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Transcript Coach Office - Team Go Getters Training

The coach office is a site that keeps track
of pretty much everything that has to do
with your business.
It also has excellent training and support
tools to help you build your business.
To access your Coach Office, go to, click on the
“Coach” tab, and then on “Coach Online
On the Home Page, you will find your rank,
qualification status, sponsor, upline Diamond
and Star Diamond, team volume, and
personal volume.
You will also see “Alerts” in the bottom left
hand corner.
This is where you can see how many new coaches,
coaches projected inactive, rank changes, new
customers, etc. during that week.
On the right side of the page you will see
some coach news along with some new
The first thing that you will want to do is go
through the “Getting Started” tab.
Under “Getting Started,” select “New Coach
Welcome” and watch the 3 videos and go
through the 6 tutorials.
This is very important!
Next, click on “Forms and Documents,” and
this has pretty much all the forms and
documents that you will need in this
Product links, transfer forms, cancellation forms,
Next, click on “My Profile,” and you will find
your information, along with your coach ID
number, which you will need to memorize.
Update your Social Networking sites down at the
The last part under “Getting Started” is “My
EFT Management.”
Make sure you update this so that you can have
your commissions directly deposited into your
account instead of by mail.
 If you use mail, not only does it takes about 3
weeks, but they charge you a processing fee.
The next tab is “My Websites,” and this is
where you can personalize your Beachbody
Coach and My Shakeology sites.
The Beachbody Coach site is where customers can
go to purchase any product or sign up as a coach.
 The My Shakeology site is where you direct people
to learn more about Shakeology and order it.
For each site, make sure you put your
name, contact information, and post a
See next slide.
Upload picture here
Site URL is always”YourScreenName”
Where people can make
you their coach
Where people can go
to become a coach
Where people can go
to shop for products
Under “Sales and Marketing,” select
“Team Beachbody Mall”
As you can see, this is where you can order
business cards, clothing, bags, signs, and
other accessories.
Next, select “Logos.”
These are the logos that you can save to your
computer and upload them to your website.
Next, select “Web Tools” under the “Sales
and Marketing” tab.
This is where you can learn how to create
your Facebook Store, add professional
banners to your website, and add desktop
For the “Professional Ad Banners,” click on
the proper program or product, select which
banner you want, and then copy and paste
the code in the “HTML” section of your
website post or page.
See next slide.
Copy code and paste it in HTML
section when in Edit Page or Edit
Under the “My Business” tab, select “My
Preferred Placement.”
Preferred Placement allows you to place
people properly in your downline.
See the Placement Strategy Training.
Under “Placement Type” you can choose
either “Automatic Placement” or “Set
Preferred Placement.”
If you choose automatic, the system will place
coaches where it feels you need it.
 I advise against using automatic placement.
If you choose to set preferred placement, you will
have to put the Coach ID number of the person
you want to place them under, and then select
which of their legs to place them on.
Don’t forget to save!
With the way I have it set up, I have set
preferred placement to the left leg of Coach
There might be times where you can’t change your
preferred placement quick enough, causing someone
to be placed in the wrong position.
If this happens, email Coach Relations immediately
at [email protected] and tell
them exactly where you want that coach to be
You have 3 days after the coach signs up to make a
position change.
After you send an email, you will get an incident
number back, and once you do, call Coach Relations
at 1-800-240-0913 so they can get the move taken
care of immediately.
After you talk to Coach Relations, go back and MAKE
SURE they were placed properly!
Next, select “My Downline” under the
“My Business” tab.
There are 5 categories in “My Downline,”
and select the first, “Graphical
This is where you can view your entire
downline, and is another way (easier) to
set preferred placement.
See next slide to learn how to set preferred
(1) Click “Go to Bottom Right” or “Go to
Bottom Left”
(2) Click on either the left
or right guy, depending on
where you want to place
the coach
(3) If I click on the right leg of
Jared, all this information will be
automatically filled out, and my
preferred placement will be set.
Click save.
The next 3 sections under “My Downline”
are self explanatory, and the one to focus on
now is “Sponsorship Drilldown.”
In here, you can view your PS coaches and
3 levels down.
This section is CRUCIAL when you’re in the 6
week qualification for Diamond and above.
You can keep track of who’s active, inactive,
projected inactive, and make sure coaches have
enough volume points for you to qualify for one
more week.
 Remember, in order to qualify for a lifetime
Diamond rank, you have to hold that rank for 6
weeks straight.
