet the owner’s project requirements (OPR).”
- ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 The Commissioning Process
Commissioning of Lighting Systems
“A systematic process that ensures that all elements of
the lighting control system perform interactively and
continuously according to documented design intent
and the needs of the building owner.”
- IES Lighting Handbook, 9th Edition
IES DG-29-11
1. Pre-Design Phase
2. Design Phase
3. Construction Phase
4. Occupancy and Operations Phase
Pre-Design Phase
1. Form Commissioning Team
2. The Commissioning Plan
3. Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
4. Other Pre-Design Activities
Design Phase
1. Basis Of Design (BOD)
2. Project Phasing
◦ Schematic design
◦ Design Development
◦ Construction Documentation
◦ Construction Administration
◦ Final punch list
Design Phase
University of Toledo
Larimer Athletic Complex
Courtesy: Metro CD Engineering
Construction Phase
1. Construction Administration and Occupancy
2. Performance Testing
3. Issues Log
4. Systems Manual
Occupancy and Operations Phase
1. Ongoing commissioning
A. Ongoing training
B. Periodic system testing
C. Maintaining the Systems Manual
Commissioning of Lighting Systems
1. Daylight Harvesting
2. Occupancy Sensors
3. Low-voltage Relay Control System
Daylight Harvesting
1. BOD (Specify Open, Closed, DualLoop System)
2. Photosensor Location,
Orientation and Sensitivity
3. Testing
Occupancy Sensors
1. BOD
A. Which types in which areas (e.g., dual
technology, Passive IR only, etc.)
B. Time-delay (LED light sources can
have shorter delay)
2. Mounting
A. > 6-8 ft. from HVAC diffusers, etc.
B. Placed close to task area.
Occupancy Sensors
Courtesy: Wattstopper
Low-voltage Relay Control System
1. BOD
A. Control zones (conference
rooms, etc.)
2. Shop Drawing Review
3. Testing Coordination with
Operations Team,
Contractors, CxA, Design