Under the “My Business” tab, select “My
You have two dropdowns, “Customer Search”
and “Advanced Customer Search.”
With customer search, you can obviously search
for certain customers, but this is also how you
will send a bulk email to your customers.
Click on “Show Report,” “Send Bulk Email,” and then
“Click here to compose an email.”
This is what I use to send my “Weekly Coach Check-In.”
With advanced customer search, you can filter
certain customers by selecting program or
products used, specifying certain dates joined,
location, Home Direct, etc.
The next 4 under “My Business” are self
explanatory, so next is “Qualification Programs.”
You will now see “Success Club” and
“Shakeology Customer Program.”
“Success Club” is where you can go to find out if
you’re on track to reach Success Club for the
It tells you the amount of points you have.
“Shakeology Customer Program” is where you
can find out if you have everything you need to
qualify for the leads or not.
If you qualified for Success Club 5 or 10 from the
previous month, you will receive Shakeology leads from
Beachbody, and you will earn the initial commission on
those orders.
2 Points for each coach you get on 90 VP of
Home Direct orders
1 Point for every customer that you get on
90 VP of Home Direct orders
Find out if you have everything you need to qualify for Success Club
Under the “My Desk” tab, you can access
your calendar, email, create and send an
ecard, search and import contacts, along
with print labels.
In the “My Email” section, go to
“Settings” and make sure you forward all
your emails to either a Yahoo or Gmail
Also, make sure you create a signature that
DOESN’T include any links. If so, then your
email might go into Spam.
Next, click on “What’s New” under the
“News and Training” tab.
On the left you will see a dropdown with
5 different categories, and it’s important
that you make sure you go through each
of these, especially “News Updates” and
Click on “The Basics” under the “News and Training”
Since you already went through the “New Coach
Welcome,” the next thing you need to go through is
This is where you can learn how to successfully build your
business using Shakeology.
“Webinars / Conference Calls” is where you can find
upcoming trainings and listen to recorded webinars
and calls.
“Product Training” is important to go through so you
have a basic knowledge of all the Beachbody
“Coach/Company Policies” is important, and you
need to make sure you go through this entire
The Game Plan is Beachbody’s training
system, and it’s important that you
understand it.
Click on “Game Plan Training” under the
“News and Training” tab.
Go to “Learn the Game Plan” and go through
each of the 10 commitments for success,
and listen to the audio and watch the video.
Be sure to complete any readings as well.
Next is “Teach the Game Plan.”
Duplication is very important to your success, and
that means you have to train your coaches on how
to use the Game Plan properly.
Make sure you go through both the
“Business Development” and “Personal
Development” sections.
Next is the “Meeting Resource Center.”
The resource center has a TON of information
about how to start fit clubs, business briefings,
home parties, and some excellent business
presentations that you can use and embed on
your website.
Next, go to “Events.”
You can find all the Corporate and local events in
this section.
 The one event that you have to make it to is the
Next, go to “Events.”
You can find all the Corporate and local events
in this section.
It’s important that you make it to as many local and
corporate events as possible.
Not only do you need it for proper training, but to lead
by example.
 If you want your coaches to attend events, you have to
attend events.
The one event that you can’t miss is the
Excellent training, great speakers, recognition, and just
having a great time all takes place at the Summit.
It’s THE event of the year!
You can filter event locations by
Go here to learn
more about the
Go here to find all the upcoming
corporate events
We’re going to skip “Teamwork” because
they really don’t update that section too
often and go right into Success Club.
Go to the “News and Training” tab and then
“Success Club.”
If you don’t focus on Success Club, you
aren’t building your business properly.
Success Club is what you should aim for
every single month!
It’s what allows you to qualify for the trips,
Shakeology leads, along with Elite and Top
Coach recognitions.
Click here to
learn about
Success Club
Learn all the details
about how to qualify
Learn about the trips and how to qualify to
be an Elite and Top Coach
Check the leader
boards each month
to see where you
The last tab is “Video Library.”
This is where you can get the code for any
video that you want to share with others.
There are videos about Shakeology, different
programs, the coaching opportunity,
training, events, success stories, and
They also have a section called
“Downloadable Videos.”
This is where you can download a video to use on
a PowerPoint, your computer, etc.
This is where you can get the
code to copy and paste into the
HTML section when editing a
page or post
Select which video you
want to embed. The one I
use most often is the “100
Doctors Don’t Lie”